February 19, 2015 9:00 AM

            SB 2


                                 Allison, Jim  General Counsel (County Judges & Commissioner Assn. of Tx), Austin, TX

                                 Berry, Jason  Berry Family Services (Berry Family Services)

                                 Carran MD, Doug  Medical Doctor  (also providing written testimony) (TMA - TAFP),

                                 Athens, TX

                                 Conner, Patty  Social Work (Hope Alliance Crisis Center), Austin, TX

                                 Conner, Patty  Social Work (Hope Alliance Crisis Center), Austin

                                 Dunnington MD, Joel S.  Retired Radiologist  (also providing written testimony)  (Self),

                                 New Braunfels, TX

                                 Friedman, Cheryl  Peer Recovery Coach  (also providing written testimony) (Austin


                                 Garza MD, Martin  Pediatrician (TMA)

                                 Gendren, Christine  Executive Director, nonprofit (Texas Network of Youth Services),


                                 Granberry, Amy  CEO - Charlie's Place Recover Center (Association of Substance Abuse

                                 Programs), CC, TX

                                 Holman, Nancy  Executive Director  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Alliance of

                                 Child and Family Services), Austin, TX

                                 Homer, Andrew  Director  (also providing written testimony) (Texas CASA), Austin, TX

                                 Huang, MD, MPH, Philip  Physician (Texas Medical Association), Austin, TX

                                 Israel, Gordon  (DRACO Services, Inc)

                                 Kim, Janet  Disabled (me & Health & Human Services)

                                 Lee, Donald  Executive Director (Texas Conference of Urban Counties), Austin, TX

                                 Ligon, Katherine  MH Budget/Policy  (also providing written testimony) (Center for Public

                                 Policy Priorities), Au, TX

                                 Makowski, Eric  CEO Core HealthCare  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Brain

                                 Injury Providers Alliance), Austin

                                 McKinney, Adrian  Registered Nurse (Nurse Family Partnership), Houston, TX

                                 Munoz, Ana   (Self)

                                 Munoz, Braiden  Student  (Self)

                                 Patel, Dimple  Policy Analyst  (also providing written testimony) (TexProtects), Dallas, TX

                                 Pile, Darrell  Healthcare CEO  (also providing written testimony) (TETAF), Houston, TX

                                 Prather, Niki  (My son, Michael - Dahvid Shaw)

                                 Rauls, Joy  Executive Director  (also providing written testimony) (Children's Advocacy

                                 Centers of Texas, Inc.), Austin, TX

                                 Redden, Michael  Exec. Director (New Horizons)

                                 Robinson, Anne  RN; Quality Data Manager  (also providing written testimony) (Seton

                                 Healthcare Family / American Heart Association)

                                 Rutledge, MD, J. Neal  Neurointernventional Surgeon (Self and Texas Council on

                                 Cardiovascular Disease & Stroke), Austin

                                 Ryder, Byron  Leon County Judge (CHC Community Health Centers), Centerville, TX

                                 Setliff, Aaron  Director of Policy  (also providing written testimony) (The Texas Council on

                                 Family Violence)

                                                                              WITNESS LIST


            February 19, 2015 9:00 AM

                                 Stoeltje, Mark  Executive Director, San Antonio Clubhouse (SA Clubhouse), SA, TX

                                 Stratton, Kelli   (also providing written testimony) (Colton Stratton)

                                 Washington, PKaye  Retired (American Heart Association), Austin

                                 Williams, Linda  Member Volunteer San Antonio Clubhouse (Texas Clubhouse Coalition),

                                 San Antonio, TX


                                 Bundy, Shylo  parent & Attorney  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Children with

                                 autism), Fort Worth, TX

                                 DeFrates, Ana Rodriguez  Director for Tx Policy & Advocacy  (also providing written

                                 testimony) (National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health), Austin, TX

                                 Gibbons, Dorothy  CEO - Breast Health Care  (also providing written testimony) (The

                                 Rose), Houston

                                 Sanders, Jolene  Parent Educator, researcher, Public Policy  (Self)

                                 Zuniga, Martha  Executive Director  (also providing written testimony) (Breast & Cervical

                                 Cancer Program of STFPHC)


                                 Aleman, Steven  policy specialist (Disability Rights Texas)

                                 Anderson, Cheasty  Policy Associate  (also providing written testimony) (Children's

                                 Defense Fund - Tx), Austin, TX

                                 Armond, Daniel R.  CEO  (also providing written testimony) (Golden Rule Services, Inc.),

                                 Pearland, TX

                                 Bailey, Linda  Executive Director - Non-profit (Evergreen Life Services), Texarkana, TX

                                 Bartell, Charity  J.D. and real estate investor  (also providing written testimony)  (Self),

                                 Austin, TX

                                 Basye, Ted  Pharmacist/Owner (Indepdendant Pharmacy), Sweetwater, TX

                                 Belver, Carole  Executive Director (Community Action, Inc. of Central Texas), San Marcos,


                                 Bennett, Amanda  Student  (also providing written testimony) (Abilene Women's Health

                                 Clinic), Abilene

                                 Bervden, Chase   (also providing written testimony) (Coalition of Texans with Disabilities)

                                 Bitter, Sandra  Texas State Independent Living Council (Texas State Independent Living

                                 Council), Austin

                                 Borel, Dennis   (also providing written testimony) (Coalition of Texans w/ Disabilities),

                                 Austin, TX

                                 Bufkin, Alice  Advocate  (also providing written testimony) (Texans Care for Children)

                                 Burr, Elizabeth  Mother (Steve Beck, Senior Vice President Covenant  Health in Lubbock),

                                 Austin, TX

                                 Candall, Mark   (Self)

                                 Carrillo, Dolores  Patient Care (Yourself, PACT/ADAPT)

                                 Carroll, Cate  Director of IIDD Services  (also providing written testimony) (Voluteers of

                                 America Texas), Euless, TX

                                 Carson, Wayne  Child Welfare  (also providing written testimony) (ACH Child and Family


                                 Catoe, Ellen  Autism Services  (also providing written testimony) (Texana Center and

                                 myself), Rosenberg, TX

                                                                              WITNESS LIST


            February 19, 2015 9:00 AM

                                 Chiarello, Katherine  lawyer  (also providing written testimony)  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Chimene, Grace  Pediatric Nurse Practitioner  (also providing written testimony) (League of

                                 Women Voters of TX)

                                 Craft, Priscilla  mother  (Self)

                                 Cranston, Catherine Robles  Personal Attendant & Community Organizer  (also providing

                                 written testimony) (myself & Personal Attendant Coalition of TX / ADAPT), Austin, TX

                                 Cranston, Ron  disability services advoc. (ADAPT of Tx/PACT), Austin, TX

                                 Crowther, Nancy  Pact of Texas - Advocacy  (also providing written testimony)

                                 (Community Based Attendants/Services)

                                 Dempsey, Donna  Executive / Health Services  (also providing written testimony) (Easter

                                 Seals North Texas clients), Fort Worth

                                 Dudensing, Jamie  CEO  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Association of Health


                                 Dunkelberg, Anne  Associate Director  (also providing written testimony) (Center for Public

                                 Policy Priorities), Austin, TX

                                 Eastridge, Brian  Surgeon (Trauma)  (also providing written testimony) (Texas EMS,

                                 Trauma, Acute Care Foundation)

                                 Edwards, Carol V.  CEO of FQHC  (also providing written testimony) (Access Health),

                                 Richmond, TX

                                 Farmer, Drue  Judge (Lubbock County, StarCare), Lubbock, TX

                                 Garnett, Susan  CEO, MHMR of Tarrant County (MHMR of Tarrant County)

                                 Goslant, Kaili  Non-Profit  (also providing written testimony) (The Arc of TX), Austin

                                 Griffith, Kathy  President Premieant Inc. (Premieant)

                                 Guerra-Cardus, Laura  TX Associate Director  (also providing written testimony)

                                 (Children's Defense Fund - TX)

                                 Gutierrez, Gloria  ABA Therapist  (also providing written testimony) (Autism Treatment

                                 Center), San Antonio, TX

                                 Hammon, Rachel  TAHCH - Executive Director  (also providing written testimony) (Texas

                                 Association for Home Care & Hospice)

                                 Hammond, Daniel R.  CEO  (also providing written testimony) (Golden Rule Services,

                                 Inc.), Pearland, TX

                                 Hannah, Kyle  Private Provider  (Self), Keene, TX

                                 Harmison, Joe  Pharmacist  (Self)

                                 Harracksingh, Rachel B.  President of TAA and Life Amb  (also providing written

                                 testimony) (TAA)

                                 Harris, Ashley  Policy Associate  (also providing written testimony) (Texans Care for

                                 Children), Austin, TX

                                 Hawkins, John  Senior Vice President Advocacy  (also providing written testimony) (Texas

                                 Hospital Association), Austin, TX

                                 Hays, Susan  Attorney  (also providing written testimony) (Carolena Cogdill of Hareu

                                 Health), Austin

                                 Hernandez, Richard  Private Provider  (also providing written testimony) (ResCare

                                 Residential Services), Austin

                                 Hiner, Harrison  Legislative Director (Texas State Employees Union), Austin, TX

                                                                              WITNESS LIST


            February 19, 2015 9:00 AM

                                 Horton, Case  Operator of Tanglewood Medical Supplies (Tanglewood Medical Supplies,

                                 Inc), Stephenville

                                 Hunt, Paul  Retired (American Council of Blind of Texas), Austin

                                 Hunt, Sheryl  Housewife (myself, ACBT)

                                 Johnson, Linda   (Self), Temple, TX

                                 Johnson-Patagoc, Kate  Autism Services, BCBA  (also providing written testimony)

                                 (myself, Texana), Rosenberg

                                 Kafhe, Bob  Organizer  (also providing written testimony) (ADAPT/PACT)

                                 Kautoff, Amy  Executive Director (Texas Assn of Centers for Independent Living (TACIL))

                                 Kayhinnu, Sousaw  Vice President of Program Operation (Provider), Dallas, TX

                                 Keller, Merily H.  public health education  (also providing written testimony)  (Self; Tx

                                 Suicide Prev. Council & Mental Health America of TX)

                                 Kenney, Robert J.  Self Emp.  (Self), Houston, TX

                                 Lang, Russell  Asst. Professor of Special Ed., Autism Clinic Director  (also providing

                                 written testimony) (Texas Association of Behavior Specialists)

                                 Lavelle, Tanya  Sr. Mgr. Advocacy (Easter Seals Central TX), Austin, TX

                                 Lawler, Erin  Assoc. Director, non-profit org (Texas Council of Community Centers),

                                 Austin, TX

                                 LeBlanc, Lisa   (Self), Austin

                                 Light, Dorothy  Operations Manager  (also providing written testimony) (CARD)

                                 Litzinger, Linda  caregiver and advocate  (also providing written testimony)  (Self)

                                 Lopez, Renee  Community Advocate (People with Disability), Austin, TX

                                 McCaffrey, Kelly  Public Health Educator  (also providing written testimony) (Texans

                                 Standing Tall), Austin, TX

                                 McClure, Madeline  CEO  (also providing written testimony) (TexProtects)

                                 McKinney, Colleen  Mental Health Policy Fellow  (also providing written testimony)


                                 Metz, Albert "Sparky"  Organizer (ADAPT/PACT)

                                 Milligan, Maureen  Health Association  (also providing written testimony) (Teaching

                                 Hospitals Association of TX)

                                 Moorhead, Bee  Executive Dir (Texas Impact)

                                 Morgan, Mason  COO - Daybreak Group (Daybreak), Burleson

                                 Murphree, Susan  Sr. Policy Specialist (Disability Rights Tx)

                                 O'Connor, T. Michael  Sheriff, Victoria County (Sheriff Association of Texas)

                                 Pacha, Ph.D., CRC, Jackie  Executive Director (Brazos Valley Center for Independent


                                 Pantermuehl, Rachel  ABA Program Manager (Autism Treatment Center), San Antonio, TX

                                 Payne, Susan   (also providing written testimony) (PART and my sister), College Station,


                                 Peet, Nelson  Disabled (P.A.C.T.)

                                 Perry, Jennifer  Board Certified Behavior Analyst (Texana), Rosenberg, TX

                                 Potter, Joseph E.  Professor/Researcher  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Policy

                                 Evaluation Project)

                                 Powell, Judy  parent advocate (Parent Guidance Center), Austin

                                                                              WITNESS LIST


            February 19, 2015 9:00 AM

                                 Price, Renee Calder  Director of Child Welfare Services (Caring Family Network/


                                 Ranzani, Irene  Caregiver  (also providing written testimony) (myself and my son)

                                 Realini, MD, MPH, Janet  Physician  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Women's

                                 Healthcare Coalition)

                                 Rogers, Nona  homemaker  (also providing written testimony)  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Saenz, Danny   (Self)

                                 Saintz, Sean I.  physician (UT-Health Houston)

                                 Samms, Brakeyshia  State Policy Fellow (CPPP)

                                 Saxton, Josette  Policy Associate  (also providing written testimony) (Texans Care for


                                 Sazovitz, Heiwa  Community Organizer (ADAPT of Texas), Austin, TX

                                 Scott, Cam  Sr. Director, Tx Government Relations (American Cancer Society Cancer

                                 Action Network), Austin, TX

                                 Secrest, Leslie H.  Physician  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Medical

                                 Association Federation of Texas Psychology The Texas Pexiative Society), Dallas, TX

                                 Shedd III, Charles E.  Computer Programmer (TSEU), Austin, TX

                                 Shuford, Judy  house wife/mom (myself (Texana)), Beasley, TX

                                 Southern, David  Provider of ICF/IID & HCS & TxHmL  (Self), Granbury, TX

                                 Sperry, Bryan  President  (also providing written testimony) (Children's Hospital

                                 Association of Texas), Austin

                                 Sprinkle, Gklizicki "GK"  Public Policy Consultant (Tx Ambulance Association), Austin

                                 Stacey, Franklin  ADAPT PACT (ADAPT)

                                 Steele, Burrell L.  Client (w attendant care) (PACT & ADAPT), Austin, TX

                                 Taylor MD, Sally  Psychiatrist (University Health System), San Antonio

                                 Travis, Jamie  Parent  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Council Community

                                 Centers, Gulf Coast Center), West Columbia, TX

                                 Warach, Steven  Physician  (also providing written testimony) (Lone Star Stroke Research

                                 Consortium), W Lake Hills

                                 Warner, Carrie  Attendant Care (PACT & ADAPT), Austin, TX

                                 Warren, Kevin  Long-Term Care  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Health Care

                                 Association), Austin, TX

                                 Wilson, Stacy  Associate General Counsel (Texas Hospital Association), Austin, TX

                                 Wu, Tzu-Ching (Teddy)  Physician (UT Health Houston)

                  Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Gamez, Jamie Briggs  Chief Financial Officer (Alpha Home, Inc.)

                                 Redman, Laura  IDD Provider (Community Access, Inc.), Tyler

                                 Sutherland, Mike  Burleson County Judge (CHC Community Health Centers)

                                 Taylor, Jason  nonprofit- past president (Texas Rehab Action Network), Austin, TX


                                 Dunn, Toby  Certified Surgical Technologist (Texana), El Campo, TX

                                 Foxhall, MD, Lewis  Physician (UT MD Anderson Cancer Center), Houston

                                 Hamilton, Greg  Travis County Sheriff (Sheriff's Association of Texas), Austin, TX

                                                                              WITNESS LIST


            February 19, 2015 9:00 AM

                                 Kelly, Bill  Director of Government Relations (Mental Health America of Greater Houston)

                                 Kwakumensah, Afiwa - Tina - Ocoloo  House mom (Myself and family)

                                 McPhail, Jennifer  (ADAPT)

                                 Singleton, Betsy  Retired educator (League of Women Voters)

                                 Wallace, Stephen  Retired Attorney (Justin Wallace - Resident AHSSLC), Red Road, TX

                  Providing written testimony:


                                 Arnold, Jim  Lobbyist (Texas Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs), Austin, TX

                                 De La Garza, Veronica  Advocacy Director (American Diabetes Association), Austin

                                 Douglas, Kinnie  health education / health care (American Heart Association)

                                 Hartman, Marilyn  Advocate for those with severe and persistent mental illness (Those with

                                 SPMI who cant speak for themselves), Austin, TX

                                 Mason, Greg  President of Non-Profit TRAN (Texas Rehab Action Network), Bryan, TX

                                 Murphy, Kaitlyn  (American Heart Assoc.)


                                 Miller, Nora - Mullarkey  Water Contracts & Conservation Mgr. (Julia Mullarkey)


                                 Barillas, Ph.D., Katherine  Director of Child Welfare Policy (One Voice Texas), Houston

                                 Caundall, Mark   (Self)

                                 Conwell, Audra  Executive Director/CEO (Alliance of Independent Pharmacists of Texas),


                                 DeFoore, Rick  CEO - Stamford Memorial Hospital (Stamford Healthcare System),

                                 Stamford, TX

                                 Fredriksen, Amanda  Associate State Director (AARP), Austin

                                 Lea, Jemila  Policy Fellow (Hogg Foundation for Mental Health), Austin, TX

                                 Lewis, Kathryn  Attorney (Disability Rights Texas)

                                 Mayfield, Stacey   (Self), Denton, TX

                                 McBeath, Don  Government Relations (Texas Organization of Rural & Community

                                 Hospitals), Austin, TX

                                 McCain, Rebecca  CEO - Electra Memorial Hospital (Electra Memorial Hospital), Electra,


                                 McClure, Angie  Exec. Director (American Lung Association in TX)

                                 Meyer, Alyse  Director of Public Policy (Leading Age Texas), A, TX

                                 Smith, Casey  Policy Associate (United Ways of Texas), Austin, TX

                                 Spiller, Lee  Executive Director (Citizens Commission on Human Rights), Austin, TX

                                 Stevenson, Amanda  Researcher  (Self)

                                 Tate, Joe  Policy Specialist (Community NOW!), Austin, TX

                                 Travis, Clayton  Policy Coordinator (Texas Pediatric Society), Austin, TX