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COMMITTEE: State Affairs

TIME & DATE: 1:00 PM, Monday, September 10, 2018

PLACE: Senate Chamber
CHAIR: Senator Joan Huffman


The Senate Committee on State Affairs will meet to take up and consider

the following interim charges:


                Examine the structure of court fees and make recommendations to ensure statutory filing fees and court costs are appropriate and justified. Provide recommendations for proper agency oversight of fee collection.


                Review the Attorney General's efforts related to price-gouging and identify existing issues with current law, if any, that could be remedied to further protect Texans during times of disaster.


                Review laws related to looting crimes. Examine whether current penalties and enhancements are sufficient to deter looting crimes during a disaster.


Public testimony will be limited to 2 minutes. If submitting written

testimony, please provide 15 copies to the committee clerk with your name

on each.