COMMITTEE:    Finance 

TIME & DATE:  6:30 PM or upon adjournment of the Senate  
Wednesday, May 03, 2017 

PLACE:        Senator Nelson's Desk 
CHAIR:        Senator Jane Nelson 

24 hour posting rule suspended 


To consider the following pending business:


SB 200        Campbell
Relating to public access to boundary, financial, and tax rate information of certain political subdivisions.

SB 521        Creighton
Relating to the qualifications required of an appraisal district employee in order to testify as to the value of real property in certain ad valorem tax appeals.

SB 1360       Watson
Relating to the provision to a property owner by certain tax officials of certain information regarding the ad valorem taxes imposed on the owner's property.

SB 1407       Taylor, Van
Relating to the information required to be included in or with a school district ad valorem tax bill.

SB 1505       Hinojosa | et al.
Relating to the application of and allocation of revenue from certain taxes imposed on certain tobacco products.