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                                                                                    WITNESS LIST

            Ways & Means Committee

            February 27, 2019 - 8:00 AM

            HB 2


                                 Bates, Tray (Texas Realtors)

                                 Bohnert, Richard (Self)

                                 Carter, David (Self)

                                 Corley, Jason (Lubbock County Commissioner PCT2)

                                 Coulson, Sylvia (Self)

                                 DeOtte, Richard (Self)

                                 DeOtte, Yvette (Self)

                                 Depwe, Karen (Self)

                                 Duerstine, Russ (Americans for Prosperity / Concern Veterans for America)

                                 Eastland, Bill (Self; Texans For Freedom)

                                 Fabry, Thomas (Self; Frisco Tea Party)

                                 Falk, Roger (Self; Travis County Taxpayers Union)

                                 Hale, Darrell (Self; Collin county commissioners)

                                 Harper, Terry (Self; RPT)

                                 Harris, James (Self; Citizens for Appraisal Reform)

                                 Hill, Chris (Self; Collin County)

                                 Holcomb, Terry (Self; Republican Party of Texas)

                                 Kenney, Robert (Self)

                                 LeBas, James (TXOGA)

                                 Lennon, Robin (Self; Kingwood TEA Party, Inc.)

                                 Lennon, Robin (Self; Kingwood TEA Party, Inc.)

                                 Licciardi, Craig (Self)

                                 Lucas, Lynette (Self)

                                 Main, Crystal (Self; NE Tarrant Tea Party)

                                 Martinez, Jorge (Self; The LIBRE Initiative)

                                 Nguyen, Anthony (Self)

                                 Norman, Scott (Texas Association of Builders)

                                 Openshaw, Michael (Self)

                                 Palmer, Joe (Self)

                                 Palmer, Joe (Self)

                                 Peabody, Susan (Self)

                                 Primo, Robert (Self; Gregg county texas)

                                 Ramsey, Mark (Self; Republican Party of Texas:  SREC SD7)

                                 Ricciardelli, Anthony (Self)

                                 Savage, Kimberly (Self; Convention of States)

                                 Seay, Chad (Self)

                                 Sheetz, Samuel (Self; Americans for Prosperity)

                                 Smith, Rick (Self)

                                 Spataro, Susan (Self)

                                 Troxclair, Ellen (Self; TPPF)

                                 Zito, Al (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Allison, Jim (County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas)

                                 Barton, John (Self; Justices of the Peace and Constables Association)

                                 Coffman, Chris (City of Granbury)

                                 Eckhardt, Sarah (Self)

                                 Elliott, Jay (Self; Falls county)

                                 Gray Moore, Holly (Self; City of Roanoke)

                                 Haehn, George (Self; City of Buda TX)

                                 Haynes, Adam (Conference of Urban Counties)

                                 Jackson, Bill (Harris County)

                                 Johnston, Robert (Texas Association of Counties)

                                 Lavine, Dick (Center for Public Policy Priorities)

                                 Lopez, Carlos (Justices of the peace and constables association of texas)

                                 Milligan, Maureen (Teaching hospitals of texas)

                                 Myers, Brynn (City of Temple)

                                 Reed, Charles (Dallas County Commissioners Court)

                                 Shuster, Joe (Pecos county)

                                 Stathatos, Jimmy (Self; Town of Flower Mound)

                                 Stout, David (Self; El Paso County)

                                 Suits, Stacy (Self; Travis County Constable Pct 3)

                                 Whitley, Glen (Self; Tarrant County)


                                 Adler, Steve (City of Austin)

                                 Bellsnyder, Suzanne (City of Spearman)

                                 Carlton, John (Texas State Association of Fire and Emergency Districts)

                                 Cartwright, Deborah (Texas Taxpayers and Research Association)

                                 Craymer, Dale (Texas Taxpayers and Research Association)

                                 Crigler, Marya (Texas Assoc Appraisal Districts, Travis Central Appraisal District)

                                 Dean, John (Self; City of Ovilla)

                                 Fuller, George (Self; City of McKinney, Texas)

                                 Gaddes, Larry (Tax Assessor-Collectors Association)

                                 Goodwin, Margo (Town of Highland Park)

                                 Hedtke, Amy (Self)

                                 Howarth, Michelle (Self)

                                 Hryhorchuk, John (Office of the Governor)

                                 Huffman, Shona (City of Frisco)

                                 Lsrosiliere, Harry (Self; City of Plano)

                                 Margo, Dee (City of El Paso)

                                 Mooney, Karl (Self; City of College Station)

                                 Nelson, Ginger (City of Amarillo)

                                 Nirenberg, Ron (City of San Antonio)

                                 Palmer, David (Self; City of Irving)

                                 Rabb, Jennifer (Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy)

                                 Riza, Robert (Self; Texas Association Community College)

                                 Rome, Christy (Texas School Coalition)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 South, Brent (Texas Association of Appraisal Districts)

                                 Zarate, Roberto (Self; Community College Association of Texas Trustees)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Albright, Steven (AGC of Texas)

                                 Alkire, Anna (Self)

                                 Brown, Crystal (Texas Building Owners and Mangers Association)

                                 Bryant, Sam (Self)

                                 Cahn, Adam (Cahnman's Musings)

                                 Cassidy, Michael (Self; Convention of States)

                                 Champagne, Taran (Self)

                                 Colbert, Tamara (Self; The Convention of States)

                                 Cook, Kelli (Self)

                                 Davey, Richard (Self; Nettp)

                                 Davis, Michelle (Self)

                                 Dennis, Rick (Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals)

                                 Dorazio, Mark (Self; Republican Party.  State Republican Execuitive Committee)

                                 Easton, Darl (Self)

                                 Fincher, Julia (Self)

                                 Frank, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Geerlings, Barbara (Self)

                                 Geerlings, Pete (Self)

                                 Ginn, Vance (Texas Public Policy Foundation)

                                 Glass, Tom (Self)

                                 Gonzalez, Daniel (Texas Realtors)

                                 Grider, Devin (Self)

                                 Hall, Terri (Self)

                                 Henry, Thomas J. (Self)

                                 Hobson, Karen (Self)

                                 Hodson, Michelle (Self; Convention of States)

                                 Hodson, Paul (Self; Convention of States)

                                 Holcomb, Gina (Self)

                                 Johnson, Cheryl (Self; Galveston County Tax Office)

                                 Keener, Justin (Texans for Free Enterprise)

                                 Keough, Mark (Self; Montgomery County)

                                 Keough, Mark (Self; Montgomery county)

                                 Koebele, Steve (Self)

                                 Lanton, Christine (Self)

                                 Lanton, Rodney (Self)

                                 Lennon, James (Self; Kingwood TEA Party)

                                 Linebaugh, Kirsten (Self)

                                 Linebaugh, Kirsten (Self)

                                 Longoria, Armando (Self; GI Form)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Martin, Joanne (Self)

                                 Matocha, Dustin (Self)

                                 McCord, Mia (Texas Conservative Coalition)

                                 McMullen, Stuart (Self)

                                 Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association)

                                 Morales, Peter (Self; COS)

                                 Pacheco, Michael (Texas Farm Bureau)

                                 Parenteau, Julia (Texas Realtors)

                                 Perry, Paul (Self)

                                 Popp, James (Self)

                                 Putnam, Terry (Self)

                                 Putnam, Wilma Joy (Self)

                                 Rae, Cheri (Self)

                                 Rae, Gordon (Self)

                                 Rhodes, Fran (Self; NE tarrant tea party)

                                 Sheaffer, Scott (Self)

                                 Singletary, Angela (Self)

                                 Smith, Angela (Self; Fredericksburg Tea Party)

                                 Spencer, Carol (Self)

                                 Spilman, Annie (National Federation of Independent Business)

                                 Stewart, Dustin (Self)

                                 Swift, Sheryl (Self)

                                 Vaughn, Jason (Self; Texas Young Republicans)

                                 Williams, Shelby (Self; Convention of States)

                                 Wise, Summer (Republican Party of Texas)

                                 Yacuzzo, Kevin (Self)

                                 Yeck, Gary (Self)

                                 York, Ruth (Self)

                                 Zimmerman, William (Self)


                                 Abercrombie, Jay (City of Bullard)

                                 Ahrens, Mike (City of Mount Pleasant)

                                 Allred, Don (Oldham county)

                                 Anderson, Jessica (Houston Police Department)

                                 Berlanga, Hugo (City of PORT ARANSAS)

                                 Berlanga, Hugo (Nueces county)

                                 Bixby, Pamela (Self; League of Women Voters Texas)

                                 Booker, Juan (YAC)

                                 Boulton, Brad (City of lancaster)

                                 Boyer, Victor (San Antonio Mobility Coalition)

                                 Breland, Sereniah (City of Pflugerville)

                                 Brodnax, Mike (Self; Rowlett police department)

                                 Brooks, Jalen (YAC)

                                 Campbell, Scott (City of roanoke)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Canales, Barbara (Nueces County Commissioners Court)

                                 Chancellor, Isiah (Self; Lancaster Youth Ad Council)

                                 Chandler, Clayton (City of mansfield)

                                 Christensen, Laurie (International Association of Arson Investigators, Texas Chapter)

                                 Christensen, Laurie (Texas Fire Marshal's Association)

                                 Corker, Bryson (Self)

                                 Davies, Holli (North Texas Commission)

                                 Dawn-Fisher, Lisa (Texas State Teachers Association)

                                 Durant, Darleen (City of Mount Pleasant)

                                 Ellis, June (City of Buda, TX)

                                 Fisher, Tracy (Self)

                                 Ford, Yolanda (City of Missouri City)

                                 Francis, Will (National Association of Social Workers - Texas Chapter)

                                 Frederick, Pam (Self; City of Bullard)

                                 Fripps, Thomas (YAC)

                                 Fulton, Clayton (Self; City of Hurst)

                                 Giles, James (Self)

                                 Gutierrez, Bobby (Self; Justice of the Peace and Constables Association of Texas)

                                 Hamill, Joe (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees)

                                 Harris, Dwight (Texas American Federation of Teachers)

                                 Harrison, Rodney (Self; Town of Little Elm)

                                 Hatfield, Jacob (City of Mount Pleasant)

                                 Haverlah, Kirsha (Self)

                                 Henley, Paul (Self; City of Corsicana)

                                 Hill, Brandon (City of South Padre Island)

                                 Hinton, Amy (City of mount pleasant)

                                 Howard, Neil (Self; City of Rowlett)

                                 Huckaby, Clayton (Self; Hays County ESD #8)

                                 Hunt, Karen (City of Coppell)

                                 Jackson, Rashad (Self; Youth Advisory Committe , Lancaster)

                                 Johnson, Noel (TMPA)

                                 Johnson, Sean (Self; City of Lancaster Texas)

                                 Kelly, Bill (Mayor's Office, City of Houston)

                                 Kennard, Karen (City of Port Arthur)

                                 Kidd, Bo (Buda Police Department)

                                 Klement, Leon (Cooke)

                                 Kovacs, Michael (City of Fate)

                                 Krudop, Walter (Self)

                                 Land, Mike (Self; City of Coppell)

                                 Lara, Rene (Texas AFL-CIO)

                                 Leach, Traci (City of Coppell)

                                 Levinson, Leila (Self)

                                 Love, John (City of Midland and Texas Municipal League)

                                 Marcus, Walters (City of Lancaster)

                                 Marez, John (Nueces County)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Martinez, Mario (City of Brownsville)

                                 Mathew, Biju (City council)

                                 Mauldin-Jones, Opal (Self; City of Lancaster)

                                 Mays, Wes (Self; City of Coppell)

                                 Morris, Nina (Self; City of Lancaster)

                                 O'Brien, Kristen (Self; AFSCME Local 1624)

                                 Ortega Carter, Dolores (Self; County Treasurers Association of Texas)

                                 Oseguerda, Andrea (YAC)

                                 Palla, David (Self; City of Hurst)

                                 Pape, Paul (Self; Bastrop County Judge)

                                 Person, Maria (Self)

                                 Pfefferkorn, Stacey (City of Round Rock)

                                 Phillis, Peter (City of Mansfield, Texas)

                                 Poovey, Curtis (Self; City of Richardson)

                                 Ramirez, Rudolpho (YAC)

                                 Reich, Elizabeth (City of Dallas)

                                 Roden, Gary (Self; City of Coppell)

                                 Russell, Claudia (City of San Marcos)

                                 Shannon, Melissa (Bexar County Commissioners Court)

                                 Shipp, Patrick (Self; Texas Fire Chiefs Association)

                                 Sims, Zerell (YAC)

                                 Smith, Keenan (Youth Commission)

                                 Spencer, Paul (Self; Town of Addison)

                                 Spivey, Jimmy (Self; City f Richardson)

                                 St. John, Becky (Self)

                                 Stringfellow, Rona (Self; City of Lancaster)

                                 Sullivan, Michael (Self; Farmersville Police Department)

                                 Swigert, Scott (Self; City of Mont Belvieu)

                                 Tagliabue, Tom (Self)

                                 Thomas, Damareon (YAC)

                                 Tittle, Gary (Texas Police Chiefs Association)

                                 Urbanski, Samuel (City of lancaster)

                                 Valadez, James (Self)

                                 Warndof, Donna (Harris County Commissioners Court)

                                 Wheeler, Julie (Self; Travis County Commissioners Court)

                                 Wilkison, Charley (Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, CLEAT)

                                 Williamson, Matthew (Dallas Police Department)

                                 Wilson, Jeremy (Self; Town of Little Elm)

                                 Xie, Selena (Self; Austin EMS Association)

                                 Youngman, Chris (Fire Department)


                                 Aaron, Tracy (Self; City of Mansfield)

                                 Acuff, Sylvia (Self; Amigos de Patriots)

                                 Alexander, Steven (Town of Highland Park)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Altinger, Roland (Harris County Appraisal District)

                                 Anderson, David (Arlington ISD Board of Trustees)

                                 Atmore, Edena (City of Hutto)

                                 Bakko, Sally (City of Galveston)

                                 Bassett, Steve (Self; Texas School Alliance)

                                 Bruce, John (City of Frisco)

                                 Byer, Von (Texas Education Agency)

                                 Hale, Angela (McKinney Chamber of Commerce)

                                 Hale, Angela (Frisco Chamber of Commerce)

                                 Hale, Angela (McKinney Chamber of Commerce)

                                 Hernandez, George (University health system)

                                 Hindman, Mark (City of North Richland Hills)

                                 Hockenyos, Jon (Self)

                                 Kavanaugh, Kevin (Legislative Budget Board)

                                 Lindley, Bill (Town of Highland Park)

                                 McComb, Joe (The City of Corpus Christi)

                                 Mcgeady, John (Legislative budget board)

                                 Mckenzie, Al (Texas education agency)

                                 Nichols, Colby (TASA; Fast Growth School Coalition)

                                 Padilla, Eliska (City of Hutto)

                                 Patterson, TJ (City of Fort Worth)

                                 Reissig, Mike (Comptroller of Public Accounts)

                                 Rogers, Donna (Self)

                                 Solis, Eddie (City of Arlington)

            HB 705


                                 Allison, Jim (County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas)

                                 Chandler, Clayton (Self; City of Mansfield)

                                 Coulson, Sylvia (Self)

                                 DeOtte, Richard (Self)

                                 DeOtte, Yvette (Self)

                                 Dixon, Don (Self)

                                 Gray- Moore, Holly (Self; City of Roanoke)

                                 Harper, Terry (Self; RPT)

                                 Haynes, Adam (Conference of Urban Counties)

                                 Klement, Leon (Cooke)

                                 Whitley, Glen (Self; Tarrant County)


                                 Craymer, Dale (Texas Taxpayers and Research Association)

                                 Lavine, Dick (Center for Public Policy Priorities)


                                 Heflin, Talmadge (Self; Texas public policy foundation)

                                 Openshaw, Michael (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Reed, Charles (Dallas County Commissioners Court)

                                 Reynolds, Brad (Comptroller of Public Accounts)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Barton, John (Self; Justices of the Peace and Constables Association)

                                 Davies, Holli (North Texas Commission)

                                 Giles, James (Self)

                                 Grider, Devin (Self)

                                 Hall, Terri (Self)

                                 Holcomb, Gina (Self)

                                 Holcomb, Terry (Self; Republican Party of Texas)

                                 Klement, Johm (Cooke county)

                                 Sandlin, Bennett (Texas Municipal League)

                                 Shuster, Joe (Pecos county)

                                 Williams, Shelby (Self; Convention of states)

                                 Wise, Summer (Republican Party of Texas)


                                 Lanton, Rodney (Self)

                                 Morris, Nina (Self; City of Lancaster)

                                 Swigert, Scott (Self; City of Mont Belvieu)


                                 Lanton, Christine (Self)

                                 Warndof, Donna (Harris county commissioners court)