COMMITTEE:   Business & Industry 

TIME & DATE: 10:00 AM, Monday, May 01, 2017 

PLACE:       E2.016 
CHAIR:       Rep. René Oliveira 


HB 225        Johnson, Eric
Relating to the prohibition of employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

HB 656        Minjarez | et al.
Relating to employment leave for certain family or medical obligations; imposing an assessment.

HB 290        Johnson, Eric          
Relating to a prohibition on sex discrimination in compensation.

HB 1572       Workman                
Relating to a property owner's right to remove a tree or vegetation that the owner believes poses a fire risk.

HB 2287       Lozano                 
Relating to administrative violations committed by certified self-insurer administrators under the Texas Workers' Compensation Act; authorizing an administrative penalty.

HB 2443       González, Mary         
Relating to the electronic submission of a wage claim to the Texas Workforce Commission.

HB 2674       Uresti, Tomas          
Relating to reporting requirements for certain nonprofit corporations regarding employee and officer salaries.

HB 2787       White                  
Relating to the prohibition of employment discrimination based on an individual's political beliefs.

HB 3041       Blanco                 
Relating to the ability of a nonexempt employee to participate in certain academic, extracurricular, and developmental activities of the employee's child.

HB 3309       Kuempel                
Relating to the regulation of temporary common worker employers.

HB 3899       Neave                  
Relating to rest breaks for employees of certain contractors with a governmental entity; providing an administrative penalty.


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HB 656


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