S.B. No. 945
  relating to the authority of the chief appraiser of an appraisal
  district to correct an ad valorem tax appraisal roll.
         SECTION 1.  Section 25.25(b), Tax Code, is amended to read as
         (b)  The chief appraiser may change the appraisal roll at any
  time to correct a name or address, a determination of ownership, a
  description of property, multiple appraisals of a property, an
  erroneous denial or cancellation of any exemption authorized by
  Section 11.13 if the applicant or recipient is disabled or is 65 or
  older or an exemption authorized by Section 11.13(q), 11.131, or
  11.22, or a clerical error or other inaccuracy as prescribed by
  board rule that does not increase the amount of tax
  liability.  Before the 10th day after the end of each calendar
  quarter, the chief appraiser shall submit to the appraisal review
  board and to the board of directors of the appraisal district a
  written report of each change made under this subsection that
  decreases the tax liability of the owner of the property.  The
  report must include:
               (1)  a description of each property; and
               (2)  the name of the owner of that property.
         SECTION 2.  This Act takes effect immediately if it receives
  a vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to each house, as
  provided by Section 39, Article III, Texas Constitution.  If this
  Act does not receive the vote necessary for immediate effect, this
  Act takes effect September 1, 2017.
  ______________________________ ______________________________
     President of the Senate Speaker of the House     
         I hereby certify that S.B. No. 945 passed the Senate on
  March 28, 2017, by the following vote:  Yeas 31, Nays 0.
  Secretary of the Senate    
         I hereby certify that S.B. No. 945 passed the House on
  May 9, 2017, by the following vote:  Yeas 145, Nays 0, two present
  not voting.
  Chief Clerk of the House