COMMITTEE:   Transportation 

TIME & DATE: 8:00 AM, Thursday, April 27, 2017 

PLACE:       E2.012 
CHAIR:       Rep. Geanie W. Morrison 


HB 1876       Martinez, "Mando" | et al.
Relating to size and weight limitations for certain vehicles transporting agricultural products and equipment.

HB 1294       Minjarez | et al.
Relating to the economic impact of closures on the state highway system during certain periods.

HB 1210       Phillips
Relating to passenger security screening.

HB 1624       Simmons
Relating to the confidentiality of personal identifying information collected by certain airport governing boards.

HB 2934       Thompson, Senfronia | et al.
Relating to the civil consequences imposed on persons arrested for, charged with, or convicted of certain criminal offenses.

HB 862        Bernal | et al.
Relating to the waiver of state identification fees for certain students.

HB 1959       Thompson, Senfronia
Relating to a study by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles of alternative registration technologies for commercial motor vehicles.

HB 1394       Perez
Relating to the administration of the Port of Houston Authority.

HB 1528       Perez
Relating to the powers and duties of navigation districts and port authorities.

HB 1031       Capriglione
Relating to prohibiting the temporary closure of segments of the state highway system on days that certain scheduled events are being held.

HB 1154       Davis, Sarah
Relating to the offense of operating certain vehicles without a license plate.

HB 2778       Faircloth
Relating to permits for oversize and overweight vehicles in a certain county.

HB 2592       Herrero
Relating to the powers and duties of a designated officer of a navigation district.

HB 2593       Herrero
Relating to franchises granted by navigation districts.

HB 3679       Isaac
Relating to signs informing motorists of facilities providing alternative fuels.

HB 3426       Laubenberg | et al.
Relating to the use of habitual toll violator remedies by certain toll project entities.

HB 1589       Oliveira | et al.
Relating to certain comprehensive development agreements of the Texas Department of Transportation or a regional mobility authority.

HB 946        Paul | et al.
Relating to vehicles exempt from vehicle safety inspections.

HB 1188       Phelan | et al.
Relating to three-point seat belts on buses that transport schoolchildren.

HB 519        Turner | et al.
Relating to the creation of an offense for failing to secure certain children in a rear-facing child passenger safety seat system.

HB 1938       Villalba | et al.
Relating to certain registrations for the anatomical gift registry.

HB 2785       White
Relating to the offense of driving while license invalid.

HB 3651       Wray
Relating to exempting certain trailers from being equipped with emergency brakes.


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HB 3651


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