COMMITTEE:    Natural Resources & Economic Development 

TIME & DATE:  8:00 AM, Tuesday, March 28, 2017 

PLACE:        E1.012 (Hearing Room) 
CHAIR:        Senator Craig Estes 



To consider the following:


SB 208        West
Relating to the regulation of metal recycling entities; providing an administrative penalty; creating a criminal offense.

SB 746        Kolkhorst
Relating to a prohibition of the land application of grit or grease trap waste.

SB 1045       Estes
Relating to the consolidation of public notice requirements for certain air quality permit applications.

SB 1046       Estes
Relating to sources of funding for the Texas emissions reduction plan.

SB 1105       Hinojosa | et al.
Relating to the abolishment of the used oil recycling account, deposits of used oil recycling fees, and use of the water resource management account.

SB 1421       Estes
Relating to access to criminal history record information by the Railroad Commission of Texas.

SB 1422       Estes
Relating to the protection and use of intellectual property by the Railroad Commission of Texas.

SB 1541       Estes
Relating to the treatment and recycling for beneficial use of drill cuttings.

SCR 26        Estes
Urging Congress to review federal regulations on the oil and gas industry.



At the Chair's discretion, the Committee may also consider any pending business.


Public testimony will be limited to 3 minutes. If submitting written testimony, please provide 20 copies with your name on each to the committee clerk.