COMMITTEE:   Licensing & Administrative Procedures 

TIME & DATE: 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Monday, March 27, 2017 

PLACE:       E2.026 
CHAIR:       Rep. John Kuempel 


HB 47         Guillen | et al.
Relating to the status of powdered alcohol as an alcoholic beverage for purposes of the Alcoholic Beverage Code.

HB 2953       Geren
Relating to the promotion, sponsorship or advertising of an entertainment event or alcoholic beverage brand or product and a facility owned by a convention center development corporation

HB 133        Alvarado               
Relating to the status of powdered alcohol as an alcoholic beverage for purposes of the Alcoholic Beverage Code.

HB 1247       Pickett                
Relating to notice provided to vehicle owners and lienholders by operators of vehicle storage facilities.

HB 1508       Giddings               
Relating to notice to applicants to and enrollees in certain educational programs regarding the consequences of a criminal conviction on eligibility for an occupational license.

HB 1555       Kuempel                
Relating to the sale of lottery tickets by certain wine and beer retailers.

HB 1612       Romero, Jr.            
Relating to the authority of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to offer a civil penalty in lieu of suspending a permit or license.

HB 2095       Kuempel                
Relating to transfer of a plumber's license number on the retirement or death of the plumber.

HB 2097       Geren                  
Relating to the sale of malt liquor, ale, and beer by the holder of a brewpub license.

HB 2098       Geren                  
Relating to allowing the holder of a brewpub license to sell ale and malt liquor to certain wholesalers.

HB 2113       Goldman                
Relating to the regulation of certain companies that provide for-profit legal service contracts.

HB 2275       Paddie                 
Relating to the regulation of a service contract.

HB 2299       Thompson, Senfronia    
Relating to verification of alcohol content for prior approval of malt beverages.

HB 2344       Guillen                
Relating to the transfer of alcoholic beverages between certain noncontiguous permitted premises.



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HB 2953


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