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Amend SB 1566 on third reading by adding the following appropriately numbered SECTION and renumbering subsequent SECTIONS of the bill accordingly:
Sec. 33.908.  GRACE PERIOD POLICY FOR EXHAUSTED OR INSUFFICIENT MEAL CARD OR ACCOUNT BALANCE.  The board of trustees of a [A] school district that allows students to use a prepaid meal card or account to purchase meals served at schools in the district [the school] shall adopt a grace period policy regarding the use of the cards or accounts. The policy:
(1)  must allow a student whose meal card or account balance is exhausted or insufficient to continue, for a period determined by the board [district], to purchase meals by:
(A)  accumulating a negative balance on the student's card or account; or
(B)  otherwise receiving an extension of credit from the district;
(2)  must require the district to notify the parent of or person standing in parental relation to the student that the student's meal card or account balance is exhausted;
(3)  may not permit the district to charge a fee or interest in connection with meals purchased under Subdivision (1); and
(4)  may permit the district to set a schedule for repayment on the account balance as part of the notice to the parent or person standing in parental relation to the student.