COMMITTEE:    Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs 

TIME & DATE:  9:30 AM, Monday, May 15, 2017 

PLACE:        E1.012 (Hearing Room) 
CHAIR:        Senator Charles Perry 



HB 51         Guillen | et al.        SP: Hinojosa
Relating to regulation of the commercial oyster industry in this state; increasing criminal penalties; authorizing a fee.

HB 367        Bernal | et al.         SP: Miles
Relating to the authority of a public school to donate food to a nonprofit organization to be served to students of the school.

HB 572        Stephenson | et al.     SP: Kolkhorst
Relating to the disposal of pesticides.

HB 651        Clardy                  SP: Hughes
Relating to the election date of the board of directors of the Rusk County Groundwater Conservation District.

HB 965        Springer                SP: Perry
Relating to the authority of a retail public water utility to require an operator of a correctional facility to comply with water conservation measures.

HB 1573       Price                   SP: Creighton
Relating to personnel requirements for water loss auditors.

HB 1771       Price | et al.          SP: Seliger
Relating to the use of certain weapons in or on the beds or banks of the Canadian River in Potter County.

HB 1891       Nevárez                 SP: Uresti
Relating to a documented member of the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas hunting certain deer.

HB 1920       Flynn                   SP: Nichols
Relating to the Palo Duro River Authority, following recommendations of the Sunset Advisory Commission.

HB 1921       Flynn                   SP: Nichols
Relating to the functions and territory of the Upper Colorado River Authority, following the recommendations of the Sunset Advisory Commission.

HB 1946       Parker                  SP: Taylor, Van
Relating to the incontestability of certain contracts or leases submitted to the attorney general by certain water districts.

HB 2029       Lozano | et al.         SP: Perry
Relating to the exemption of certain commercial weighing or measuring devices from registration and inspection requirements.

HB 2180       Flynn | et al.          SP: Nichols
Relating to the Sulphur River Basin Authority, following recommendations of the Sunset Advisory Commission.

HB 2215       Price                   SP: Miles
Relating to the deadline for adoption of desired future conditions in groundwater conservation districts.

HB 2567       Bailes                  SP: Nichols
Relating to forest pest control.

HB 2654       Stucky | et al.         SP: Lucio
Relating to the personal liability of certain elected officials under local government programs to fund water and energy savings improvements through assessments.

HB 2943       Larson | et al.         SP: Perry
Relating to the use of money in the state water pollution control revolving fund.

HB 3063       Kacal | et al.          SP: Perry
Relating to agricultural liens.

HB 3618       King, Tracy O.          SP: Perry
Relating to the timing of the expiration of water quality permits.

HB 3952       Phillips                SP: Perry
Relating to suspension of the activities of the Texas Grain Producer Indemnity Board.

HB 4122       Kacal | et al.          SP: Hinojosa
Relating to the transference of certain territory from one groundwater conservation district to another.

HCR 30        Springer | et al.       SP: Estes
Urging Congress to direct the Bureau of Land Management to affirm the provisions of the Red River Boundary Compact and to acknowledge that the vegetation line on the south bank of the Red River forms the boundary between Oklahoma and Texas.

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If submitting written testimony, please provide 15 copies to the committee clerk with your name and bill number on each copy.




Bills deleted after last posting:

HB 2004


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