Pensions Committee

            March 27, 2017 - 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess

            HB 43


                                 Bratton, Terry (Houston Police Officers Pension System)

                                 Brown, Chris (Self; City of Houston Controller's Office)

                                 Dowe, Kelly (Mayor's Office, City of Houston)

                                 Dowe, T. Kelly (Self; City of Houston)

                                 Elkin, Bill (Houston police Retired Officers Association)

                                 Hughes, Melvin (Self; Hope union 123 houston tx)

                                 Hunt, Ray (Houston Police Officers' Union)

                                 Lawson, John (Self; Hpops)

                                 Lewis, Ronald (Houston)

                                 Lewis, Ronald (Mayor's Office, City of Houston)

                                 Long, David (Houston Municipal Pension System)

                                 Mose, Sherry (Houston Municipal Employees Pension System)

                                 Perales, Erin (Houston Municipal Employees Pension System)

                                 Perales, Erin (Houston Municipal Employees Pension System)

                                 Turner, Sylvester (City of Houston)

                                 Turner, Sylvester (Self; Mayor, City of Houston)

                                 Watts, Marc (Greater Houston Partnership)


                                 Barry, William (Self; Houston retired firefighters)

                                 Bowen, Scott (Self)

                                 Burke, Cindy (Self)

                                 Buschardt, Karen (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Cruz, Eddie (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Dixon, Jared (Self)

                                 Downs, Garrick (Self)

                                 Dunbar, Steven (Self)

                                 Elliott, David (Self; Texan)

                                 Fitzpatrick, Joseph (Self firefighters)

                                 Fovargue, Ron (Self)

                                 Greenberg, Bruce (Self)

                                 Hershey, Brannon (Self; Houston Retired Firefighters Association)

                                 Hooper, Don (Self)

                                 Hunter, Larry (Self; Houston retired firefighters assoc)

                                 Irwin, Richard (Hrfa)

                                 Jasinski, Stephen (Self)

                                 Keller, David (Self; Houston Firefighters' Relief and Retirement Fund - Board Fund)

                                 King, Bill (Self)

                                 Lummus, Tommy (Self; Houston Fire Depatment)

                                 Marsh, Ralph (Self; Houston Fire Fighters Pension)

                                 Mason, Craig (Self)

                                 McAllister, Christopher (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Moreau, Craig (Self; Firefighters Pension)

                                 Morrison, RD (Self)

                                 Morrison, RD (Self)

                                 Pangarakis, Gary (Self)

                                 Payne, Chester (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Pedraza, Fernando (Houston Fire Deptment)

                                 Phillips, William (Self)

                                 Quintero, James (Texas Public Policy Foundation)

                                 Rhem, Jack (Self)

                                 Rice, Joe (Self)

                                 Sandlin, Jacob (Self; Houston Firefighter)

                                 Scar brough, Daphne (Self)

                                 Shaunessy, Mike (HFFrrf)

                                 Simonton, Chris (Self)

                                 Slagle, Lisa (Self)

                                 Slagle, Thomas (Self)

                                 Smith, John (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Smith, Michael (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Stansel, Jerry (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Taylor, Andy (FF Pension Fund)

                                 Taylor, Richard (Self; Retired firefighters)

                                 Tolliver, Kirkland (Self; Self Firefighter)

                                 Williams, Steve (Self; Houston Retired Firefighters Assoc.)

                                 Woodard, Leslie (Self)


                                 Anumeha, Anu (Pension review board)

                                 May, Bob (State Pension Review Board)

                                 McGee, Josh (State Pension Review Board)

                                 Simpson, Paul (Self; Harris County Republican Party)

                                 Zook, Christopher (Self; C club of Houston)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Allen, Ernet (Self)

                                 Andrews, Vickie (Self)

                                 Bhattacharya, Shyamal (Self; Hope)

                                 Boutte, Michael (Self)

                                 Bowen, Dennis (Self)

                                 Bradley, Dwight (Self)

                                 Carpio, Hector (Self)

                                 Dailey, Dalton (Self)

                                 Davis, Joseph (Self)

                                 Deboest, Lloyd (Hope123)

                                 Dorelus, Jean (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Eason, Arthur (Self; Hope)

                                 Gatson, Earnest (Self; Hope)

                                 Gentry, James (Self)

                                 Guillen jr, Anselmo (Self; Hope 123)

                                 Gullette, Roswell (Self)

                                 Haynes, Vernon (Self)

                                 Hill, Gary (Self; HOPE123)

                                 Hughes, Lutricia (Self; Hope Union)

                                 Jackson, Ronald (Self)

                                 Johnson, Nathan (Self)

                                 Jones, Andrew (Self; Hope)

                                 Jones, Charles (Self)

                                 Kelly, Eugene (Self; Hope)

                                 King, Lansanda (Self)

                                 King, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Kivela, Anthony (Self; HPROA)

                                 Leblanc, Timothy (Self; Hope)

                                 Livingston, Curtis (Self)

                                 Martin, Holly (Self)

                                 Mayfield, Robert (Hope123)

                                 McGriff, Tammie (Self)

                                 Melara, Mr.  Manuel (Self)

                                 Morrison, Clara (Self)

                                 Nieto, Michael (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Sanchez, Roy (Self; AFSCME/Houston organization of public employees.(HOPE)local 123)

                                 Sanderson, Michael (Self; Hope)

                                 Scruggs, Melanie (Self)

                                 Sidney, Cynthia (Self)

                                 Smith, Ida (Self)

                                 Stamps, Darrell (Self; Hope)

                                 Strambler, Esque (Self; Hope local 123, city workers)

                                 Sturgis III, Gilbert (Self)

                                 Talley, Jere (Self; Houston City employee, Hope local 123)

                                 Thomas, Cherrie (Self; Hope)

                                 Trevino, Jessie (Houston fire dept)

                                 Tucker, Daniel (Self; HOPE)

                                 Vales, Darryl (Self)

                                 Williams, Gregory (Self; Hope Union)

                                 Wilson, Jeffrey (Self; Hope123)

                                 Wofford, Robert (Self; City of houston( hope)

                                 Young, James (Self; Houston organization of public employees)


                                 Abbott, Anthony (Houston Fire Department)

                                 Abbott, Debbi (Self; City of Houston Fire Dept)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Abbott, Nicholas (Self; City of Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Alaniz, Steven (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Aleman, Gabriel (Self; Houston Fire Dept.)

                                 Amaro, Terry (Self; Local 341. Houston Fire)

                                 Amore, Vincent (Self; Houston Fire Dept.)

                                 Anderson, Roger (Self)

                                 Ardley, Jeff (HFD)

                                 Arnt, Anthony (Self; Houston Retired Firefighters Assoc)

                                 Artze, Scott (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Bailey, Michael (Houston Fire Department)

                                 Baldy, William (Retired firefighters)

                                 Barnes, Guy (Self; Houston retired)

                                 Barnes, Justin n. (Self)

                                 Beard, Alec (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Beddingfield, Richard (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Bell, Charles (Retired Houston Fire Dept.)

                                 Belleth, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Benavides, Javier (Self; Houston Fire Dept.)

                                 Berlanga, RichardL (Houston fire dept)

                                 Bijarro, Robert (Self)

                                 Blair, Emmett (Self; Houston firefighters)

                                 Blome, Jeff (Self)

                                 Bond, David (Self; Houston firefighters)

                                 Bornowski, Kyle (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Boshears, David (Self)

                                 Bowen, Dyer (Self)

                                 BRannon, Glenn (HRfA)

                                 Braxton, Willie (Self; Houston,texas firefighters)

                                 Broadrick, Stacy (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Brooks, Steve (Self; Houston fire department retiree)

                                 Brown, Paul (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Bryant, Joe (Self)

                                 Buck, Travis (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Burke, Scott (Self)

                                 Byrd, Karen (Self; Houston Fire Dept.)

                                 Byrd, Michael (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Campbell, Robert (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Carbajal, Sal (Firefighter)

                                 Carrell, Mark (Self)

                                 Casey, Michael (Self)

                                 Cash, Kim (Self; Houston Firefighters)

                                 Cassidy, William (Houston fire dept)

                                 Castaneda, Charles (City of houston fire department)

                                 Castaneda, Joseph (San antonio fire department)

                                 Castaneda, Ruth (Self; City of houston fire department)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Chalk, Paul (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Chelette, Greg (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Christ, Lee (Self; Retired firefighter)

                                 Christ, Theresa (Self)

                                 Clark, Aaron (Self; Houston fire)

                                 Clark, Rachel (Self)

                                 Cline, Dana (Houston fire dept)

                                 Coker, Robert (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Colburn, Terry (Self; Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Connelly, Eileen (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Consford, Jimmy (Self)

                                 Cooney, James (Self; Houston firefighters)

                                 Cox, Dennis (Self; Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Crawford, David (Self; Houston retired firefighter assoc)

                                 Crawford, Starla (Self)

                                 Cuevas, Victor (Self)

                                 Danvir, Jason (Self; Houston Fire)

                                 Dauphine, Anthony (Self)

                                 Dauphine, Karen (Self)

                                 Dauzat, Dustin (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Davis, Charles (Self; Houston fire)

                                 Davis, Mo (Self)

                                 Davis, Robert (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Dee, John (Self)

                                 Delgado, Anthony (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Dernehl, Ken (Self; Houston Retired Firefighters Assoc.)

                                 Dishman, Michael (Self; Houston retired fire fighters association)

                                 Ditta, Sandy (Self)

                                 Doherty, Damon (Houston fire department)

                                 Donihoo, Michael (Self)

                                 Dornak, Daryl (Self; Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Dornak, Troy (Self)

                                 Dorville, Abdias (Local 341)

                                 Dow, Matthew (Self)

                                 Drews, Tim (Houston fiire dept)

                                 Ducote, Warren (Self; Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Echtle, Michael (Self)

                                 Eckhardt, Mike (Self; Houston Fire Dept.)

                                 Edwards, Barry (Self; Houston Fire dept)

                                 Elliott, Shea (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Espinosa, Abraham (Self)

                                 Feild, Troy (HFD)

                                 Flannelly, Raymond (Self)

                                 Fleming, Kevin (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Fleming, Mark (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Fleming, Rajada (Self)

                                 Flores, Joseph (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Franco, Robert (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Franklin, Mike (Self; Houston retired firefighters assoc)

                                 Fuentes, Michael (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Fults, Scott (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Gaitan, Jacqueline (Self)

                                 Gaitan III, Rafael (Self; HRFF)

                                 Galven, Haley (Self)

                                 Garcia, Chris (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Garza, Javier (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Gates, Raymond (Houston fire dept)

                                 Gill, Jimmie (Self)

                                 Gill, Laura (Self)

                                 Gillen, Wade (Self)

                                 Goebel, Al (Self; Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Gonzalez, Aaron (Self)

                                 Gonzalez, Edgar (Self)

                                 Graef, Tyler (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Graham, Rock (Houston firefighter)

                                 Green, Carter (Houston tx firefighters)

                                 Green, Dorian (Self)

                                 Griffin, Roy (Self)

                                 Grimes, Windi (Self; Texans for Local Control of Pensions)

                                 Guerrero, Juan (Self)

                                 Guerrero, Michael (Self)

                                 Guerrero II, Julian (Self)

                                 Guerrero IV, Julio (Self; HFRRF)

                                 Gutierrez, Robert (Self)

                                 Gutierrez, Yolanda (Self)

                                 Guzman, Ricardo (Self)

                                 Hahn, Erick (Self)

                                 Hail, Curtis (Houston fire department)

                                 Hale, Robert (Houston Firefighter Relief and Retirement Fund)

                                 Hall, Robert (Self)

                                 Hall, Terry (Self; Texas Home Group Realtors)

                                 Harris, Russell (Houston fire dept)

                                 Harrison, Douglas (Self; Houston Fire Fighters)

                                 Heitmeyer, Davin (Houston fire dept)

                                 Hernandez, Jesse (Houston Fire Department)

                                 Hernandez, Juan (Self; Houston Firefighter Relief & Retirement Fund)

                                 Higgins, Lennie (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Hillyard, William (Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Hobbs, Eric (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Horner, Jason (Self; Houston fire dept)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Horton, Patrick (Houston fire department local 341)

                                 Hough, Neil (Self)

                                 Hundl, Brian (Self)

                                 Hutzley, Eric (Self)

                                 Jackson, Jeff (Self; Houston Professional Firefight,ers Local 341)

                                 Jacobson, Harry (Self)

                                 Jahnke, Renee (Self; HFD)

                                 Jensen, William (Self)

                                 Johnson, Nicholas (Houston fire dept)

                                 Johnson, Ricky (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Johnson, Robert (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Johnston, Jimmy (Self)

                                 Jones, Chris (Self)

                                 Jones, Cornell (Self)

                                 Jouett, Christopher (Houston Fire Dept.)

                                 Jozwiak, Mark (Self; Houston Fire Dept.)

                                 Kallies, Billy (Hfd)

                                 Kelly, Chris (Self; Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Kennedy, Gary (Self)

                                 Kennedy, Kevin (Self)

                                 Kercho, Richard W (Self)

                                 Kincade, Tracey (Self; Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Kinsey, Megan (Self; Houston fire)

                                 Koger, Barbara (Self; Retired HFD)

                                 Koger, Bruce (Self; Retired HFD)

                                 Koonce, Kay (Self)

                                 Koonce, Ronnie (Self; Houston firefighter relief annd retirement fund)

                                 Krotofil, Ronald (Self)

                                 Krusleski, Ronald (Houston Fire)

                                 Landeche, Charles (Self; Houston fire)

                                 Landriault, Larry (Self; Houston Fire Dept.)

                                 Lane, Michael (Houston Retired Firefighters)

                                 Langton, Clifton (Self; Local 341 Active Firefighters)

                                 Lantrip, David (Self)

                                 Lasagna, Laurence (Self)

                                 Laskoskie, Barbara (Self)

                                 Laughlin, Jeff (Local341)

                                 Lawson, Terry (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Lennon, James (Self)

                                 Lennon, Robin (Kingwood TEA Party, Inc.)

                                 Leon, John (Self; Houston fire)

                                 Lewis, Brandon (Houston Fire Department)

                                 Lilley, Troy (Self)

                                 Lindberg, Clay (Houston Fire Department)

                                 Livesay, Howard (Self; Retired Houston Fire Fighter)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Lopez, Adam (Self; Houston fire dept.)

                                 Lopez Jr., Philbert (Houston fire department)

                                 Lopez Sr., Philbert (Houston fire department)

                                 Lorfing, Herbert (Self)

                                 Lundquist, Jeff (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Machann, Allan (Self; Houston fire dept.)

                                 Malpass, John (Self; Houston fire)

                                 Mandell, Eric (Self)

                                 Manuel, Morgan (Self)

                                 Mares, Timothy (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Marquez, Erik (Self; Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Martin, Donald (Self; Houston firefighters)

                                 Martinez, Ellicia (Self)

                                 Martinez, Jason (Self)

                                 Martinez, Mark (341 Hfd)

                                 Martinson, Jeremy (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Matejowsky, Suzette (Self; Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Mathis, Michael (Self; Houston fire dept.)

                                 Maywald, Timothy (Houston fire department)

                                 Maziarz, Kazimierz (Self)

                                 McAteer, George (Self)

                                 McClain, Jason (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 McDonald, David (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Mcdonald, Justin (Self)

                                 Mcmillan, Jeremy (Self)

                                 Meadows, George (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Mesa, Antonio (Self)

                                 Mikeska, Leonard (Self)

                                 Mikeska, Rhonda (Self)

                                 Miller, Desmond (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Miller, Tommy (Houston firefighters)

                                 Minks, Chris (Self)

                                 Minks, Debbie (Self)

                                 Mobley, Jack (Houston Fire dept)

                                 Morado, Anthony (Self)

                                 Morrison, Janis (Self; Houston Retired Fire Fighters)

                                 Morrison, William (Self; Houston Retired Fire Fighters)

                                 Morrow, Andrew (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Murdock, Jose (Self)

                                 Nagler, Patrick (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Nance, John (Self; Houston firefighters retired assoc)

                                 Nanson, Nathaniel (Self)

                                 Neal, Clayton (Houston fire department)

                                 Needle, Jonathan (Self; Houston Firefighters Fund)

                                 Newell, William (Self; Houston fire dept)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Nicholds, David (Self)

                                 Nichols, Scott (Houston fire dept.)

                                 Niemann, Michael (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Novak, Ronald (Self; Houston fire dept..)

                                 O'Desky, Alexander (Self; Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Okonski, Kevin (Self)

                                 Oleary, Elaine (Self)

                                 Oliver, Chris (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Ortiz, John G (Self)

                                 Paetow, John (Self)

                                 Pangarakis, Glenn (Houston fire)

                                 Pecht, Robert (Houston fire dept retired)

                                 Pena, Victor (Self; Houston Retried Firefighter Associatiom)

                                 Perez, Timothy (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Perry, William (Self)

                                 Petocz, Erik (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Pfardrescher, Rachel (Houston Fire Department)

                                 Phillips, Michael (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Phillips, Nina (Self)

                                 Phillips, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Phillips, William (Local 341)

                                 Pina, Hector (Self)

                                 Plant, William (Self)

                                 Pooler, Raymond (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Postell, Erika (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Postell, Van (Self; Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Ramirez, Raul (Self)

                                 Reed, Darla (Houstn fire dept)

                                 Reeves, Ervin (Self; Houston Retired Firefighters)

                                 Remick, Penny (Self)

                                 Reyna, Chris (Self; Houston Fire Department Union Local 341)

                                 Richardson, Michael (HRFA)

                                 Ritchie, Walter (Self; Houston fire dept.)

                                 Rives, Mark (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Roberts, William (Self; Houston Fire Fighters)

                                 Rodriguez, Wyman (Self)

                                 Roman, James (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Russell, Deborah (Self)

                                 Russell, Henry (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Russell, Henry (Self)

                                 Salem, Nick (Houston  Retired Firefighters Association)

                                 Salinas, Terri (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Sanchez, Luis (Houston fire dept)

                                 Sanchez, Oscar (Self)

                                 Sanchez, Oscar (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Sawyer, David (Self)

                                 Schulin, Larry (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Scott, Michael (Self; Hfd)

                                 Segura, Aaron (Hfd)

                                 Seynaeve, Kenneth (Self; Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Seynaeve, Terry (Self; Houston hffrf)

                                 Sharp, Connor (Self)

                                 Silva, Leonard (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Simmons, Dennis (Self)

                                 Simmons, Tommy (Self)

                                 Smith, Bettye (Self; Houston Retired firefighters association spouse of retiree)

                                 Spears, Martin (Self; Houston fire department)

                                 Spradlin, Tommy (Self; Houston Fire Departtment)

                                 Stahl, Lance (Self; Houston Retired Firefighters Association)

                                 Stamps, Don (Self)

                                 Stanfield, Michael (Self; Houston retire firefighter)

                                 Stephens, Joel (Houston fire dept local 341)

                                 Stephens, Lisa (Local 341)

                                 Sterle, Corbin (Self; Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Stewart, Dane (Houston Fire Department)

                                 Stilwell, Blake (Self)

                                 Stone, Terry (Self)

                                 Stong, Stuart (Self)

                                 Swanson, Andrew (Houston fire dept)

                                 Swisher, Eric (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Tamborello, Michael (Self)

                                 Taska, Joseph (Self; Houston FIre DEpt)

                                 Taylor, Roderic (Houston Fire)

                                 Thorne, Darrell (Self)

                                 Throop, Charles (Self)

                                 Tolin, Travis (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Tucker, E. A. (Self)

                                 Tucker, Russell (Self; HRFA)

                                 Vaesa, Victor (Self)

                                 Valdez, Steven (Self)

                                 Valls, Orlando (Hrffa)

                                 Vaughan, Harold (Self; Houston Retired Firefighters Association)

                                 Vick, Travis (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Villasana, Jesse (Self)

                                 Villeneuve, Richard (Self; HRRF)

                                 Villeneuve, Susan (Hrff)

                                 Walden, Willard (Self; HRFA)

                                 Walker, Mark (Self; Houston Firefighters)

                                 Wallace, Jason (Self; Houston Fire Dept)

                                 Wallace, Ryan M (Houston fire dept.)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Wang, Thomas (Self)

                                 Ward, Aaron (Self; HFD)

                                 Ward, Aaron (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Washington, Earl (Self)

                                 Webb, Robert (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Wedgeworth (Self)

                                 Westbrook, Brandon (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Whatley, Matthew (Self; Houston Fire Dept)

                                 White, Alvin (Self)

                                 White, Blake (Self)

                                 Whitmire, Jason (Self)

                                 Whitmire, Michael (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Wick, James (Self)

                                 Wienserski, Robert (Self; Houston Professional Firefighters Local 341)

                                 Will, Kevin (Self)

                                 Williams (Self; Hfd retirement)

                                 Williams, Curtis (Self)

                                 WILLIAMSON, JB (Self)

                                 Williamson, Linda (Self)

                                 Williamson, Mona (Self)

                                 Williamson, Robert (Self)

                                 Wilson, Kim (Self)

                                 Wilson, Richard (Self; Houston retired firefighters association)

                                 Wong, Martha (Self)

                                 Woodard, Michael (Self; Houston Retired Firefighters Assoc.)

                                 Woodard, Tommy (Self; Houston retired firefighters assoc)

                                 Wright, Ken (Self; Houston Fire)

                                 Wright, Lesley (Self; Houston fire dept)

                                 Yaw, Leighton (Self; Houston Fire Department)

                                 Zigal, Mike e (Self; Retired houston firefighters association)


                                 Herbold, Kenneth (Pension Review Board)