March 11, 2019 1:00 PM

            SB 65

                  Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Belcher, Nora  Executive Director (Texas e-Health Alliance), Austin, TX

                                 McCord, Mia  (Texas Conservative Coalition), Austin, TX

                                 McFarland, Jill   (Self; NAMI Austin), Austin, Texas, TX


                                 Becker, Hershel  Chief Procurement Officer (Texas Department of Information Resources


                                 Collier, Lisa  1st Assistant State Auditor (State Auditor's Office), Austin, TX

                                 Elliott, Verma  Assistant State Auditor (Texas State Auditor's Office), Austin, TX

                                 Wood, Robert  Associate Deputy Comptroller, Operations & Support (Comptroller of Public

                                 Accounts), Austin, TX

            SB 500


                                 Barron, Jim  Yoakum County Judge (County Judges & Commisioners Assn of Texas)

                                 Christian, George  attorney (Texas Public Employees Association), Austin, TX

                                 Evans, David  CEO, Integral Care (Integral Care)

                                 Gregg, Brock  Associate Director (Tx Retired Teachers Assn.)

                                 Lozano, Michael  Government Affairs (Permian Basin Petroleum Association), Austin

                                 Petrila, John  Vice President Adult Policy  (also providing written testimony) (Meadows

                                 Mental Health Policy)

                                 Reed, Cyrus  Conservation Director, Sierra Club (Sierra Club), Austin

                                 Wilson, Dennis D.  Shreiff Limestone County, Texas (Sheriff's Association of Texas),

                                 Groesbeck, TX


                                 Baker MD, James  Physician  (also providing written testimony) (UT Dell Medical School

                                 Dept of Psychiatry)

                                 Borgstedte, Amy   (also providing written testimony) (LBB)

                                 Jones, Kat  Dell Medical School  (also providing written testimony) (Dell Medical School)

                                 Kidd, Nim  Chief (TDEM)

                                 McGeady, John   (also providing written testimony) (LBB)

                                 Staples, Todd  President, Tx Oil & Gas Asoc. (Texas Oil and Gas Assoc.), Austin, TX

                  Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Garcia, Buddy  (NEC America), Austin, TX

                                 Kimberly, Knox  SVP - Advocacy and Stakeholder Relations (Upbring), Austin, TX

                                 McFarland, Jill   (Self; NAMI Austin), Austin, Texas, TX

                                 Williams, Paige  Director of Legislation (Texas Classroom Teachers Association), Austin,


                                 Wilson, Dennis D.  Sheriff  (Self; Sheriff's Association of Texas), Groesbeck, Texas, TX

                                                                              WITNESS LIST


            March 11, 2019 1:00 PM


                                 Ashley, Phillip  Associate Deputy Comptroller for Fiscal Affairs (Comptroller of Public


                                 Deviney, Lee  Executive Director (Texas Public Finance Authority)

                                 Guthrie, Brian  Executive Director (TRS), Austin

                                 Jones, Kat  Design Institute for Health  (Self; Dell Medical School), Austin, TX

                                 Lopez, Leonardo  Chief School Finance Officer (Texas Education Agency), Austin, TX

                                 Phillips, Dr.  Executive Comissoner HHSC (HHSC), Austin

                                 Whittenton, Suzy B  (DPS)

                                 Wood, Trey  CFO HHSC (HHSC)

                  Providing written testimony:


                                 Bryan, Christine  VP, IT & Public Policy (Clarity Child Guidance Center), San Antonio, TX

                                 Taylor, Sally  Senior Vice President,Chief of Behavioral Medicine (University Health

                                 System), San Antonio, TX

                                 Yanas, Christine  Director of Govt. Affairs (The Center for Health Care Services), San

                                 Antonio, TX

                                 Yanas, Christine  Director of Govt. Affairs (Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South

                                 Texas , Inc.), San Antonio, TX


                                 Horton, Colleen  Director of Policy (Hogg foundation for mental health), Austin, TX

                                 Switzer, Gyl  (Texas gun sense), Austin, TX