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COMMITTEE:   General Investigating & Ethics 

TIME & DATE: 2:00 PM, Wednesday, May 17, 2017 

PLACE:       3W.9 
CHAIR:       Rep. Sarah Davis 


SB 63         Zaffirini
Relating to the electronic filing of reports of political contributions and expenditures and of personal financial statements by certain officeholders and candidates and the content of those statements; creating a criminal offense.

SB 73         Nelson | et al.        
Relating to leave policy and procedures for state employees.

SB 653        Taylor, Van            
Relating to the eligibility of certain employees or annuitants convicted of certain felony offenses.

SB 705        Birdwell               
Relating to an exception from disclosure under the public information law for certain personal information of an applicant for an appointment by the governor.

SB 1465       Taylor, Larry          
Relating to the authority of certain ex officio members of the board of directors of a tax increment financing reinvestment zone to elect not to serve on the board.

SB 504        Taylor, Van | et al.   
Relating to lobbying by former members of the legislature; creating an offense.

SB 505        Taylor, Van | et al.   
Relating to restrictions on lobbyist expenditures from certain political contributions.