H.B. No. 3041
  relating to the renewal of a preauthorization for a medical or
  health care service.
         SECTION 1.  Subtitle A, Title 8, Insurance Code, is amended
  by adding Chapter 1222 to read as follows:
         Sec. 1222.0001.  DEFINITIONS. In this chapter:
               (1)  "Health benefit plan" means a plan to which this
  chapter applies under Section 1222.0002.
               (2)  "Health benefit plan issuer" means an entity
  authorized under this code or another insurance law of this state
  that provides health insurance or health benefits in this state.
               (3)  "Preauthorization" has the meaning assigned by
  Section 1301.001.
         Sec. 1222.0002.  APPLICABILITY OF CHAPTER. (a) This
  chapter applies only to a health benefit plan that provides
  benefits for medical or surgical expenses incurred as a result of a
  health condition, accident, or sickness, including an individual,
  group, blanket, or franchise insurance policy or insurance
  agreement, a group hospital service contract, or an individual or
  group evidence of coverage or similar coverage document that is
  issued by:
               (1)  an insurance company;
               (2)  a group hospital service corporation operating
  under Chapter 842;
               (3)  a health maintenance organization operating under
  Chapter 843;
               (4)  an approved nonprofit health corporation that
  holds a certificate of authority under Chapter 844;
               (5)  a multiple employer welfare arrangement that holds
  a certificate of authority under Chapter 846;
               (6)  a stipulated premium company operating under
  Chapter 884;
               (7)  a fraternal benefit society operating under
  Chapter 885;
               (8)  a Lloyd's plan operating under Chapter 941; or
               (9)  an exchange operating under Chapter 942.
         (b)  Notwithstanding any other law, this chapter applies to:
               (1)  a small employer health benefit plan subject to
  Chapter 1501, including coverage provided through a health group
  cooperative under Subchapter B of that chapter;
               (2)  a standard health benefit plan issued under
  Chapter 1507;
               (3)  a basic coverage plan under Chapter 1551;
               (4)  a basic plan under Chapter 1575;
               (5)  a primary care coverage plan under Chapter 1579;
               (6)  a plan providing basic coverage under Chapter
               (7)  health benefits provided by or through a church
  benefits board under Subchapter I, Chapter 22, Business
  Organizations Code;
               (8)  group health coverage made available by a school
  district in accordance with Section 22.004, Education Code;
               (9)  the state Medicaid program, including the Medicaid
  managed care program operated under Chapter 533, Government Code;
               (10)  the child health plan program under Chapter 62,
  Health and Safety Code;
               (11)  a regional or local health care program operated
  under Section 75.104, Health and Safety Code; and
               (12)  a self-funded health benefit plan sponsored by a
  professional employer organization under Chapter 91, Labor Code.
         Sec. 1222.0003.  PREAUTHORIZATION RENEWAL REQUEST. A health
  benefit plan issuer that requires preauthorization as a condition
  of payment for a medical or health care service shall provide a
  preauthorization renewal process that allows a renewal of an
  existing preauthorization to be requested by a physician or health
  care provider at least 60 days before the date the preauthorization
         Sec. 1222.0004.  DETERMINATION REQUIRED. If a health
  benefit plan issuer receives a preauthorization renewal request
  before the existing preauthorization expires, the health benefit
  plan issuer shall, if practicable, review the request and issue a
  determination indicating whether the medical or health care service
  is preauthorized before the existing preauthorization expires.
         SECTION 2.  The change in law made by this Act applies only
  to a health benefit plan that is delivered, issued for delivery, or
  renewed on or after January 1, 2020. A health benefit plan that is
  delivered, issued for delivery, or renewed before January 1, 2020,
  is governed by the law as it existed immediately before the
  effective date of this Act, and that law is continued in effect for
  that purpose.
         SECTION 3.  This Act takes effect September 1, 2019.
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  2019, by the following vote:  Yeas 119, Nays 21, 1 present, not
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         I certify that H.B. No. 3041 was passed by the Senate on May
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