COMMITTEE:    Finance 

TIME & DATE:  9:00 AM, Wednesday, May 20, 2015 

PLACE:        E1.036 (Finance Room) 
CHAIR:        Senator Jane Nelson 



Those wishing to give public testimony, please limit prepared remarks to 3 minutes. If submitting written testimony, please submit 40 copies, with your name on each copy, to the Committee during the hearing.


To consider the following:


HB 15         Otto | et al.           SP: Eltife
Relating to the management and oversight of state contracts, including contracts for information technology commodity items.

HB 32         Bonnen, Dennis | et al. SP: Nelson
Relating to the computation and rates of the franchise tax; decreasing tax rates; amending provisions subject to a criminal penalty.

HB 633        Bonnen, Greg | et al.   SP: Hancock
Relating to a sales and use tax exemption for certain health care supplies.

HB 1458       Bohac | et al.          SP: Estes
Relating to the sales and use tax exemption for the repair, remodeling, or maintenance of aircraft.

HB 1841       Bonnen, Greg            SP: Perry
Relating to the applicability of the sales and use tax to certain insurance services.

HB 1900       Rodriguez, Eddie | et al.    SP: Zaffirini
Relating to the eligibility of land for appraisal for ad valorem tax purposes as qualified open-space land.

HB 1905       Springer | et al.       SP: Taylor, Larry
Relating to the repeal of certain alcoholic beverage taxes and the tax on controlled substances.

HB 2313       Bohac                   SP: Garcia
Relating to an exemption from the sales and use tax for items sold by certain nonprofit organizations through a vending machine; adding a provision subject to a criminal offense.

HB 2341       Darby | et al.          SP: Seliger
Relating to the retention and use of sales tax revenue collected by certain retailers to provide job training and placement services to certain persons; adding provisions subject to a criminal penalty.

HB 2712       Geren | et al.          SP: Hancock
Relating to the temporary exemption of certain tangible personal property related to large data center projects from the sales and use tax.

HB 2731       Bonnen, Greg | et al.   SP: Taylor, Larry
Relating to the exemption of nonprofit ambulance companies from motor fuel taxes.

HB 2844       Raney                   SP: Schwertner
Relating to the application of the sales and use tax to the lease or rental to a full service event business of certain tangible personal property.



Bills added after last posting:

HB 15

HB 32


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