Property Tax Reform & Relief, Select

            September 29, 2016 10:00 AM

            Property Tax Reform and Relief


                                 Altinger, Roland  (Harris CAD), Houston, TX

                                 Arceneaux, Denise  retired teacher  (Self), Bellaire, TX

                                 Barzilla, Chris  Chief Appraiser Waller CAD (Waller CAD), Hempstead, TX

                                 Bhakta, Sal  Hotel (PSB Hospitality), Seabrook, TX

                                 Essary, Derry  Former Mayor Bunker Hill  (also providing written testimony)  (Self)

                                 Forbes, Dean P.  Retired (Firethorn Subdivision), Katy, TX

                                 Garcia, Bernardo  Attorney (clients), Houston

                                 Gates, Gwen  Realtor  (Self)

                                 Gilchrist, Frank  Real Estate (ME)

                                 Greene, James "Doc"  AV Business  (Self)

                                 Hart, Coach Dan  Retired of HCAD  (also providing written testimony) (Taxpayers For

                                 Equal Appraisal)

                                 Ingram, Keith  Director of Elections (Texas Secretary of State, Elections Divisions), Austin,


                                 Jennings, Clayton  Professional Engineer , Real Estate Investor (Texas Capital Venture

                                 LLC), Houston, TX

                                 Johnson, Cheryl E  Galveston Co. Tax Assessor Collector  (also providing written

                                 testimony) (Self & Co. Voters)

                                 Kemp, Gary  self (My Tenants & My Partner)

                                 Kushner, Marcia  School Librarian/Educator  (Self), Houston, TX

                                 LeBas, James  fiscal analyst  (also providing written testimony) (Tx Chemical Council and

                                 Tx Assn of Manufactures), Austin, TX

                                 Lynn, Andrea  Teacher - Director of the Gary J. Lynn Foundation  (Self), Houston, TX

                                 Millis, Mark W.  CEO - The Millis Group, Inc.  (also providing written testimony) (The

                                 Millis Group, Inc. - Personal), S.L., TX

                                 Osenbaugh Sr., John C.  property tax consultant  (also providing written testimony)  (Self),

                                 Hou., TX

                                 Sarlls, Ed  Engineer  (Self), Katy

                                 Smolensky, David  Plumber  (Self)

                                 Spears, John Stephen  Retired  (also providing written testimony)  (Self)

                                 Stanart, Stan  Harris County Clerk  (also providing written testimony)  (Self)

                                 Vera, Alan D.  Marketing Consultant  (Self), Houston

                                 Veseleny, Brenda  Real Estate Broker  (Self), Seabrook, TX

                                 Vrshek, David P.  Retired  (Self)

                                 Wardlaw, Laura  Stay At Home Mom  (Self)

                                 Whitehead, Glen  Chief Appraiser  (also providing written testimony) (Fort Bend CAD),

                                 Rosenberg, TX

                                 Wiener, Robert A.  Geologist  (Self), Houston

                                 Wilson, Dave  Electrician  (Self), Hou, TX

                  Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Bettancourt, Tammy  CEO (Houston Building Owners & MGRS)

                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            Property Tax Reform & Relief, Select

            September 29, 2016 10:00 AM

                                 Chailer, John D.  Retired Engineer  (Self), Houston, TX

                                 Collins, Sean  Inv. Adv.  (Self), Missouri City

                                 Ewing, Cordelia (Cordie) H.  Account Executive - marketing (Myself  as a Homeowner),

                                 Houston, TX

                                 Hearn-Hayes, Dr. Theresa  Certified Mediator (District 150)

                                 McMahon, Yvonne   (Self)

                                 Messick, Bill  Area Manager, Field Studies (Comptroller of Public Accounts), Austin, TX

                                 Smith, Mary Jane  Homemaker/Consultant  (Self), Houston

                                 Vierra, Chris  Spring Branch ISD Trustee / Taxpayer  (Self)

                                 Werling, Craig  Retired  (Self), Missouri City