Health & Human Services

            October 7, 2014 2:00 PM

            Ebola Preparedness and Response


                                 Cole, Kirk  Associate Commissioner (Department of State Health Services), Austin, TX

                                 Croyle, Maria  Professor of Pharmaceutics (University of Texas at Austin), Austin, TX

                                 Eastman, Alexander  Disaster Medical Director (Parkland Hospital and Texas Hospital

                                 Association), Dallas, TX

                                 Giroir, Brett  CEO and EVP  (also providing written testimony) (Texas A&M Health

                                 Science Center; Texas Task Force on Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response),

                                 Bryan, TX

                                 Janek, Kyle  Executive Commissioner (Health and Human Services Commission), Austin,


                                 Ksiazek, Thomas  Professor and Director of High Containment Laboratories (University of

                                 Texas Medical Branch at Galveston), Galveston, TX

                                 LeDuc, James  Director, Galveston National Lab (University of Texas Medical Branch at

                                 Galveston), Galveston, TX

                                 Weinstein, Gary  Chief of Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine (Texas Health

                                 Presbyterian Hospital Dallas), Dallas, TX