H.B. No. 776
  relating to the removal of certain information from personal
  financial statements filed by certain persons.
         SECTION 1.  Section 572.032(a-1), Government Code, is
  amended to read as follows:
         (a-1)  The commission shall remove the home address, the
  telephone number, and the names of the dependent children
  of an
  individual [a judge or justice] from a financial statement filed by
  the individual under this subchapter before:
               (1)  permitting a member of the public to view the
  statement; [or]
               (2)  providing a copy of the statement to a member of
  the public; or
               (3)  making the statement available to the public on
  the commission's Internet website, if the commission makes
  statements filed under this subchapter available on its website.
         SECTION 2.  Section 572.032(a-1), Government Code, as
  amended by this Act, applies to a financial statement filed under
  Subchapter B, Chapter 572, Government Code, regardless of whether
  the statement was required to be filed before, on, or after the
  effective date of this Act.
         SECTION 3.  This Act takes effect immediately if it receives
  a vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to each house, as
  provided by Section 39, Article III, Texas Constitution.  If this
  Act does not receive the vote necessary for immediate effect, this
  Act takes effect September 1, 2017.
  ______________________________ ______________________________
     President of the Senate Speaker of the House     
         I certify that H.B. No. 776 was passed by the House on April
  20, 2017, by the following vote:  Yeas 141, Nays 0, 1 present, not
  voting; and that the House concurred in Senate amendments to H.B.
  No. 776 on May 26, 2017, by the following vote:  Yeas 144, Nays 1, 2
  present, not voting.
  Chief Clerk of the House   
         I certify that H.B. No. 776 was passed by the Senate, with
  amendments, on May 24, 2017, by the following vote:  Yeas 31, Nays
  Secretary of the Senate   
  APPROVED: __________________