COMMITTEE:    Appropriations - S/C on Articles VI, VII & VIII 

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 

PLACE:       N/A 
CHAIR:       Rep. Toni Rose 


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and challenges in scheduling public

hearings at this time, the House Committee on Appropriations: Subcommittee on Articles 6, 7, and 8 is conducting necessary oversight functions through an information gathering process under Section 301.014, Government Code.


This is notice that the committee is seeking information and input from

the public. Submissions received in response to this request will be

transmitted to members of the committee and posted on the House website at


Submission Guidelines

·                Submissions must be in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF.

·                Submissions are requested to be limited to 5 pages in length.

·                Please submit a separate document for each topic to which you are responding.

·                Submissions must be submitted via e-mail to and are requested to include “ART678” in the first part of the Subject for quick identification.

·                Please include the following information in the submission email: submitter name, organization or entity (if applicable and an authorized representative), mailing address, email, and telephone number.

·                The deadline for all submissions is Wednesday, September 30.

·                Comments received in response to this Request for Information will be publicly posted on TLO, TLIS, and the House website. When submitting comments, please remove any personal identifying information, such as your personal phone number, residence address, or e-mail address.




Interim Charge 1: Monitor the agencies and programs under Articles VI, VII, and VIII, and oversee the implementation of relevant legislation and riders passed by the 86th Legislature.


Interim Charge 2: Monitor the status of the operation, maintenance, and structural repairs of low hazard and high hazard dams throughout the state, as well as implementation of funds appropriated to the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board's Flood Control Program during the 86th Legislature. (Joint charge with the House Committee on Agriculture & Livestock)


Interim Charge 3: Monitor the use of additional funds provided to the Texas Department of Transportation in SB 500 for the Transportation Infrastructure Fund. Examine existing fund balances and determine if the funds should be held in a more efficient manner.


Interim Charge 4: Evaluate funding provided to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for the repair, maintenance, and upgrade of state park facilities. Determine the facilities that are in most need of repair, maintenance, or upgrade and examine the costs associated with such repairs, maintenance, or upgrades.




In the event it becomes feasible to safely conduct a public meeting, the

Committee reserves the right to hold an in-person hearing on these