COMMITTEE:   Elections 

TIME & DATE: 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Monday, April 24, 2017 

PLACE:       E1.026 
CHAIR:       Rep. Jodie Laubenberg 


HB 1149       Davis, Sarah
Relating to giving notice of certain information about an election electronically.

HB 1887       Romero, Jr.            
Relating to eligibility to serve as an interpreter in an election.

HB 2015       Paul | et al.          
Relating to the disclosure of certain registration information by the voter registrar.

HB 2270       Paul | et al.          
Relating to the requirements of service and duties of certain election officers.

HB 2324       Israel                 
Relating to the deadline for volunteer deputy registrars to submit voter registration applications.

HB 2410       Israel                 
Relating to the authority to conduct a runoff primary election by mail in certain counties.

HB 2701       Hinojosa, Gina         
Relating to early voting by certain persons who are caretakers of persons with certain disabilities.

HB 2834       Blanco                 
Relating to posting the location of a polling place used in an election on the secretary of state's website.

HB 2837       Dean                   
Relating to removal of deceased voters from voter rolls; creating a criminal offense.

HB 3022       Rodriguez, Justin      
Relating to the delivery of voter registration applications.

HB 3060       Hinojosa, Gina         
Relating to an opportunity to correct a defect in an early voting ballot voted by mail.

HB 3068       Reynolds | et al.      
Relating to the qualification of certain candidates for placement on the ballot.

HB 3328       Rodriguez, Eddie       
Relating to the disclosure of public information relating to expenditures for voter identification education.

HB 3332       Kuempel                
Relating to requirements for certain petitions requesting an election and ballot propositions.

HB 3385       Israel                 
Relating to the time period for the withdrawal of a candidate for a general primary election.

HB 3425       Laubenberg             
Relating to aid provided to certain voters; providing a criminal penalty.

HB 3464       Schofield              
Relating to early in-person voting by voters who reside at a residential care facility.

HB 3474       Fallon                 
Relating to the verification of citizenship of an applicant for voter registration.

HB 3490       Anderson, Rodney       
Relating to maintenance of the statewide voter registration list.

HB 3643       Swanson                
Relating to the assistance of voters; increasing a penalty.

HB 3667       Swanson                
Relating to the maintenance of the statewide voter registration list.

HB 3686       Swanson                
Relating to the acceptance of a voter at a polling place; creating an offense; increasing a criminal penalty.

HB 384        Murphy | et al.
Relating to documentation of proof of identification for voting.

HB 4000       Simmons                
Relating to the verification of citizenship of an applicant for voter registration.

HB 4034       Bohac                  
Relating to updating a voter's information using information provided on a federal postcard application or an application for an early voting ballot.

HB 4133       Fallon                 
Relating to investigation and prosecution of certain election offenses; creating an offense; increasing criminal penalties.

HB 4134       Fallon                 
Relating to the creation of the offense of engaging in organized election fraud activity.



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HB 384


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