COMMITTEE:     Health & Human Services 

TIME & DATE:   8:00 AM, Wednesday, May 15, 2019 

PLACE:         E1.010  
CHAIR:         Senator Lois Kolkhorst 



To consider the following:


HB 284         Perez | et al.           SP: Powell
Relating to disclosure requirements of certain facilities that provide care for persons with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders.

HB 823         Davis, Yvonne | et al.   SP: Johnson
Relating to an expedited on-site health inspection process for assisted living facility license applicants.

HB 1111        Davis, Sarah | et al.    SP: Kolkhorst
Relating to maternal and newborn health care.

HB 1112        Davis, Sarah | et al.    SP: Kolkhorst
Relating to the removal of signs indicating that a freestanding emergency medical care facility is operational.

HB 1318        Moody                   SP: Rodríguez
Relating to the provision of mental health services to persons younger than 18 years of age.

HB 1386        Thompson, Senfronia      SP: Zaffirini
Relating to training and development activities for persons who may interact with an individual with autism or other pervasive developmental disorder.

HB 1532        Meyer                   SP: Hughes
Relating to the regulation of certain health organizations certified by the Texas Medical Board; providing an administrative penalty; authorizing a fee.

HB 1669        Lucio III               SP: Lucio
Relating to a comprehensive plan for increasing and improving the workforce in this state that serves persons with mental health and substance use issues.

HB 1694        Lambert | et al.         SP: Johnson
Relating to limitations on food regulations at farms, farmers' markets, and cottage food production operations.

HB 1780        Miller | et al.          SP: Kolkhorst
Relating to the mandatory dismissal date of certain suits affecting the parent-child relationship involving the Department of Family and Protective Services.

HB 1848        Klick | et al.           SP: Buckingham
Relating to prevention of communicable diseases in certain long-term care facilities.

HB 1849        Klick                   SP: Menéndez
Relating to the possession and administration of epinephrine auto-injectors in day-care centers; limiting liability.

HB 1884        Minjarez | et al.        SP: Alvarado
Relating to the information provided to relative and other designated caregivers of children in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services.

HB 2032        Turner, John | et al.    SP: Johnson
Relating to the health literacy advisory committee and health literacy in the state health plan.

HB 2088        Dean | et al.            SP: Hughes
Relating to providing information and other resources regarding safe disposal of Schedule II controlled substance prescription drugs.

HB 2299        Guerra                  SP: Flores
Relating to an exemption from licensing requirements for physicians associated with certain sports teams.

HB 2811        Price | et al.           SP: Hughes
Relating to the prescribing of controlled substances and dangerous drugs for acute pain.

HB 2813        Price | et al.           SP: Nelson
Relating to the statewide behavioral health coordinating council.

HB 3117        Schaefer                SP: Hughes
Relating to developing the proposed plan on long-term care for persons with an intellectual disability.

HB 3304        Raymond | et al.         SP: Buckingham
Relating to the repeal of certain provisions affecting the electronic exchange of health information.

HB 3390        Sanford | et al.         SP: Paxton
Relating to caregivers for certain children, including the identification of caregivers for children in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services and an exception from licensing requirements for certain caretakers.

HB 3704        Thompson, Senfronia      SP: Zaffirini
Relating to certain public health data maintained by the Department of State Health Services and shared with certain local health entities.

HB 3980        Hunter                  SP: Menéndez
Relating to a requirement that the Statewide Behavioral Health Coordinating Council prepare a report regarding suicide rates in this state and state efforts to prevent suicides.

HB 4183        Parker | et al.          SP: Perry
Relating to addressing adverse childhood experiences and developing a strategic plan to address those experiences.

HB 4260        Cortez                  SP: Lucio
Relating to the possession and administration of an epinephrine auto-injector by certain entities.

HB 4289        Coleman | et al.         SP: Kolkhorst
Relating to the authority of certain local governments to create and operate health care provider participation programs.

HB 4429        Blanco                  SP: Menéndez
Relating to the inclusion of mental health first aid training in the mental health program for veterans.

HB 4533        Klick | et al.           SP: Kolkhorst
Relating to the system redesign for delivery of Medicaid acute care services and long-term services and supports to persons with an intellectual or developmental disability or with similar functional needs.

SB 671         Creighton              
Relating to electronic benefits transfer cards used by or for recipients of benefits under certain assistance programs.

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Bills deleted after last posting:

HB 3703


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