Property Tax Reform & Relief, Select

            January 27, 2016 10:30 AM

            Property Tax Reform and Relief


                                 Adams, Jesse R.  Consultant (Taxpayers), San Antonio

                                 Alter, Kenneth  (Common Sense)

                                 Amezquita, Michael  Chief Appraiser Bexar Appraisal  Dist.  (also providing written

                                 testimony) (Bexar Appraisal Dist.)

                                 Arechiga, Jason  V.P. of Affordable Development (The NRP Group), SA, TX

                                 Bast, Cynthia  Attorney (affordable housing complex owners)

                                 Beebe, Matt  Entreprenuer  (also providing written testimony)  (Self), SA, TX

                                 Bellamy, Russell  Retired M.I.S. Technology  (also providing written testimony) (Prop. Tax

                                 Payers of Bexar Co.), SA, TX

                                 Berlanga, Michael  CPA/Real Estate Broker  (Self; Clients)

                                 Berlanga, Theresa  Senior Citizen  (also providing written testimony)  (Self), San Antonio,


                                 Brooks, Roy  Retired Public School Teacher  (Self), SA

                                 Calvert, Tommy  County Commissioner (Bexar County, Pct. 4), SA, TX

                                 Cartwright, Debbie  Lawyer (HCAD), Austin, TX

                                 Casallero, Scott  Vice Chairman of the Public Policy Committee, Realtor  (also providing

                                 written testimony) (Texas Association of Realtors), SA, TX

                                 Craymer, Dale  President  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Taxpayers & Research

                                 Association), Austin, TX

                                 Dennis, Mary M.  Mortician (Mayor City of Live Oak - TML - President - Elect)

                                 Diharce, David  Small Business Owner (U.S. 281 North Opposition to Annexation), SA, TX

                                 Esparza, Mike  Director, Property Tax Assistance Division (Comptroller of Public

                                 Accounts), Austin, TX

                                 Finger, Jack M.  Self-Employed  (Self), San Antonio, TX

                                 Flores, Juan  Health Professional  (Self), San Antonio, TX

                                 Gerami, Wayne  Nonprofit Affordable Housing (Austin Habitat for Humanity), Austin, TX

                                 Gorzell, Ben  Chief Financial Officer (City of San Antonio), San Antonio, TX

                                 Graeber, Kenneth  Property Tax Consultant  (also providing written testimony) (Texas

                                 Association of Property Tax Professionals), Houston

                                 Judson, Jeff  Public Policy Consultant  (also providing written testimony)  (Self), San

                                 Antonio, TX

                                 Kahn, W. Barry  Developer  (also providing written testimony)  (Self; TX Assn of

                                 Affordable Housing Providers, TX Assn of Builders), Hou, TX

                                 Kecseg, Ross  Journalist, Non-Profit (Texans for Fiscal Responsibility), Addison

                                 LeBas, James  fiscal analyst (AECT, TXOGA, TAM, and Chemical Council), Austin, TX

                                 Martin, Bob  CPA (Homeowner - Taxpayer Assn of Bexar Co), SA, TX

                                 Martinez Jr., Carlos A.  Banking  (also providing written testimony) (International Bank of

                                 Commerce), San Antonio, TX

                                 Messick, Bill  Field Studies, Property Tax Assistance Division (Comptroller of Public

                                 Accounts), Austin

                                 Michel, Lorri   (also providing written testimony) (Texas Association of Property Tax

                                 Professional), Austin, TX

                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            Property Tax Reform & Relief, Select

            January 27, 2016 10:30 AM

                                 Moore, Jason  Commercial Construction  (also providing written testimony)  (Self)

                                 Moreno, Celina  attorney (Texas Latino Education Coalition), San Antonio, TX

                                 Morse, Catherine  General Counsel & Sr Director of Public Affairs (Samsung Austin


                                 Muhlenberg, E. J.  Property Owner (Partnership- JJJJJ Enterprises LTD)

                                 Oldham, Julie Iris  Political Activist  (Self)

                                 Parker Jr., Allan E.  Attorney, President (The Justice Foundation)

                                 Pena, Derek  property tax consultant (O'Connor & Associates), San Antonio, TX

                                 Perez, Richard  Chamber of Commerce President/CEO  (also providing written testimony)

                                 (San Antonio Chamber of Commerce)

                                 Popp, Jim  Attorney (Popp Hutcheson & Tax Equity Council), Austin

                                 Quintero, James  Analyst  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Public Policy


                                 Ross, Marc  Property Manager  (also providing written testimony)  (Self; Texas Apartment


                                 Sander, Lindsay  Consultant  (Self), Austin

                                 Sculley, Sheryl  City Manager (City of San Antonio), San Antonio, TX

                                 Shoemaker, David  Senior Policy Analyst  (also providing written testimony) (Select

                                 Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief)

                                 South, Brent  Chief Appraiser (Texas Association of Appraisal Districts), Greenville, TX

                                 Stewart, Todd  Atty (Harris Co. Appr. Dist.)

                                 Syamken, Scott  Vice President, USAA (USAA)

                                 Uresti, Albert  Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector  (also providing written testimony)

                                 (Bexar County Tax Office), SA, TX

                                 Venable, Peggy  policy dir, AFP  (also providing written testimony) (Americans for

                                 Prosperity), Austin, TX

                                 Walker, Ashley  Field Director (Americans For Prosperity)

                  Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Alejos, George  Real Estate Broker  (Self)

                                 Collins, Patricia  C.P.A. (City of Universal City), Universal City, TX

                                 Contrevas, Gloria  Real Estate/Commercial Property  (Self), SA, TX

                                 Corsen, Bradley S.  Attorney-Real Estate Transactions  (Self)

                                 Crigler, Marya  Chief Appraiser (Travis CAD)

                                 Greener, Patrick  Annual Fund Coordinator, UIN (My home and taxes)

                                 Jordan, David  City Councilman (Leon Valley, TX)

                                 McCarthy, Dennis  Property Owner  (Self), SA, TX

                                 Sabom, Rob  Automotive Sales & Service (San Antonio Auto Dealers), SA, TX

                                 San Miguel, Olga  Retired  (Self), Alamo Heights, TX

                                 Simpson, Martie  Finance Director, GNB (City of New Braunfels)

                                 Taylor, Ken  City Manager (City of Universal City), U.C., TX

                                 Wayman, Scott  City Manager, City of Live Oak (City of Live Oak)

                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            Property Tax Reform & Relief, Select

            January 27, 2016 10:30 AM

                  Providing written testimony:


                                 Kuenstler, Kelly  City Manager (Leon Valley, TX)

                                 Landman, Cheryl  Mayor (Fair Oaks Branch)

                                 Toudouze, Chuck  Various Small Bus/Real Estate (My family & peers), San Antonio, TX