COMMITTEE:     Transportation 

TIME & DATE:   8:00 AM, Wednesday, March 27, 2019 

PLACE:         E1.016 (Hearing Room) 
CHAIR:         Senator Robert Nichols 



To consider the following:


SB 604         Buckingham | et al.
Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and to the operations of certain other entities performing functions associated with the department.

SB 892         Menéndez
Relating to the exhaust emission systems of diesel-powered motor vehicles.

SB 976         Hughes
Relating to the notification of a peace officer through an indication associated with vehicle registration that a person has a health condition that may impede communication.

SB 1066        Nelson
Relating to certain coordinated county transportation authorities.

SB 1221        Campbell
Relating to the designation of a portion of Ranch-to-Market Road 150 in Hays County as the William B. Travis Heritage Trail.

Public testimony will be limited to 3 minutes per person.