COMMITTEE:   State Affairs 

TIME & DATE: 4:00 PM, Thursday, May 18, 2017 

PLACE:       Agricultural Museum, 1W.14 
CHAIR:       Rep. Byron Cook 


SB 23         Schwertner | et al.
Relating to requiring state contractors to participate in the federal electronic verification of employment authorization program, or E-verify.

SB 261        Zaffirini              
Relating to the bulk purchase of information technology commodity items by the Department of Information Resources.

SB 262        Zaffirini              
Relating to certain purchasing by state agencies and local governments.

SB 611        Birdwell               
Relating to appointments by certain state officials to a legislative agency or an advisory committee.

SB 1446       Estes                  
Relating to contested cases conducted under the Administrative Procedure Act.

SB 1731       Birdwell | et al.      
Relating to the repeal of laws governing certain state entities, including the functions of those entities.

SB 1875       Hinojosa               
Relating to the self-directed and semi-independent status of certain agencies and the requirements applicable to, and the oversight of, those agencies.


Notice of this meeting was announced from the house floor.