COMMITTEE:   Higher Education 

TIME & DATE: 10:30 AM or upon final adjourn./recess
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 

PLACE:       E2.030 
CHAIR:       Rep. J. M. Lozano 


Public testimony will be limited to three (3) minutes per witness.


HB 1472       Capriglione | et al.   
Relating to investment by a public junior college district of public funds received from the management and development of mineral rights.

HB 2705       Lozano | et al.        
Relating to alternative education loans and to the use of higher education private activity bonds by qualified alternative education loan lenders.

HB 2937       Canales | et al.       
Relating to the establishment of a pilot program under which a licensed hospital may offer dual credit courses to public high school students.

HB 3512       Faircloth              
Relating to the establishment of a junior college by certain independent school districts.

HB 3851       Howard | et al.        
Relating to policies and training regarding the use of epinephrine auto-injectors by public institutions of higher education; providing immunity.

HB 4106       Morrison, Geanie W.    
Relating to eligibility for a TEXAS Grant and to administration of the TEXAS grant program.

HB 4220       González, Mary         
Relating to the regulation of certain degree-granting postsecondary educational institutions by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board; providing administrative penalties.

HB 4241       Raymond                
Relating to measures to ensure certain adopted students are informed regarding their eligibility for tuition and fee exemptions at certain institutions of higher education.

HB 3187       Alvarado               
Relating to the campus sexual assault policy at a public institution of higher education.

HB 3808       Clardy                 
Relating to student loan repayment assistance for certain mental health professionals.

HB 3195       Alvarado               
Relating to a requirement that each public institution of higher education develop and implement a strategic plan for the prevention of sexual assault and unplanned pregnancy.

HB 2432       Raney                  
Relating to the establishment of a university system center located in Brazos County as part of The Texas A&M University System.

HB 2975       Raney                  
Relating to requiring public junior colleges to report certain financial and instructional information for certain instructional locations.

HB 3585       Turner
Relating to common admission application forms for institutions of higher education.

HB 3629       Bonnen, Dennis
Relating to authorization by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for the Brazosport College District to offer a baccalaureate degree program in nursing.


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HB 3585

HB 3629


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