S.B. No. 195
  relating to funding under the transportation allotment for public
  school students subject to a high risk of violence while walking to
         SECTION 1.  Section 42.155, Education Code, is amended by
  amending Subsection (d) and adding Subsections (d-1) and (d-2) to
  read as follows:
         (d)  A district or county may apply for and on approval of the
  commissioner receive an additional amount of up to 10 percent of its
  regular transportation allotment to be used for the transportation
  of children living within two miles of the school they attend who
  would be subject to hazardous traffic conditions or a high risk of
  violence if they walked to school.
         (d-1)  For purposes of Subsection (d), each [Each] board of
  trustees shall provide to the commissioner an explanation [the
  definition] of the hazardous traffic conditions or areas presenting
  a high risk of violence applicable to that district and shall
  identify the specific hazardous or high-risk areas for which the
  allocation is requested. A hazardous traffic condition exists
  where no walkway is provided and children must walk along or cross a
  freeway or expressway, an underpass, an overpass or a bridge, an
  uncontrolled major traffic artery, an industrial or commercial
  area, or another comparable condition. An area presents a high risk
  of violence if law enforcement records indicate a high incidence of
  violent crimes in the area.  Each board of trustees requesting funds
  for an area presenting a high risk of violence must, in addition to
  the explanation required by this subsection, provide the
  commissioner with consolidated law enforcement records that
  document violent crimes identified by reporting agencies within the
  relevant jurisdiction.
         (d-2)  A district or county may use all or part of any funds
  received under Subsection (d) to support community walking
  transportation programs, including walking school bus programs,
  provided that the district or county requires each supported
  program to submit a financial report to the district or county each
  semester that covers services provided by the program for the
  benefit of the district or county.  The commissioner shall adopt
  rules governing the transportation allotment as necessary to permit
  a district or county to receive funds under Subsection (d) that may
  be used to support innovative school safety projects, including
  community walking transportation programs as provided by this
  subsection and any other appropriate safety project, including
  rules defining an approved walking route mile that may be used as
  necessary in implementing this subsection.
         SECTION 2.  This Act takes effect September 1, 2017.
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     President of the Senate Speaker of the House     
         I hereby certify that S.B. No. 195 passed the Senate on
  May 8, 2017, by the following vote: Yeas 22, Nays 9; and that the
  Senate concurred in House amendment on May 26, 2017, by the
  following vote: Yeas 22, Nays 9.
  Secretary of the Senate    
         I hereby certify that S.B. No. 195 passed the House, with
  amendment, on May 24, 2017, by the following vote: Yeas 90,
  Nays 55, one present not voting.
  Chief Clerk of the House