COMMITTEE:     Health & Human Services 

TIME & DATE:   8:00 AM, Tuesday, April 9, 2019 

PLACE:         Senate Chamber 
CHAIR:         Senator Lois Kolkhorst 



To consider the following:


SB 349         Seliger                
Relating to the regulation of the sale of dextromethorphan to minors; providing civil penalties.

SB 470         Kolkhorst              
Relating to the powers and duties of county child welfare boards.

SB 1096        Perry                  
Relating to pharmacy benefits provided through the Medicaid managed care program.

SB 1119        Lucio                  
Relating to the establishment of a border public health initiative by the Department of State Health Services.

SB 1121        Lucio                  
Relating to public health laboratory capabilities in certain counties.

SB 1130        West                   
Relating to the establishment of a task force on father engagement in this state.

SB 1177        Menéndez               
Relating to offering certain evidence-based practices in lieu of other mental health services by a Medicaid managed care organization.

SB 1226        Seliger | et al.        
Relating to the release of a reversionary interest in certain real property by the Health and Human Services Commission and conditions related to that release.

SB 1279        West                   
Relating to prevention and early intervention programs and practices.

SB 1312        Lucio                  
Relating to certain programs to prevent vector-borne and zoonotic diseases in border counties; requiring an occupational license; authorizing a fee.

SB 1313        Lucio                  
Relating to demonstration programs for childhood obesity and chronic disease prevention in certain border counties.

SB 1765        Bettencourt            
Relating to the administration and oversight of investigational adult stem cell treatments administered to certain patients.

SB 1780        Paxton                 
Relating to value-based arrangements for prescription drugs in Medicaid.

SB 1790        Zaffirini              
Relating to peer specialists and the provision of peer services to individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability.

SB 2138        Hinojosa               
Relating to authority of the Health and Human Services Commission to retain portion of appropriated funds to pay for implementation of certain health care programs under the Medicaid program.

SB 2316        Hinojosa               
Relating to controlled substance prescriptions under the Texas Controlled Substances Act; creating a criminal offense.

Pending Business


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