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COMMITTEE:     Water & Rural Affairs 

TIME & DATE:   8:00 AM, Thursday, May 16, 2019 

PLACE:         2E.20 (Betty King Cmte. Rm.) 
CHAIR:         Senator Charles Perry 



HB 13          Phelan | et al.          SP: Creighton
Relating to flood planning, mitigation, and infrastructure projects; making an appropriation.

HB 510         Wilson | et al.          SP: Schwertner
Relating to the power of certain counties to enact park use rules.

HB 1059        Lucio III               SP: Rodríguez
Relating to a biennial report on stormwater infrastructure in this state.

HB 1090        Bell, Cecil | et al.     SP: Kolkhorst
Relating to the definition of first responder.

HB 1263        Thompson, Ed             SP: Taylor
Relating to an order by a drainage district to maintain certain infrastructure.

HB 1561        Meyer | et al.           SP: Paxton
Relating to authorizing a waiver of certain state park fees for certain children.

HB 2053        Murr                    SP: Flores
Relating to individuals and organizations providing certain services and liability in connection with prescribed burns.

HB 2218        Lozano                  SP: Zaffirini
Relating to creating a Class C menhaden boat license; imposing a fee; requiring a license.

HB 3264        Buckley | et al.         SP: Buckingham
Relating to a study by the Texas Water Development Board of groundwater conditions in certain counties.

HB 3542        Phelan                  SP: Lucio
Relating to the provision of water and sewer services by certain retail public utilities.

HB 3616        Hunter | et al.          SP: Lucio
Relating to the establishment of a task force on faith-based programs that provide assistance during a disaster.

HB 3668        Walle | et al.           SP: Creighton
Relating to grants for disaster response by nonprofit food banks.

HB 3782        Harless | et al.         SP: Alvarado
Relating to the right to remove property encroaching on areas owned or controlled by the Harris County Flood Control District.

HB 4166        VanDeaver               SP: Hughes
Relating to a study of the feasibility of the expansion of navigation on the Red River by the Red River Authority of Texas.

HB 4350        Bohac                   SP: Alvarado
Relating to public safety answering points operated by emergency communications districts.

HB 4712        Miller                  SP: Creighton
Relating to the powers and duties of the Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 7.

HCR 140        Herrero | et al.         SP: Hinojosa
Recognizing 2020 as "The Year to Embrace the Gulf."



Bills added after last posting:

HB 13

HB 510

HB 1090

HB 2218

HB 4166

HB 4350

HB 4712


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