The Texas Legislature and its agencies provide the following services:

A. Proceedings and Hearings
Certain proceedings of the Texas Legislature are provided as soon as reasonably possible:
  • For video or audio of committee hearings and chamber proceedings, contact Senate Staff Services at (512) 463-0430 or House Video/Audio at (512) 463-0920.
  • Microsoft Word (.docx), HTML, and Adobe PDF formats of bill text are available by entering bill numbers on the bill lookup page or by accessing the legislative FTP site.

B. Internet Documents and Information
Information on the Texas Legislature Online website is formatted to accommodate browser software for the visually impaired, wherever possible. Some information on this site may be in the form of Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. Refer to Adobe's web site for information regarding tools to allow access to PDF files for the visually impaired.

Pages containing navigation links in the header have "Skip to main content" links. These links provide users with screen readers a method for bypassing the navigation menu and going directly to the main content when a page is accessed.

For optimal viewing of legislative websites, we recommend that you use Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, or Apple Safari. Without one of the recommended browsers, some features of these sites may not be available.

Access Keys

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The access keys available on this site are:

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  • [ALT+Y] to select the menu option "MyTLO"
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Navigation Menu

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C. Interpreter Services for (both) Language and Hearing Impaired
The Texas Legislature provides interpreter services either by a state employee or a private provider. Although meetings, floor debate, and activities may be scheduled for a specific day and time by either chamber, those dates and times may change. If possible, Requests for interpreting services will be provided for the changed time.

House Committee Hearings
Interpreter services are paid for by the House Business Office. To request interpreter services, contact the House Committee Services office at (512) 463-0850, preferably at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.

Senate Committee Hearings
During a regular or special session, contact the committee clerk at least two weeks in advance, if possible. The committee clerk then contacts the committee coordinator for scheduling a hearing impaired interpreter employed by the senate.

Contact Senate Human Resources to contract other types of interpreter services during sessions.

Contact Senate Human Resources for a list of language and hearing impaired interpreters for senate committee meetings outside Austin during the interim. These interpreters are independent and charge accordingly.

Please contact Senate Human Resources at (512) 463-0400 for a complete explanation of interpreter services or policies.

D. Text Telephone Access
A tele-typewriter for the hearing impaired (TTY) is available through the Capitol Information & Guide Services at (512) 475-3758. Staff members from this office will be available to assist any individual request to use the device. A Tdd phone is located in the Capitol Information & Guide Service office, Room 1S.2. For assistance with accessibility issues, please call (512) 463-0063.

E. Physical Access
All Capitol facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. To request special assistance, please contact:

Capitol Visitor Services: (512) 463-0063
Office Location: Capitol 1st Floor, South Wing, Room 1S.2
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 13286, Austin, TX 78711

To request this service, please call (512) 463-0063. The office provides wheelchairs and can conduct tours using sign language. If requests are made in advance, the office will try to make whatever accommodations are needed. The Senate Sergeant's Office handles special accommodations for senate hearing rooms, and the House Sergeant's Office handles special accommodations for house hearing rooms. Capitol Visitor Services will gladly forward requests to either office, as appropriate.)

Accessibility Maps

F. Contact Information

Contact members of the House of Representatives and Senate through their individual pages on the House and Senate websites. The Lieutenant Governor's website provides contact information specific to the Lieutenant Governor.

Additional information about accessibility programs in Texas is available from the Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities website.