COMMITTEE:   Criminal Jurisprudence 

TIME & DATE: 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Monday, April 17, 2017 

PLACE:       E2.014 
CHAIR:       Rep. Joe Moody 


HB 64         Dutton
Relating to abolishing the death penalty.

HB 147        Dutton                 
Relating to the extent of a defendant's criminal responsibility for the conduct of a coconspirator in certain felony cases.

HB 316        Canales                
Relating to the extent of a defendant's criminal responsibility for the conduct of another in capital felony cases.

HB 607        Minjarez               
Relating to a court's continuing jurisdiction to handle the disposition of a felony case.

HB 749        Farrar                 
Relating to a central database containing information about certain persons who have been convicted of or received a grant of deferred adjudication community supervision for certain offenses involving animal cruelty; creating a criminal offense.

HB 1436       Wu                     
Relating to the offense of possessing an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

HB 1537       Farrar | et al.        
Relating to abolishing the death penalty.

HB 1820       Springer               
Relating to a presumption regarding certain evidence of a prior conviction in a criminal proceeding.

HB 1884       Anderson, Charles "Doc"
Relating to the penalties for certain littering offenses.

HB 1919       Raymond                
Relating to increasing the punishment for an offense committed against a person because of bias or prejudice on the basis of service as a peace officer, a firefighter, or emergency medical services personnel and to the confidentiality of personal information regarding certain persons who provide that service.

HB 2085       Alvarado               
Relating to psychological counseling for certain grand jurors.

HB 2640       Thompson, Senfronia | et al.
Relating to grand jury proceedings; providing a penalty for contempt of court.

HB 2960       Parker | et al.        
Relating to the prosecution and punishment of certain trafficking and sexual offenses; increasing a criminal penalty.

HB 3011       Murr | et al.          
Relating to the pretrial release of a defendant and to funding for judicial continuing legal education.

HB 3019       Burkett                
Relating to the prosecution for the offense of injury to a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual.

HB 3411       Gervin-Hawkins         
Relating to the standards for attorneys representing indigent defendants in certain capital cases.

HB 3167       Paddie                 
Relating to the program for improvement of collection of court costs, fees, and fines imposed in criminal cases.

HB 3649       Herrero
Relating to confidential communications of victims of certain family violence offenses.

HB 3881       Alvarado
Relating to the issuance of a writ of attachment.

HB 3948       Geren                  
Relating to the punishment for the offense of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.



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HB 3649


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