COMMITTEE:   Licensing & Administrative Procedures 

TIME & DATE: 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Monday, April 24, 2017 

PLACE:       E2.026 
CHAIR:       Rep. John Kuempel 


HB 1429       Isaac | et al.
Relating to the authority of certain holders of a wine and beer retailer's permit to manufacture and sell wine and engage in certain related activities.

HB 1514       Isaac | et al.         
Relating to the labeling of wine as originating from this state.

HB 1958       Springer               
Relating to the licensure or certification of volunteer firefighters and members of industrial emergency response teams.

HB 1999       Israel                 
Relating to a violation regarding the purchase, possession, or consumption of alcoholic beverages by a minor or the misrepresentation of age by a minor; authorizing a civil penalty; creating a criminal offense.

HB 2018       Anderson, Rodney       
Relating to records of a notary public.

HB 3029       Frullo
Relating to air conditioning and refrigeration contracting and the education and certification of air conditioning and refrigeration technicians.

HB 3131       Martinez, "Mando"      
Relating to the disposal of certain motor vehicles to a motor vehicle demolisher; increasing a fee.

HB 3163       Button                 
Relating to persons engaged in the leasing of motor vehicles.

HB 3206       Stephenson             
Relating to the composition of the combative sports advisory board.

HB 3243       Anderson, Charles "Doc"
Relating to the duties of the of Structural Pest Control Advisory Committee.

HB 3261       Geren                  
Relating to the registration and regulation of appraisal management companies; authorizing fees; expanding the applicability of an occupational registration.

HB 3404       Kuempel                
Relating to the regulation and sale of certain trailers, including cargo and livestock trailers, and cargo and livestock trailers with living quarters.

HB 3453       Landgraf               
Relating to the regulation of game rooms in certain counties.

HB 3611       Lucio III              
Relating to the suspension of the entitlement of a county and certain municipalities to a local share of a bingo prize fee in counties where certain illegal gambling occurs to the detriment of charitable bingo.

HB 3905       Thompson, Senfronia    
Relating to the practice of cosmetology by a person who holds an esthetician specialty license.



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HB 3029


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