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COMMITTEE:   Transportation 

TIME & DATE: 8:00 AM, Thursday, April 09, 2015 

PLACE:       E2.012 
CHAIR:       Rep. Joseph Pickett 


HB 373        Simmons
Relating to the allocation of certain revenue from the taxes imposed on the sale, rental, or use of motor vehicles to the state highway fund and to the uses of that revenue.

HB 397        Sheffield | et al.     
Relating to the use of fireworks at certain Texas Department of Transportation rest areas; providing a penalty.

HB 933        Guillen                
Relating to the testing of autonomous motor vehicles; creating a border security pilot program.

HB 1136       Israel                 
Relating to the creation of the Transportation Safety and Access Advisory Committee.

HB 1370       Phillips | et al.      
Relating to the allocation of certain motor vehicle sales tax revenue to the state highway fund and to the uses of that revenue.

HB 1432       Howard | et al.        
Relating to optional fees on registration of vehicles in certain counties to fund transportation projects; authorizing a fee.

HB 1526       Farrar                 
Relating to the construction of detention ponds by the Texas Department of Transportation.

HB 2115       Phillips               
Relating to the initial inspection period for motor vehicles purchased by certain commercial fleet buyers.

HB 2440       Paddie | et al.        
Relating to the regulation of transportation network companies; imposing and authorizing fees; requiring an occupational permit.

HB 2549       Davis, Yvonne
Relating to the authority and operation of regional tollway authorities.

HB 2714       Phillips               
Relating to commercial driver's licenses and commercial learner's permits and the operation of commercial motor vehicles; creating a criminal offense; amending provisions subject to a criminal penalty; authorizing fees.

HB 3151       Smith                  
Relating to the licensing and regulation of pilots in certain ports.

HB 3225       Murr                   
Relating to lane restrictions for certain motor vehicles in highway construction or maintenance work zones.

HB 3302       Darby                  
Relating to highway landscaping projects.

HB 4025       Keffer                 
Relating to county energy transportation reinvestment zones.

HB 4115       Pickett                
Relating to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles fund.

HJR 29        Pickett                
Proposing a constitutional amendment prescribing the purposes for which revenue from motor vehicle registration fees, certain motor vehicle-related taxes, and certain revenues received from the federal government may be used.


Notice of this meeting was announced from the house floor.




Bills added after last posting:

HB 2549


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Persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who may need assistance, such as a sign language interpreter, are requested to contact Stacey Nicchio at (512) 463-0850, 72 hours prior to the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.