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COMMITTEE:    Intergovernmental Relations 

TIME & DATE:  8:30 AM, Thursday, May 07, 2015 

PLACE:        Extension Auditorium, E1.004 
CHAIR:        Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. 



To consider the following:


HB 1068       Zerwas                  SP: Kolkhorst
Relating to the creation of the Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 216; granting a limited power of eminent domain; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, and taxes.

HB 795        Springer                SP: Perry
Relating to the Haskell County Hospital District; authorizing the issuance of bonds.

HB 2476       Guerra                  SP: Hinojosa
Relating to the repeal of the statutory provision regarding the abolishment of health care funding districts in certain counties located on the Texas-Mexico border.

HB 1148       Kacal                   SP: Schwertner
Relating to the investment training requirement for certain municipal officers.

HB 1186       Craddick                SP: Seliger
Relating to the validation of certain actions relating to municipal airport zoning regulations.

HB 1662       Sheets                  SP: Perry
Relating to the exemption of certain property from municipal drainage service charges.

HB 2002       Keffer                  SP: Perry
Relating to the recycling of county surplus or salvage property.

HB 2559       Zerwas                  SP: Watson
Relating to leases and other agreements relating to real property entered into by certain hospital districts.

HB 2515       Muñoz, Jr.              SP: Lucio
Relating to authority to establish, operate, and maintain a foreign trade zone at or adjacent to the Pharr port of entry.

HB 2410       Nevárez                 SP: Uresti
Relating to the annual audit of the books and records of the Maverick County Hospital District.

HB 2878       Márquez                 SP: Rodríguez
Relating to certain qualified residential rental assistance projects financed by private activity bonds.

HB 3067       Coleman                 SP: Taylor, Larry
Relating to the amount that may be donated by contract by certain populous counties to crime stoppers or crime prevention organizations.

HB 3185       Raney                   SP: Lucio
Relating to the creation and operations of health care provider participation programs in certain counties.

HB 2913       Aycock | et al.         SP: Fraser
Relating to the creation and operations of health care provider participation programs in certain counties.

HB 3545       Oliveira                SP: Lucio
Relating to the establishment of an infrastructure improvement council by the Rio Grande Regional Water Authority; providing authority to impose a voluntary assessment.



Bills added after last posting:

HB 2878


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