COMMITTEE:     Finance 

TIME & DATE:   9:00 AM, Thursday, April 11, 2019 

PLACE:         E1.036 (Finance Room) 
CHAIR:         Senator Jane Nelson 



Those wishing to give public testimony, please limit prepared remarks to 3 minutes. If submitting written testimony, please submit 40 copies, with your name on each copy, to the Assistant Clerk during the hearing.


·                Oral testimony: fill out a paper witness card and submit to the Assistant Clerk.

·                Oral and written testimony: fill out a paper witness card and hold on to your documents until your name is called to the table. 

·                Position only: register using the Senate kiosk located in the extension hallways or by going to Http://swrs on public-capitol.

·                Written testimony only: register your position using the Senate kiosk then bring your 40 copies, with your name on each copy, to the Assistant Clerk, during the hearing.


To consider the following:


SB 214         Seliger                
Relating to funding for the economic stabilization fund, including the rates of severance taxes on oil and gas production.

SB 918         Huffman                
Relating to the repeal of the driver responsibility program and the amount and allocation of state traffic fine funds; eliminating program surcharges; authorizing and increasing criminal fines; increasing a fee.

SB 941         Johnson                
Relating to the expiration of the municipal sales and use tax for street maintenance in certain municipalities.

SB 1205        Campbell | et al.       
Relating to an appropriation of money from the general revenue fund to the State Soil and Water Conservation Board for the purpose of eradicating Carrizo cane, contingent on the receipt of federal funds for the same purpose.

SB 1525        Watson                 
Relating to the application of the sales and use tax to certain property and services.

SB 1674        Perry                  
Relating to the amount credited in a state fiscal year to the judicial fund to provide basic civil legal services.

SB 2050        Schwertner             
Relating to the creation of the aviation development account.

SJR 21         Seliger                
Proposing a constitutional amendment to provide for foregoing the transfer of oil and gas production tax revenue to the economic stabilization fund if the ending fund balance for the preceding fiscal year is greater than 10 percent of the prior fiscal year's total net general revenue related collections and for reducing the rates of oil and gas production taxes by amounts sufficient to equal the foregone transfer.

SJR 69         Paxton                 
Proposing a constitutional amendment regarding the limitation on the rate of growth of appropriations and the use of surplus state revenue to provide for property tax relief and public school teacher compensation.



Bills added after last posting:

SB 1525


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