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                                                                                    WITNESS LIST

            County Affairs Committee

            September 21, 2016 - 10:00 AM

            Pretrial Services and Bond Practices Joint Hearing


                                 Alsdorf, Matthew (Laura and John Arnold Foundation)

                                 Blair, Tara (Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts, Department of Pretrial Services)

                                 Brieden, John (Self; Washington County)

                                 Burns, John (Self)

                                 Clayton, Jeff (American Bail Coalition)

                                 Evans, Leon (Bear County Mental Health Authority  Center for Health Care Services)

                                 Fennell, Nathan (Texas Fair Defense Project)

                                 Good, Ken (Self; Professional Bondsmen of Texas)

                                 Gravell, Bill (Justice of the Peace and Constables assocation of Texas)

                                 Guerrero, Irma (Travis Co Pretrial Services)

                                 Harmon, Micah (Sheriffs Association of Texas)

                                 Hecht, Nathan (Texas Judicial Council)

                                 Linder, Lindsey (Texas criminal justice coalition)

                                 Lopez, Carlos (Self; Justices of the peace and constables association of texas)

                                 Lozito, Mike (Bexar County)

                                 Mccluskey, John (Self; PBT)

                                 Pamerleau, Susan (Bexar County Sheriffs Office)

                                 Rio, Jessica (Travis County Planning and Budget Office)

                                 Rodriguez, Gerald (Texas Association of Pretrial Services)

                                 Shull, William (Nueces co cscd)

                                 Slayton, David (Office of Court Administration, Texas Judicial Council)

                                 Thompson, Sandra (Self)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Cary, Mandi (Financial Casualty & Surety, Inc)

                                 Gutierrez, Bobby (Self; Justice of the Peace and Constables Association of Texas)

                                 Hooker, James (Self)

                                 Johnson, Margie (Self)

                                 Kennedy, Brenda (Self; Travis County Judiciary)

                                 Pantel, Jama (Texas Justices of the Peace and Constables Association)

                                 Welebob, Carey (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)