COMMITTEE: Business & Commerce

TIME & DATE: 1:00 PM, Wednesday, March 30, 2016

PLACE: E1.016 (Hearing Room)
CHAIR: Senator Kelly Hancock


The Senate Committee on Business and Commerce will meet on March 30,2016 at 01:00 PM in E1.016 to discuss the following business:


1) Examine cyber-security efforts undertaken by state entities and study the legal, policy, and privacy implications of the trend toward storage of personal, private, and business confidential information in network attached storage, cloud storage, and other developing data storage options rather than on local devices. Make recommendations on how to best protect Texans' financial and personal information.


2) Monitor the implementation of legislation addressed by the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce during the 84th Legislature, Regular Session and make recommendations for any legislation needed to improve, enhance, and/or complete implementation. Specifically, monitor the following:

                State agency participation in the federal electronic verification of employment authorization program;

                The current consent policy for state disclosure of personal data.


3) Receive updates from the Public Utility Commission of Texas and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.


The hearing will include invited testimony only.