February 21, 2018 9:00 AM

            Highway Naming Charge


                                 Chacon, Michael  Traffic Operations Division Director (TxDOT), Austin, TX

            Human Smuggling Charge


                                 Esparza, John  President (Texas Trucking Association), Austin, TX

                                 Freeborn, Emily  Staff Attorney (Children at Risk), Houston, TX

                                 Goodwin, Floyd  Major (Texas DPS), Austin, TX

                                 Leeburg Melton, Kirsta  Deputy Criminal Chief, Human Trafficking &

                                 Transnational/Organized Crime (Office of the Attorney General), Austin, TX

                                 Ruocco, Thomas G.  Division Director (Texas Department of Public Safety), Austin, TX

            Ports Funding Charge


                                 Fisher, David C. "Chris"  Port Director & CEO (Port of Beaumont), Beaumont, TX

                                 Gonzales, Patty  Director of Communications (Port of Brownsville), Brownsville, TX

                                 Guenther, Roger  Executive Director (Port of Houston Authority), Houston, TX

                                 Harmon, Dan  Maritime Division Director (TxDOT), Austin, TX

                                 Rees, Rodger  Port Director/CEO (Port of Galveston), Galveston, TX

                                 Saathoff, Phyllis  CEO (Port Freeport), Freeport, TX

                                 Strawbridge, Sean C.  CEO (Port of Corpus Christi), Corpus Christi, TX