Business & Industry Committee

            May 3, 2018 - 10:00 AM

            Charge #1


                                 Aguilar, Leonard (Texas Building Trades Council)

                                 Bratcher, Mike (Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool)

                                 Fleishman, Joseph (Texas Southmost College)

                                 Garcia, David (Cameron County)

                                 Garza, Martin (City of Mission)

                                 Stremler, Jeremy (Community Development Corporation of Brownsville)

            Charge #6


                                 Camacho, Ruben (TSAFF)

                                 Charron, Juliet (Texas Health and Human Services commission)

                                 Franco, Andria (Office of Injured Employee Counsel)

                                 Gonzales, Stanley (Fuerza de Valle)

                                 Guzman-Lopez, Hector (Fuerza de Valle Workers center)

                                 Lee, Amy (TDI:DWC)

                                 Ross, Chuck (Texas Workforce commission)

                                 Sanchez, Monica (Self; Wage theft issue, ex-employee)

                                 Silva, Michael (Texas State Association of Firefighters)

                                 Strukel, Christine (HHSC Long term care regulatory services)

                                 Sullivan, Kerry (TDI:DWC)

                                 Youker, Kathryn (Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid)