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                                                                                    WITNESS LIST

            State Affairs Committee

            July 2, 2013 - 3:30 PM

            HB 2


                                 Agold-Rich, Lorrie (Self)

                                 Balsley, Elaine (Self; Houston Coalition for Life)

                                 Bennett, Gary (Self; Center for the preservation of american ideals)

                                 Boyne, Adryana (Self; Voces Action)

                                 Conder, Caleb (Self)

                                 Cornwell, Amy (Self)

                                 Costa, Dianne (Self)

                                 Crum, Barbara (Self; Texas Right to Life)

                                 Deotte, Rich (Self)

                                 DeOtte, Yvette (Self)

                                 Edmondson, Dianne (Self; Republican national coalition for life  and  denTon county

                                 republican party)

                                 Gallagher, Lori (Self)

                                 Getz, Jr, Allen (Self)

                                 Guzman, Sylvia (Self; Amigos de Patriots)

                                 Hinkle, Deborah (Self; Lutherans for life)

                                 Huck, Valinda (Self)

                                 Kelly, Mary Ann (Self)

                                 Kelly, Terry Ann (Self)

                                 Lingerfelt, Charles (Self)

                                 Love, Mikeal (Self)

                                 Maxian, Mary Catharine (Self; Texas Right to Life)

                                 Mcauliffe, Brian (Self)

                                 McBurney, Emily (Self)

                                 Mccrary, Johanna (Self)

                                 Mcdoniel, Chester (Self)

                                 McGregor, Deborah (Self; Care net pregnancy center of central texas)

                                 McKelvain, Burrell (Self)

                                 Mckelvain, Dana (Self)

                                 McKinley, Toni (Self)

                                 Morgan, Kristin (Self)

                                 Mullens, Deanne (Self)

                                 Munoz, Elida (Self; Cplc)

                                 Openshaw, Michael (Self)

                                 Page, Sheila (Self)

                                 Parker, Allan (The Justice Foundation)

                                 Reid, Terry (Self)

                                 Richardson, Dorothy (Self; Houston Coalition for Life)

                                 Sayers, Gale (Self)

                                 Schmidt, Donna (Self; Life choices medical center)

                                 Seago, John (Self; Texas Right to Life)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Smith, Bethany (Self)

                                 Smitherman, Marijane (Self)

                                 Snead, Carter (Self)

                                 Stack, Susan (Self)

                                 Stewart, James (Self)

                                 Stewart, Karon (Self)

                                 Summey, Vivian (Self)

                                 Summey, Vivian (Self)

                                 Tong, Kierstyn (Self)

                                 Welch, David (Texas Pastor Council)

                                 White, Molly (Self; Operation Outcry)

                                 Williams, Terry (Self)

                                 Woods, Andrew (Self)


                                 Alexander, Shelby (Self)

                                 Ballard, Vivian (Self)

                                 Bessent, Nancy (Self)

                                 Bishop, Tiffani (Self)

                                 Brown, Jordon (Self)

                                 Burr, Elizabeth (Self; Capital Area Democratic Women)

                                 Butcher, Alice (Self)

                                 Butts, Nicolas (Self)

                                 Caldwell, Kate (Self)

                                 Cardozo, Carol (Self)

                                 Conner, Carolyn (Self)

                                 Corman, Laura (Self)

                                 Deolloz, Deanna (Self)

                                 Elder, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Feinberg, Aliza (Self)

                                 Fithian, Lisa (Self)

                                 Goetz, Adam (Self)

                                 Goodnow, Natalie (Self)

                                 Gruhn, Elizabet (Self; Kingwood Area Democrats)

                                 Gurgel, Nicole (Self)

                                 Heim, Katie (Self)

                                 Hudson, Carlyn (Self)

                                 Hudson, Carlyn (Self)

                                 Karrasch, Molly (Self)

                                 Kelly, Bill (Self)

                                 Lindemann, Carl (Self)

                                 Luther, Jessica (Self)

                                 Mazlack, Colette (Self)

                                 Messenger, Alex (Self)

                                 Northup, Robyn (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Norwood, Jane (Self)

                                 Oman, Marian (Self)

                                 Payne, Kathryn (Self)

                                 Price, Bradley (Self; Texas District of the American Congress of Obstetricians and


                                 Ross, Lauren (Self)

                                 Simon, Arthur (Self)

                                 Smith, Stacey (Self)

                                 Speights, Sara (Self)

                                 Stevenson, Amanda (Self)

                                 Tucker, Melissa (Self)

                                 Tucker, Melissa (Self)

                                 Valentine, Thomas (Self)

                                 Villalobos, Rocio (Self)

                                 Watkins, Sarah (Self)

                                 Wilson, Stacy (Texas Hospital Association)

                                 Yelverton, Brittany (Self)


                                 Cooper, Ellen (Department of  state Health Services)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Aanstoos, Robyn (Self)

                                 Aceves, Fernando (Self)

                                 Acosta, Nancy (Self)

                                 Adams (Self)

                                 Adams, Alexandra (Self)

                                 Adams, Kyle (Self)

                                 Adams, Lisa (Self)

                                 Adcock, Cathy (Self)

                                 Addison, Heather (Self)

                                 Adkins, Linda (Self)

                                 Adkins, Mahrya (Self)

                                 Alban, Stephanie (Texas Right to Life)

                                 Albertson, Sharron (Self; Golden corridor republican women)

                                 Alcala, Christina (Self)

                                 Alff, Lucille (Self)

                                 Allison, Brian (Self)

                                 Allison, Fleta (Self)

                                 Allison, Fleta (Self)

                                 Alsman, Robert (Self)

                                 Alvarado Fritzinger, Norma (Self)

                                 Alvarez, Brenda (Self)

                                 Alvarez, Deysi (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Alvarez, Silvia (Self)

                                 Andrews, Amanda (Self; Williamson County Cowboy Church)

                                 Andrews, David (Self)

                                 Andrews, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Andrews, Wesley (Self; Williamson County Cowboy Church)

                                 Anzalone, Joanna (Self)

                                 Aranbula, Victoria (Self)

                                 Aranda, Althea (Self)

                                 Arnold, Kelsey (Self)

                                 Arnold, Terry (Self)

                                 Arnold, Veronicaa (Self)

                                 Arrellano, Dolores (Self)

                                 Arriaga, Alma (Self)

                                 Aschmutat, Jacob (Self)

                                 Asmussen, Cindy (Self; Concerned women for america)

                                 Austin, Philip (Self)

                                 Avila, Linda (Self)

                                 Aviles, Nayeli (Self; Pro life)

                                 Babin, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Baca, Christy (Self)

                                 Baca, Kenzie (Self)

                                 Baca Bennett, Patricia (Self)

                                 Baehl, Jacob (Self)

                                 Baehl, Jon (Self)

                                 Baehl, Regina (Self)

                                 Balon, Michelle (Self)

                                 Banks, Mayela (Self; Operation outcry)

                                 Barahona, Honorio (Self; Cristo rey church)

                                 Barbee, Carol (Self)

                                 Barger, Peter (Self)

                                 Barker, Cherri (Self)

                                 Barkley, Rachel (Self)

                                 Barlow, Chelsea (Self)

                                 Barnes, James (Self)

                                 Barnett, Kelley (Self)

                                 Barosh, Melanie (Self)

                                 Barosh, Tim (Self)

                                 Barragan, Let (Self)

                                 Barron, Lauren (Self)

                                 Bartlett, Laurie (Self)

                                 Bashara, Christine (Self; Texas Alliance For Life)

                                 Baumgartner, Joshua (Self)

                                 Baxter, Jess (Self)

                                 Baxter, Maria (Self)

                                 Beard, Charlie (Pro life)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Beard, Mikaela (Self)

                                 Bedknorek, Rachel (Pro life)

                                 Beer, Kathryn (Self)

                                 Behnke, Melanie (Self)

                                 Behnke, Rachel (Self)

                                 Bejarano, Carlie (Self)

                                 Bejarano, Carlos (Self)

                                 Bejarano, Celia (Self)

                                 Bejarano, Christine (Self)

                                 Bejarano, Chuck (Self)

                                 Bejarano, Valerie (Self)

                                 Belcher, Cynthia (Self)

                                 Bench, Brenna (Self)

                                 Bender, Gayle (Self)

                                 Bender, Megan (Self)

                                 Benitez, Yessy (Self; Cristo rey catolic church)

                                 Bennett, Gary (Self; Life Speaks)

                                 Bentley, Joseph (Self)

                                 Berbel, Katherine (Self)

                                 Berger, Mary (Self; Project Gabriel)

                                 Bernal, Ana (Self; Central texas coalition for life)

                                 Bernhard, Gabrielle (Self)

                                 Bernhard, Katrina (Self)

                                 Bernhard, Theresa (Self)

                                 Bernhard, Thomas (Self)

                                 Bertram, Kathy (Self)

                                 Bethke, Alexsis (Self)

                                 Bethke, Laraine (Self)

                                 Bevers, Ann (Self)

                                 Bevers, Ken (Self)

                                 Bibee, John (Self)

                                 Bibee, Lucinda (Self)

                                 Binder, Michael (Self)

                                 Birch, Bethany (Self)

                                 Birch, Kristin (Self)

                                 Bishop, Vicki (Self)

                                 Bixby, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Black, Caroline (Self)

                                 Black, Mary (Self)

                                 Blackstone, Suzanne (Golden corridor republican women)

                                 Blanco, Heather (Self)

                                 Blaszak, Patty (Self; St. Joseph Catholic School, Bryan, Texas)

                                 Blauvelt, Erin (Self; Texas alliance for life)

                                 Bohls, Margaret (Self)

                                 Bond, Bruce (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Bond, Cindy (Self)

                                 Bonnen, Belinda (Self)

                                 Boonzaaijer, John (Self; Anglican church in north america)

                                 Boore, John (Self; Grace Community Church)

                                 Booth, Garrett (Self; Grace church)

                                 Boothe, Trina (Self)

                                 Boswell, Dan (Self)

                                 Boswell, Martha (Self)

                                 Bosworth, Sheila (Self)

                                 Boudreaux, Susan (Self)

                                 Bowen, Mary (Self)

                                 Bowles, Charles (Self)

                                 Bowles, JoAnn (Self)

                                 Boyle, Cissy (Self)

                                 Boyle, Frank (Self)

                                 Boyle, Michael (Self)

                                 Bradford, Michael (Self)

                                 Brantley, Jeff (Self)

                                 Brantley, Sharon (Self)

                                 Bray, Megan (Self; San Antonio Coalition For Life)

                                 Bredesen, Brad (Self)

                                 Breed, Bianca (Self)

                                 Breehl, Kim (Self)

                                 Bremer (Self)

                                 Bremer, Thomas (Self)

                                 Brewer, Benjamin (Self)

                                 Brewer, Philip (Self)

                                 Brillhart, Eric (Self)

                                 Brinkman, Shirley (Self)

                                 Brisky, Judy (Self; Tarrant county Eagle Forum)

                                 Britt, Lisbeth (Self)

                                 Britt, Wendy (Self)

                                 Brooks, Guiia (Self)

                                 Brooks, Jeremy (Self)

                                 Brown, Angel (Self)

                                 Brown, Kathleen (Self)

                                 Brown, Margaret (Self)

                                 Brown, Quinn (Self)

                                 BROWN, RAYFORD (Self)

                                 Brown, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Brown, Taylor (Self)

                                 Brown, Victoria (Self)

                                 Brumley, Amy (Self)

                                 Brumley, Jonathan (Self)

                                 Bryant, Kelly (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Bryant, Penny (Self)

                                 Budde, Barbara A (Self)

                                 Burchett, Angela (Self)

                                 Burke, Jan (Self)

                                 Burton, Konni (Self)

                                 Burton, Phillip (Self)

                                 Button (St. Mary of the Visitation Parish, Lockhart, Tx. 78644)

                                 BUTTS, LINDA (Self)

                                 C (Self)

                                 Cable, Chris (Self)

                                 Cabrera, Myriam (Self)

                                 Cahn, Adam (Blogger; cahnman's musings)

                                 Camara, Mary (Self)

                                 Camara, Stephen (Self)

                                 Cameron, Vallie (Self)

                                 Campos, Alfonso (Self)

                                 Canada, Jill (Self)

                                 Cannon, Edward (Self)

                                 Cano, Domingo (Self)

                                 Cano, Maria (Self)

                                 Canto, Beatriz (Self)

                                 Cantu, Robert (Self)

                                 Cappolino, Kathy (Self)

                                 Carbajal, Maritza (Self)

                                 Carballo, Yaneth (Self)

                                 Cardamone, Dj (Self)

                                 Carew, Judy (Self)

                                 Carew, Nick (Self)

                                 Carew, Victoria (Self)

                                 Carlson, Ann Claire (Self)

                                 Carlton, Christanne (Self)

                                 Carlton, John (Self)

                                 Carlton, Natalie (Self)

                                 Carney, Megan (Self)

                                 Carrano, Nancy (Self)

                                 Carrigan, Angelia (Self; Bethany smith)

                                 Carrigan, Ashtyn (Self)

                                 Carrigan, Hannah (Self)

                                 Carrillo, Martha (Self)

                                 Carter, David (Self)

                                 Carter, David (Self)

                                 Carter, Janice (Self)

                                 Carter, Robyn (Self)

                                 Casey, Alexandra (Self)

                                 Casey, Anna (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Casey, Dan (Self)

                                 Casey, David (Self)

                                 Casey, Emmanuel (Self)

                                 Casey, Isabella (Self)

                                 Casey, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Casey, Juliana (Self)

                                 Casey, Kathryn (Self; St Elizabeth Adoration group)

                                 Casey, Rodney (Self)

                                 Caster, Candace (Self)

                                 Castillo, Nicholas (Catholic Church)

                                 Castillo, Roy (Self)

                                 Castillo, Suzanne (Self)

                                 Catala ivanez de lara, Blanca (Self; Emc pregnancy center)

                                 Cates, Kimberly (Self)

                                 Catlett, Alissa (Self)

                                 Catlett, Amy (Self)

                                 Catlett, Jessica (Self)

                                 Catlett, Julia (Self)

                                 Catlett, Olivia (Self)

                                 Caviness, Cylynda (Self)

                                 Chapman, Melvin (Self)

                                 Chapman, Sylvia (Self)

                                 Chen, Anne (Self)

                                 Chhin, Rachana (Self; Texas Alliance For Life)

                                 Chiella, Tamara (Self)

                                 Choyce, Alexander (Self; Eagles for Life)

                                 Chunda, Christina (Self)

                                 Church, Grace Community (Grace Community Church)

                                 Church, Grace Community (Grace Community Church, The Woodlands)

                                 Cinadr, Cynthia (Self; Catholic Church)

                                 Cinadr, John (Self)

                                 Clark (Self)

                                 Clark (Self)

                                 Clark, Paul (Self)

                                 Clark, Ray (Self; Grace Community Church)

                                 Clark, Shirley (Self)

                                 Clarner, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Clemmons, Joshua (Self; Catholic Charities of Dallas)

                                 Cobb, Don (Self)

                                 Cobb, Samantha (Self)

                                 Cochell, Sarah (Self)

                                 Cochran, Shannon (Self)

                                 Cockerham, Ben (Self)

                                 Colabuono, Donna (Self)

                                 Cole, Cheryl (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Cole, Robert (Self)

                                 Collier, Debbie (Self)

                                 Collins, Ann (Self)

                                 Collins, Jerri (Self)

                                 Collins, Joshua (Self)

                                 Collins, P. Jason (Self)

                                 Collins, Phil (Self)

                                 Comeaux, Paul (Self)

                                 Connett, Brent (Texas Conservative Coalition)

                                 Conway, Maura (Self)

                                 Conway, Roger (Self)

                                 Cooper, Deirdre (Texas alliance for lufe)

                                 Cortright, Josephine (Self)

                                 Cortright, Tiffany (Self)

                                 Coulbourn, Dixon w (Self)

                                 Coulbourn, Gail (Self)

                                 Cowen, Danielle (Self; Pro-life)

                                 Cowin, Ainsley (Self)

                                 Cowin, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Crow, Tracy (Self)

                                 Cruickshanks, Brian (Self)

                                 Cruickshanks, Kate (Self)

                                 Culwell, Claire (Self)

                                 Cummins, Dan (Self)

                                 Currier, Sarah (Self)

                                 Curtis, Ildiko (Self)

                                 Cyr, David (Self)

                                 Cyr, Michael (Self)

                                 Daigle, Laurie (Self)

                                 Dailey, Felix (Self)

                                 Daniel, Cassidy (Self)

                                 Danze, Katherine (Self)

                                 Danze, Sheri (Self; JP II Life Center)

                                 Daskivich, Cynthia (Self)

                                 Davidson, Donna (Self)

                                 Davidson, Mary Grace (Self)

                                 Davis, Darlene (Self)

                                 Davis, Emily (Self)

                                 Davis, Jessica (Self; St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, Huntsville, TX)

                                 Davis, Todd (Self)

                                 Davis, Walter (Self; Love lets live/Powerhouse Church)

                                 Davison, Evelyn (

                                 Dayton, Chloe (Self; NorthWest Fellowship)

                                 Dayton, Hannah (Self; Catalyst teen center)

                                 Dayton, Isabel (Self; Northwest fellowship)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Dayton, Lylia (Self; Northwest fellowship)

                                 DeLaRosa, Julia (Self)

                                 Delware, Mary (Self)

                                 Demkowicz, Monika (Self)

                                 Derrick, Crystal (Self)

                                 Desmond, Chironne (Self)

                                 Desmond, Donna (Self)

                                 Devore, Lisa (Self)

                                 Devore, Theresa (Self)

                                 DeWoody, J. Matt (Self)

                                 DeWoody, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Dickey, James (Self; Central Texas Republican Assembly)

                                 Dickinson, Don (Self)

                                 Dickinson, Pat (Self)

                                 Diehl, Matthew (Self)

                                 Dodd, Christina (Self)

                                 Dodd, Joseph (Self)

                                 Dodson, Dorothy (Self)

                                 Dodson, Ruby (Self)

                                 Dominguez, Mike (Self)

                                 Doran, Christine (Self)

                                 Doran, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Doran, Luke (Self)

                                 Dorn, Todd (Self; Vida en Misericordia)

                                 Dosee, Robert (Self)

                                 Douglas, Nealette (Self)

                                 Douglas, Terry (Self)

                                 Downey, Angela (Self)

                                 Doyle, Brad (Self)

                                 Doyle, Jim (Self)

                                 Doyle, Sybil (Self)

                                 Drenner, Julie (Texas values)

                                 Duerr, Michelle (Self)

                                 Dundas, Dorothy (Self)

                                 Dunn, Nancy (Self)

                                 Dunsmore, Amy Jo (Self)

                                 Dunsworth, Clarine (Self)

                                 Eastland, Alexia (Self)

                                 Edling, Patty (Self)

                                 Edwards, David (Self)

                                 Edwards, Dr Rosemary (Self; Travis County Republican Party)

                                 Edwards, Kathy (Self)

                                 Ehman, Sandra (Self)

                                 Elliott, Caelan (Self)

                                 Elliott, Camryn (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Elliott, Cheryl (Self)

                                 Elliott, Linda (Self; Golden corridor republican womens club)

                                 Elliott, Madison (Self)

                                 Embry, Leann (Self)

                                 Escobedo, Graciela (Self)

                                 Essex, Jill (Self)

                                 Estrada, Raul (Self)

                                 Everett, Carol (Self; Womens Wellness Coalition)

                                 Exley, Andrew (Self)

                                 Exley, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Exley, Luke (Self)

                                 Exley, Nathan (Self)

                                 Exley, Paul (Self)

                                 Fanning, Lauren (Self)

                                 Farrar, Charity (Self; Life choices medical clinic)

                                 Faulk, Kelley (Self)

                                 Faulkner, Savanna (Self; Texas students For Life)

                                 Featherston, David (Self)

                                 Featherston, Graham (Self)

                                 Federico, Gabriela (Self; 40 Days for Life - El Paso)

                                 Feiler, Briana (Self; Roman Catholic Diocese of Austin)

                                 Fernandez, Efraim (Self)

                                 Fernandez, Reyna carolina (Self; Emc pregnancy center)

                                 Fields, David (Self)

                                 Fields, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Fields, Steven (Self)

                                 Fikac, Bernadette (Self)

                                 Finkbohner, John (Self; Texans for life coalition)

                                 Finkbohner, Mona (Self; Texans for life coalition)

                                 Flint, Marla (Self)

                                 Flores, Jesus (Self)

                                 Flores, Sanjuanita (Self)

                                 Flores, Zonia (Self)

                                 Fluitt, Jeremy (Self)

                                 Forshee, Danny (Self)

                                 Foulkrod, Grace (Self)

                                 Foulkrod, Ruth (Self)

                                 Foulkrod, Tonya (Self)

                                 Francis, Jon (Self; The Thirteen Foundation)

                                 Francis, Joseph (Self; Pro Life Aggies)

                                 Francis-whisnant, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Franklin, Charlotte (Self)

                                 French, Kathleen (Self)

                                 Frias, Renee (Self; San  Antonio Coalition for Life)

                                 Frye Wilmington, Molly (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Funderburg, Gina (Self)

                                 Gabler, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Gahan, Kate (Self)

                                 Gallagher, Kristen (Self)

                                 Galvan, Maria (Self)

                                 Gamez, Nicholas (Self; NorthWest Fellowship Church)

                                 Gannon, Katelian (Self)

                                 Ganzon, Rose (Self)

                                 Garcia, Betty (Self; Texans For Life Committee)

                                 Garcia, Cecelia (Self; Pro-life Waco)

                                 Garcia, Gerardo (Self)

                                 Garcia, Hector (Self)

                                 Garcia, Martha (Self)

                                 Garcia, Roxanna (Self)

                                 Garnett, Karen (Self; Catholic Pro Life Committee)

                                 Garrett, Jason (Self)

                                 Garrett, Wendy (Self)

                                 Garza, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Garza, Joe Paul (Self)

                                 Garza, John Paul (Self)

                                 Garza, Joshua (Self)

                                 Garza jr, Reynaldo (Self)

                                 Gaskell, Timothy (Self)

                                 Gaytan, Karmin (Self)

                                 Geiger, June (Self)

                                 Geisel, Howard (Self)

                                 Geller, Eugene (Self)

                                 Geller, Patricia (Self)

                                 Gentry, Amy (Self)

                                 Gentry, Jan (Self; Dallas Eagle Forum)

                                 Gerke, Peggy (Self)

                                 Gerstenschlager, MerryLynn (Self; Texas Eagle Forum)

                                 Getz, Catherine (Self)

                                 Giacolone, Len (Self)

                                 Gibbons, Kathleen (Self)

                                 Gibson, Laura (Self)

                                 Gilbert, Laura (Self)

                                 Gilchrist, Jennie (Self; Dallas eagle forum)

                                 Gilmore, Jeff (Self)

                                 Girard, Claire (Self)

                                 Girard, Julianna (Self)

                                 Girard, Laura (Self)

                                 Godfredson, Evanjelina (Self)

                                 Goedicke, Michael (Self)

                                 Goertz, James (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Goertz, Marynia (Self)

                                 Golbabai, Paula (Self)

                                 Goldapp, Karen (Self)

                                 Gomez, Gustavo (Self)

                                 Gomez, Theresa (Self)

                                 Gonzales, Helena (Self)

                                 Gonzales, Kathy (Self)

                                 Gonzales, Zachary (Self)

                                 Gonzalez, Adelaida (Self)

                                 Gonzalez, Cecilia (Self)

                                 Gonzalez, Deb (Self)

                                 Gonzalez, Francisco (Self)

                                 Gonzalez, Jonathan (Self)

                                 Gonzalez, Laura (Self)

                                 Gooding, Karen (Self)

                                 Goodings, Courtney (Self)

                                 Goodson, Joe (Self)

                                 Gorrell, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Gorrell, John (Self)

                                 Gorrell, Kate (Self)

                                 Gorrell, Robin (Self)

                                 Gourley, Alan (Self)

                                 Gourley, Carrie (Self)

                                 Graham, Elizabeth (Self; Texas Right to Life)

                                 Graham, Jillian (Self)

                                 Graham, Naomi (Self)

                                 Granger, Ashley (Self; Central texas coalition for life)

                                 Granger, Caleb (Self)

                                 Granger, Joshua (Self)

                                 Grant, Pam (Self)

                                 Grazier, Karen (Self)

                                 Greening, Jeremy (Self)

                                 Gretencord, Adam (Self)

                                 Gretencord, Sharon (Self)

                                 Grimm, Jake (Self)

                                 Grimm, Joe (Self)

                                 Grimm, Kim (Self)

                                 Grimm, Macy (Self)

                                 Grimm, Mark (Self)

                                 Grimm, Shawna (Self)

                                 Grissom, Rebekah (Self)

                                 Guidry, Berton (Self)

                                 Guidry, Rosary (Self)

                                 Gulino, Virginia (Self)

                                 Gunn, Maggie (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Gutzwiller, Betty (Self)

                                 Guzman, Mary (Self; Back to life movement)

                                 H, Mary H (Self)

                                 Hagen, Brad (Self)

                                 Haggard, Reesa (Self)

                                 Hagood, Sarah (Self)

                                 Hairston, Carolyn (Self)

                                 Hake, Michele (Self)

                                 Hake, Steven (Self)

                                 Hall, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Hall, Roger (Self)

                                 Hall, Terri (Self)

                                 Hanna, Anna (Self)

                                 Hansen, Kyle (Self)

                                 Harkins, Bethany (Self)

                                 Harkins, Valerie (Self)

                                 Harper, Dorothy (Self)

                                 Harris, Anita (Self)

                                 Harris, Margie (Self; Tea party and right to life)

                                 Harris, Teresa (Self)

                                 Hart, Laurie (Self)

                                 Hastings, Paul (Self)

                                 Haughton, Corey (Self; Denton county republican party precinct 1003)

                                 Haunsperger, Lucas (Self)

                                 Haunsperger, Teresa (Self)

                                 Haunsperger, Timothy (Self)

                                 Hayes, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Haynes, Rendie (Self; Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston)

                                 Hayre, Amanda (Self; Brenham bible church)

                                 Hayre, Caleb (Self)

                                 Hazlewood, Kathleen (Self; Pcc-huntsville)

                                 Hebert, Dede (Self)

                                 Hector, Lara (Self; Pro life)

                                 Heflin, Tricia (Self)

                                 Hegedusich, David (Self)

                                 Hegedusich, Michael (Self)

                                 Hegedusich, Sarah (Self)

                                 Heiter, Angela (Self; Catholic pro life commitee)

                                 Hemmi, Graciela (Self; St Catherine of Siena Church)

                                 Henderson, Thural (Self)

                                 Hepfer, Hannah (Self)

                                 Herbert, Kaye (Self)

                                 Hermann, Mary jean (Self)

                                 Hernandez, Flor (Self)

                                 Hernandez, Jairo (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Hernandez, Olivia (Self)

                                 Herndon-DeLaRosa, Destiny (Self; New Wave Feminists)

                                 Herrera, Belinda (Self)

                                 Hertenberger, Julie (Self)

                                 Hettinger, Ann (Self; Concerned Women For America of Texas)

                                 Hicks, C E Buddy (Self)

                                 Hicks, Lenee (Self; Life Choices Medical Clinic)

                                 Hidalgo, Juan (Self)

                                 Hidalgo, Karolina (Self)

                                 Hidalgo, Patricia (Self)

                                 Hinkle, Fredric (Self; Lutherans for life)

                                 Hinojosa, Anastacio (Self)

                                 Hobart, Caleb (Self)

                                 Hoelting, Denise (Self)

                                 Hoelting, Jacob (Self)

                                 Hoelting, Natalie (Self)

                                 Hoelting, Shane (Self)

                                 Hoffer, Emily (Self)

                                 Hoffer, Linda (Self)

                                 Hoffer, Sam (Self)

                                 Hogue, Dot (Self; Texans for life coalition)

                                 Hogue, Eve (Self)

                                 Holcomb, Daniel (Self)

                                 Holcomb, Judy (Self)

                                 Holcomb, Julia (Self; Silent No More)

                                 Holcomb, Madeline (Self)

                                 Holcomb, Robert (Self)

                                 Holladay, Judy (Self; Lay missionary of charity)

                                 Hollas, Linda (Self)

                                 Holloway, Larry (Self)

                                 Holloway, Larry (Self)

                                 Holt, Kelly (Self; Texas chapters of the john birch society)

                                 Hoog, Julie (Self)

                                 Hoog, Thomas (Self)

                                 Hooker, Lewis (Self)

                                 Hooker, Sue (Self)

                                 Hooper, Elizabeth (Self; Grace community church)

                                 Hooper, Mike (Self; Grace Community Church)

                                 Hope, Bob (Self)

                                 Horne, Christiana (Self)

                                 Hotze, Margaret (Self; Life Advocates)

                                 Houser, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Howard, Jo (Self)

                                 Howard, Linda (Golden corridor republican womens club)

                                 Huerta, Pedro (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Huerta, Ronee (Self)

                                 Huffer, Wilson (Self)

                                 Hughes, Haley (Self)

                                 Hughes, Jared (Self)

                                 Hultgren, Sally (Self)

                                 Huntington, Camp (Self; Texas Right To Life)

                                 Hwnderson, Allen (Self; My baby & me maternity home)

                                 Jackson, Connie (Self; Cpai)

                                 Jackson, Earl (Self; Center for Preservation of American Ideas)

                                 James, Jeanie (Self)

                                 Jaramillo, Mary Jane (Self)

                                 Jaynes, Megan (Self)

                                 Jenkins, Allison (Self)

                                 Jennings, J kevin (Self)

                                 Jennings, Randall (Self)

                                 Jessup, William (Self)

                                 Jimenez, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Jinez, Agustina (Self; Catholic pro life committee)

                                 Johannsen, Ann (Self)

                                 Johannsen, Ronald (Self)

                                 Johnson, Abby (Self)

                                 Johnson, Beth (Self)

                                 Johnson, Debbe (Self; Grace community church)

                                 Johnson, Kurt (Self)

                                 Johnson, Lee Stuart (Self; Grace International Churches and Ministries)

                                 Johnson, Leslie ann (Self)

                                 Johnson, Summer (Self; Back 2 life)

                                 Johnson, Susan (Self)

                                 Johnson, Tatiana (Self)

                                 Johnson, Teri (Self)

                                 Jones, Helen (Self)

                                 Jones, Jerri (Self)

                                 Jones, Joshua (Self)

                                 Jorgenson, Deidra (Self)

                                 Joseph, Ania (Self)

                                 Joseph, Charles (Self)

                                 Judah, Laura (Self)

                                 Kaderli, Cheryl (Self)

                                 Kalamarides, Heather (Self)

                                 Kalamarides, D.O., Jeremy (Self)

                                 Kalina, Kaitlin (Self)

                                 Kaminski, Christie (Self)

                                 Kaminski, Marcus (Self)

                                 Kana, Gladys (Self)

                                 Kauitzsch, Kellie (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Kee (Self)

                                 Kee, Erin (Self)

                                 Kee, Willy (Self)

                                 Kent, Christina (Self; Northwest Fellowship)

                                 Kerner, Leslie (Self)

                                 Kilgo, Janet (Self)

                                 King, Kay (Self)

                                 King, Lillian (Self)

                                 King, Tina (Self)

                                 Kinney, Amy (Self)

                                 Kinney, Katrina (Self)

                                 Kissling, Ben (Self)

                                 Klein, Thomas (Self)

                                 Kneip, Kora (Self)

                                 Koch, Andrew (Self)

                                 Kocurek, Judith (Self)

                                 Kolek, Ruth (Self; Pro life orgsnization of Grimes and Waller Counties)

                                 Kreitzer, Martina (Self)

                                 Kruczek, Loraine (Self)

                                 Kveton, Monica (Self)

                                 Kveton, Theresa (Self)

                                 Labruyere, Kathryn (Self)

                                 Lambert, James (Self)

                                 Lambert, Roberta (Self)

                                 Landaverde, Daniela (Self)

                                 Lander (Self)

                                 Landeros, Cristian (Self)

                                 Landry, Anne (Self)

                                 Lange, Karen (Self; Concerned women for america)

                                 Langley, Catherine (Self)

                                 Larochelle, Carolyn (Self)

                                 LaVilla, Rosemarie (Self)

                                 Lawlis, Kimberly (Self)

                                 Lawrence, Ken (Self)

                                 Lawson, Holly (Self)

                                 Lawson, John (Self)

                                 Leach, Janie (Self)

                                 Leach, Joan (Self)

                                 Lee, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Lee, Lori (Self)

                                 Leger, Joy (Self)

                                 Legler, Lenel (Self)

                                 Lehmkuhle, Brian (Self)

                                 Lemieux, Martha (Self)

                                 Lenzen, Brenda (Self; Catholic pro life committee Dallas)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Lett, Lori (Self)

                                 Lidyard, Zowey (Self)

                                 Linville, Alexis (Self)

                                 Loehr (Self)

                                 Loehr, Gabriel (Self)

                                 Loehr, Jessie (Self)

                                 Logan, Penne (Self)

                                 Long, Bob (Self; Texas Apostolic Prayer Network)

                                 Lopez, Christian (Self)

                                 Lopez, Cristina (Self)

                                 Lopez, Roanda (Self)

                                 Lord, Steven (Self)

                                 Lorey, Kerry (Self; CPAI)

                                 Losoya, Virginia (Self; San Antonto Coalition for Life)

                                 Lourigan, George (Self)

                                 Lovelady, Linda (Self)

                                 Lowrie, LaurieAnn (Self)

                                 Luna, Luz del Carmen (Self; Cristo Rey Church)

                                 Lundberg, Cynthia (Self)

                                 Lupa, Paul (Self)

                                 Luttrell, Amy (Self; Tx Right to Life)

                                 Lux, Kelly (Self)

                                 Lynk, Ava (Self)

                                 Lynk, Julie (Self)

                                 Lynk, Steve (Self)

                                 M, David (Self)

                                 Mach, Allison (Self)

                                 Mach, Jill (Self)

                                 Mach, Lauren (Self)

                                 Macias, Luke (Self)

                                 Madalinski, Adriana (Self)

                                 Maddox, Amy (Self)

                                 Madrid, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Makowsky, Reid (Self)

                                 Malkowski, Dian (Self)

                                 Malkowski, Lee (Self)

                                 Mallory, Dennis (Self)

                                 Markham, Gerryanne (Self)

                                 Marks, Kassi (Self)

                                 Marroquin, Ian (Self)

                                 Marroquin, Michael (Self)

                                 Marroquin, Renee (Self)

                                 Marshall, Ethlene (Self; Lutherans for life)

                                 Marshall, Philip (Self)

                                 Martin, Bethany (Self; Heart of Texas House of Prayer)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Martin, Floyd (Self; John birch society)

                                 Martin, Kelsey (Self)

                                 Martin, Linda (Self)

                                 Martin, Lloyd (Self)

                                 Martinez, Amos (Self)

                                 Martinez, Jennifer (Self; Operation Outcry)

                                 Martinez, Jose Salvador (Self; Cristo rey catholic church)

                                 Martinez, Josue (Self)

                                 Martinson, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Maska, Christopher (Self; Texas Alliance for Life)

                                 Mason, Carol (Self)

                                 Matthews, Cathy (Self)

                                 Matthews, Daniel (Self)

                                 Matthews, Rebekah (Self)

                                 Matzner, Luisa (Self)

                                 Matzner, Ninoschtka (Self)

                                 Matzner, Tomas (Self)

                                 MAUER, Maureen (Self)

                                 Mauldin, Michael (Self)

                                 May, Shari (Self)

                                 Mayfield, Mary ann (Self)

                                 Mayo, Heath (Self)

                                 Mayo, Kay (Self)

                                 Mazzurana, Lori (Self)

                                 Mc court, Eileen (Self)

                                 Mc Court, John (Self)

                                 McAndrew, Angie (Self)

                                 McAndrew, Ashley (Self)

                                 McCabe, Daniel (Self)

                                 Mccall, Matt (Self)

                                 Mccaskill (Self)

                                 McComb, Morgan (Self)

                                 McCool, John (Self)

                                 McCrary, Connie (Self)

                                 McCullough, Tanya (Self)

                                 McCurdy, Brenda (Self)

                                 McDaniels, Debra (Self)

                                 McDonald, Barbara (Self)

                                 Mcdow, Melba (Self)

                                 McElhaney, Michael (Self)

                                 McElroy, Maya (Self)

                                 McGee, Camery (Self)

                                 McGee, Tim (Self)

                                 Mcgregor, Eric (Self)

                                 McGregor, Jennifer (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 McIlheran, Cherri (Self)

                                 McIlheran, Emma (Self)

                                 Mcilheran, Madeleine (Self)

                                 McKissick, Michelle (Self)

                                 Mcmurray, Stephanie (Self)

                                 McMurtry, Debbie (Self)

                                 Mcnabb (Self)

                                 Mcnabb, Charlotte (Self)

                                 Meads, Ashley (Self)

                                 Medina, Ernesto (Self)

                                 Medina, Olivia (Self)

                                 Melchor, Christine (Self; Houston Coalition for Life)

                                 Melgares, Griselda (Self; Love lets live powerhouse church)

                                 Melgares Arcos, Estephanie (Self; Love lets live /powerhouse church)

                                 Melton, Tony (Self; The Anglican Church)

                                 Mendoza, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Menikos, Patricia (Self)

                                 Mesich, Abbey (Self)

                                 Mesich, Charlotte (Self)

                                 Mesich, Christine (Self)

                                 Mesich, Genevieve (Self)

                                 Mesich, Mark (Self)

                                 Mesich, Mathias (Self)

                                 Mesich, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Meyer, Luke (Self)

                                 Meynig, Lorie (Self)

                                 Micheletti, Chris (Self)

                                 Mihaylov, Teresa (Self)

                                 Miksch, Abigail (Self)

                                 Miksch, Maddie (Self)

                                 Miksch, Sophia (Self)

                                 Milam, Kim (Self)

                                 Milam, Walker (Self)

                                 Miller, Graham (Self)

                                 Miller, Katherine (Self)

                                 Miller, Laura (Self)

                                 Miller, Madeline (Self; St. Catherine of siena catholic church)

                                 Miller, Nancy (Self)

                                 Miller, Rachel (Self)

                                 Milligan, Gina (Self)

                                 Mireles (Self)

                                 Mireles, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Mishler, Kristi (Self)

                                 Mitchell, Candice (Self)

                                 Mitchell, Chase (Self; Matt McCall for Congress District 21)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Mizutowicz, Vanessa (Self)

                                 Mobberley, Vicki (Self)

                                 Moe, Penny (Self)

                                 Moeller, Barbara (Self)

                                 Mogford, Daniel (Self)

                                 Mogford, Jessica (Self)

                                 Mokarzel, Cristina (Self)

                                 Molina, Amanda (Self)

                                 Momone, Dee (Self)

                                 Monterastelli, Michael (Self)

                                 Montez, Frank (Self)

                                 Moore, Brandon (Self)

                                 Mora, Deanna (Self)

                                 Morales, Carlos (Self)

                                 Morales, Karla (Self)

                                 Morales, Victor (Self)

                                 Morgan, Jonathan (Self)

                                 Morgan, Jonathan (Self)

                                 Morgan, Kathy (Self)

                                 Morgan, Lisa (Self; Texas right to life)

                                 Morris, DeLisa (Self)

                                 Morris, Leah (Self; Tarrant County Eagle Forum)

                                 Morrison, Amanda (Self)

                                 Morrison, Carissa (Self)

                                 Morrison, Ella (Self)

                                 Morrison, Nichola (Self; Central texas coalition for life)

                                 Morrison, Wes (Self; Central texas colation for life)

                                 Morrison, Wyatt (Self)

                                 Morse, Joseph (Self)

                                 Morton, Audrey (Self; Relevant Radio)

                                 Morton, David (Self)

                                 Mouser, Barbara (Self)

                                 Mouser, William E. (Self; St athanasius anglican church)

                                 Mulva, Meg (Self)

                                 Munisteri, Steve (Self; Republican Party of Texas)

                                 Murphy, Dakotah (Self)

                                 Mutsch, Lorraine (Self)

                                 Myers, Myra (Self)

                                 Nates, Linda (Self)

                                 Naylor, Maris (Self)

                                 Negron, Catherine Marie (Self)

                                 Negron, Torrance (Self)

                                 Neil, Catherine (Self)

                                 Neil, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Neill, Rocio (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Nellis, ChRistina (Self)

                                 Nelson, Michele (Self)

                                 Neusse, Richard (Self)

                                 Nevitt, Theresa (Self)

                                 Newman, Fay (Self)

                                 Newman, Monica (Self)

                                 Nicholas, Lucy (Self)

                                 Nicholson, Gabor (Self)

                                 Nicholson, Stephany (Self)

                                 Nolan, Susan (Self)

                                 Norman, Ana (Self)

                                 Norman, Chara (Self)

                                 Norman, Douglas (Self)

                                 Norman, Francesca (Self)

                                 Norman, Isabella (Self)

                                 Norman, Roseanne (Self)

                                 Norman, Timothy (Self)

                                 Norman, Viki (Self)

                                 Norton, Jayne (Self)

                                 Nuckols, Beverly (Self; Texas Alliance for Life)

                                 O'Keefe, Marlene (Self)

                                 O'Keefe, Michael (Self)

                                 Oberg, Lillian (Self; San antonio coalition for life)

                                 Ochoa, Carmen (Self)

                                 Odom, Beth (Self)

                                 Odom, Larry (Self)

                                 Ogilvie-Ramirez, Monica (Self)

                                 Olivera, Cindy (Self)

                                 Olson, Beverly (Self)

                                 Ortega, Louis (Self; Dios Es Amor Group)

                                 Ortega, Sylvia (Self)

                                 Pack, Ashli (Self)

                                 Pack, Kassidy (Self)

                                 Pack, Keith (Self)

                                 Pack, Kinley (Self)

                                 Padron, Juan (Self)

                                 Palmer, Marilynn (Self)

                                 Palmer, Wm. (Self)

                                 Pappas, Natalie (Self)

                                 Pardue, Tiffany (Self)

                                 Park, Cheryl (Self; Houston Coalition for Life)

                                 Parker, Ann (Self; Tx right to life)

                                 Parks, Charla (Self)

                                 Parks, Emily (Self)

                                 Parks, Mary (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Parks, Rowena (Self)

                                 Parmer, Carolyn (Self)

                                 Parrella, Anna (Self)

                                 Parrella, Claire Rose (Self)

                                 Parrella, Daniel (Self)

                                 Parrella, Julia (Self)

                                 Parrella, Michael (Self)

                                 Parrella, Sophia (Self)

                                 Parsons, Nancy (Self)

                                 Paulson, Esther (Self)

                                 Pawelek, Elizabeth (Self; 40days for life)

                                 Payne, Jeff (Self)

                                 Payne, R (Self)

                                 Peacher, Patricia (Self)

                                 Peacock, Kelly (Self)

                                 Pedraza, Aurora (Self)

                                 Peiffer, Maggie (Self)

                                 Pelletier, Jennifer (Self; St. Joseph Catholic School, Bryan)

                                 Peloquin, Susan (Self)

                                 Pencil, Heather (Self)

                                 Pendergrass, Bonnie (Self)

                                 Pennington, Noah (Self)

                                 Perales, Jaydee (Self; St. Williams Catholic Church Moms Group)

                                 Perdue, Irenella (Self)

                                 Perez, Amanda (Self)

                                 Perez, Anna (Self)

                                 Perez, Antonio (Self)

                                 Perez, Barbara (Self)

                                 Perez, Beverly (Self)

                                 Perez, Maria guadalupe (Self)

                                 Perez, Martha (Self)

                                 Perez, Mary (Self)

                                 Perez, Sanjuana (Self)

                                 Perez, Shelly (Self)

                                 Perry, Beth (Self)

                                 Perry, David (Self)

                                 Perry, Rachel (Self)

                                 Perry, Sharon (Self)

                                 Peters, Connie (Self)

                                 Peterson, Geneva (Self)

                                 Peterson, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Peurifoy, Marlee (Self)

                                 Pevoto, Margaret (Self)

                                 Philip, Andrew (Self)

                                 Philip, Lisa (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Phillips, Larry (Self)

                                 Phillips, Pamela (Self)

                                 Phipps, Donna (Self)

                                 Pickett, Jean (Self; NWF)

                                 Pilgrim, Rita (Self; Catholic pro life committee)

                                 Pineda, Jonathan (Self)

                                 Plumlee, Isaac (Self)

                                 Plumlee, Mary ann (Self)

                                 Pojman, Alex (Self)

                                 Pojman, Beatriz (Self)

                                 Pojman, Elena (Self)

                                 Pojman, Joe (Texas Alliance for Life)

                                 Pojman, Sebastian (Self)

                                 Pojman, Victoria (Self)

                                 Pokorny, Steve (Self)

                                 Pokorny, Valerie (Self)

                                 Pollock, Hannah (Self)

                                 Pollock, Megan (Self)

                                 Pollock, Sarah (Self)

                                 Pope, Gloria (Self; Concerned women for america)

                                 Pope, Jack (Self; Concerned Women for America)

                                 Pope, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Prada, Brianna (Self; Love lets live/powerhouse church)

                                 Prada, Brittany (Self; Love Lets Live/powerhouse church)

                                 Prada, Oscar (Self; Love lets live/powerhouse church)

                                 Pruski, Margarita (Self)

                                 Pruski, Rachel (Self)

                                 Pryor, Jessica (Self)

                                 Pryor, Wesley (Self)

                                 Quesada, Mary lou (Self)

                                 Quest, Ann (Self; Dallas Eagle Forum)

                                 Quevedo, Gerardo (Self)

                                 Quevedo, Gerardo (Self)

                                 Quevedo, Heidi (Self)

                                 Quevedo, Olga (Self)

                                 Quijano, Kasandra (Self; Students for the Right to Life at UTSA)

                                 Quintero, Daniel (Self)

                                 Rabalais, Kristen (Self)

                                 Racciato, Susasn (Self; Post abortion counseling)

                                 Ramirez, Daniel (Self; Concerned women for america)

                                 Ramirez, Nancy Jane (Self; Concerned Women For America)

                                 Ramon, Dalia (Self)

                                 Ramos, Lucy (Self)

                                 Ramsay, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Randall, James (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Randall, Jim (Self)

                                 Ransom, Dena (Self; Helping hands pregnancy resource center)

                                 Raybuck, Claudia (Self)

                                 Rayburn, Allysa (Self)

                                 Reaka, Jackie (Self)

                                 Reed, Amanda (Self; Love Lets Live Outreach / Powerhouse Church)

                                 Reinarz, Robert (Self)

                                 Rice, Bill (Self)

                                 Rice, Sonny (Self; Church)

                                 Rich, Derek (Self)

                                 Richard, Bethann (Self)

                                 Richard, Mo'Nique (Self)

                                 Richard, Virginia (Self; New Wave Feminists)

                                 Richardson, Beth (Self)

                                 Riggle, Rachele (Self)

                                 Roach, Ashley (Self)

                                 Roberts, Katie (Self)

                                 Robinette, Polly (Self; Bannockburn baptist church)

                                 Robinson, Andrew (Self)

                                 Robinson, Kristen (Self)

                                 Rodriguez, Angela (Self; 40 days for life and sidewalk angels)

                                 Rodriguez, BriAnn (Self)

                                 Rodriguez, Cindy (Self)

                                 Rodriguez, Doris (Self)

                                 Rodriguez, Freddy (Self; Cpai)

                                 Rodriguez, Kimberly (Self)

                                 Rodriguez, Susan (Self; Cpai)

                                 Rodriguez, Vanessa (Self; Texas Right to Life)

                                 Rogers, Janet (Self)

                                 Romero, Lauren (Self; Texas alliance for life)

                                 Rongey, Cindy (Self)

                                 Ross, Connie (Self)

                                 Ross, Rodger (Self)

                                 Ruby, Deloris (Self)

                                 Rucker, Constance (Self)

                                 Ruggs, Gerald (Self)

                                 Ruiz, David (Self)

                                 Ruiz, Karen (Self)

                                 Ruli, Jaclyn and Joseph (Self)

                                 Russell, Brian (Self)

                                 Russell, Daniel (Self)

                                 Russell, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Russell, Julia (Self)

                                 Russell, Mary (Self)

                                 Russell, Matt (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Rutherford, Melody (Self)

                                 Ryden, Darla (Self)

                                 Saathoff, Clayton (Self)

                                 Saathoff, Joyce (Self)

                                 Saathoff, Lauri (Self)

                                 Sablo   Jr., Armando (Self)

                                 Saenz, Jonathan (Texas Values)

                                 Salazar, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Salazar, Olivia (Self)

                                 Salazar, Vincent (Self)

                                 Sale, Chris (Self)

                                 Salmon, Lynette (Self; Respect life ministry sacred heart of jesus manvel tx)

                                 Sancedio, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Sanchez, Ed (Self)

                                 Sanchez, Freddy (Self)

                                 Sanchez, Gina (Self)

                                 Sanchez, Marisol (Self)

                                 Sanchez, Susan (Self)

                                 Sanders, Leslie (Self)

                                 Santiago, Rachel (Self; Grace Community Church)

                                 Saucedo, Gilberto (Self)

                                 Saucier, Marsha (Self)

                                 Sayers, Ashley (Self)

                                 Sayre, Kelly (Self)

                                 Schauf, Terri (Self)

                                 Schima, Matt (Self; San antonio coalition for life)

                                 Schmitt, Katherine (Self)

                                 Schneider, Kellyn (Self)

                                 Schultz, Nancy (Self)

                                 Schurman, Devin (Self)

                                 Schurman, Geoffrey (Self)

                                 Schutz, James (Self)

                                 Scott, Jeri Lynn (Self)

                                 Seago, Brandy (Self)

                                 Seago, Ted (Self; Grace community church)

                                 Sebesta, Paul (Self)

                                 Sebesta, Robbe (Self)

                                 Segura, Juana (Self)

                                 Seibert, Denise (Self; Operation outcry)

                                 Serna, Nikki (Self)

                                 Shaw, Nance (Self; Pro life org of Grimes and Waller Counties)

                                 Shearer, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Shearer, Kathleen (Self; Coalition for life)

                                 Shelton, Diana (Self)

                                 Shelton, Rich (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Shelton, Spencer (Self; Austin Christian Fellowship Northwest)

                                 Shepard, Frances (Self)

                                 Shields, Gertrude (Self)

                                 Shields, Jenna (Self)

                                 Shore, Jill (Self)

                                 Siller, Tennille (Self; Bound4Life San Antonio)

                                 Silvertooth, Sheana (Self)

                                 Simone, Ashley (Self)

                                 Simoneaux, Nicholas (Self; The Voice at Northwest Vista)

                                 Simpson, Kristy (Self)

                                 Simpson, Patricia (Self)

                                 Simpson, Susan (Self)

                                 Sims, Dorinda (Self; Cpai)

                                 Sims, Renate (Self)

                                 Sims, Teresa (Self)

                                 Sinclair, Nina (Self)

                                 Sinclair, Victoria (Self)

                                 Skero, Leslie (Self)

                                 Skiles (Self)

                                 Skok, Blanca (Self; The source for women of houston)

                                 Skop, Ingrid (Self)

                                 Slabaugh, Danielle (Self)

                                 Smead, Julia (Self)

                                 Smith, Austen (Self)

                                 Smith, Collin (Self)

                                 Smith, David (Self; Austin Baptist Association)

                                 Smith, DeeAnn (Self)

                                 Smith, Julie (Self)

                                 Smith, Mary (Self)

                                 Smith, Michelle (Self; Concerned Women For America)

                                 Smith, Sandra (Self)

                                 Smitherman (Self)

                                 Solis, LeAnn (Self)

                                 Sorensen, Susan (Self)

                                 Sosa, Fernando (Self)

                                 Soto, Rita (Self)

                                 Sovran, S (Self)

                                 Speck, Sarah (Self)

                                 Speirs, Kimberly (Self)

                                 Spell, Kaley (Self; Houston Coalition for Life)

                                 Spence, Ann (Self)

                                 Spillman, Karen (Self)

                                 Spires, Jamie Lyn (Self)

                                 Sprawls, Annette (Self; St williams catholic)

                                 Stadelman, Teresa (Self; Catholic ProLife Committee)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Stahla, Shannon (Self)

                                 Starnes, Deon (Self)

                                 Stauf, Heather (Self)

                                 Stauf, Jessica (Self)

                                 Stauf, Lisa (Self)

                                 Stauf, Sarah (Self)

                                 Stehling, Zane (Self)

                                 Stephens, Mark (Self)

                                 Stephens, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Stevens, Charles (Self)

                                 Stevens, Deborah (Self)

                                 Stewart, Carol (Self; Tea party)

                                 Stewart, Kathryn (Self; Operation OutCry)

                                 Stills, Alyssa (Self)

                                 Stivers, Joanna (Self)

                                 Storm, Ann (Self)

                                 Story, Penny (Self)

                                 Strack, Harleigh (Self)

                                 Strack, Kayla (Self)

                                 Strack, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Stripling, Sandra (Self)

                                 Stroud, Owen (Self)

                                 Stutts, Devin (Self)

                                 Svrcek, Frances (Self)

                                 Sweet, David (Self)

                                 Sweet, Melissa (Self)

                                 Swenson, Shannon (Self)

                                 Tabor, Corey (Self; Full Life Community Church)

                                 Taimuty, Danielle (Self; Texas Students for Life)

                                 Tajchman, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Tapscott (Self)

                                 Tate, Jacque (Self)

                                 Taute, Barbara (Self)

                                 Tavarez, Alexander (Self)

                                 Taylor, Alex (Self; UD Crusaders for Life)

                                 Taylor, Wiliam (Self)

                                 Teague, Allen (Self)

                                 Teague, Liliana (Self)

                                 Tefft, Julie (Self)

                                 Tefft, Scott (Self)

                                 Theisen, Becky (Self)

                                 Thomas, Josiah (Self)

                                 Thomas, Jubilee (Self)

                                 Thomas, Kendra (Self)

                                 Thomas, Maranatha (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Thomas, Micah (Self)

                                 Thomas, Rachel (Self)

                                 Thomas, Sophia (Self)

                                 Thomas, Torah (Self)

                                 Thomas, Valiant (Self)

                                 Thompson, Michele (Self)

                                 Thompson, Tina (Self)

                                 Thomson (Self)

                                 Thomson, Andrew (Self)

                                 Thomson, Joan (Self)

                                 Thomson, Robert (Self)

                                 Tibbs, Dennis (Self)

                                 Tibbs, Patricia (Self)

                                 Tierney, John (Self)

                                 Tinajero, Aurora (Self; Catholic prolife committee of north texas)

                                 Tinney, Zac (Self; Northwest fellowship)

                                 Tom, Pauline (Self)

                                 Tom, Ronald (Self)

                                 Tomasoski, Kerry (Self)

                                 Tong, Josh (Self)

                                 Torrellas, Beatriz (Self; Emc pregnancy center)

                                 Torres (Self)

                                 Torres, Frank (Self)

                                 Torres, Mercedes (Self)

                                 Tovar, Jose (Self)

                                 Tovar, Veronica (Self)

                                 Trevino, Fernando (Self)

                                 Tripson, Virginia (Self)

                                 Truitt, Diane (Self; Center for the preservation of american ideals (CPAI))

                                 Tschoepe, Corin (Self)

                                 Tuma, Ramona (Self)

                                 Tyler, John (Self)

                                 Ulrey, Wanda (Self)

                                 Umstattd, David (Self)

                                 Umstattd, John (Self)

                                 Umstattd, Virginia (Self)

                                 Umstattd, William (Self)

                                 Upham, Aaron (Self)

                                 Upham, Bruce (Self)

                                 Upham, Josh (Self)

                                 Upham, Tracie (Self)

                                 Uribe, Marcela (Self; Lay missionaries of charity)

                                 Uribe, Marcela (Self; Lay Missionaries of Charity)

                                 Vana, Cindi (Self; National Day of Prayer)

                                 Vasquez, Lauren (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Vasquez, Patricia (Self; Catholic Prolife Committee of North Texas)

                                 Vaughan, Aubrey (Self; Tri county texas tea party llc)

                                 Vaughn, Jason (Self; Pro-Life Texas)

                                 Venable, Carolyn (Self)

                                 Verastigui, Jamie (Self)

                                 Vercontaire, Bernadette (Self)

                                 Vigil, Leroy (Self; University of St Thomas)

                                 Vigil, Paula (Self)

                                 Villarreal, Rosario (Self)

                                 Vimont, Bianca (Self)

                                 Vimont, Jordan (Self)

                                 Vinklarek, Bonnie (Self)

                                 VonWupperfeld, Peter (Self)

                                 Vornkahl, Greg (Self)

                                 Vornkahl, Marilyn (Self)

                                 Wade, Sheridan (Self; Arlington Pregnancy Center)

                                 Walker, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Walker, James (Self)

                                 Walker, Noel (Self)

                                 Wall, Darcy (Self)

                                 Wall, Les (Self)

                                 Wall, Scot (Self)

                                 Wall, Scot (Self)

                                 Walls, David (Self)

                                 Walsh, Scott (Self; Secular fransicans)

                                 Walsh, Shawn (Self)

                                 Walton, Carolyn (Self)

                                 Wampler, Michael (Self)

                                 Wampler, Susan (Self)

                                 Ward (Self; Catholic pro-life committee)

                                 Ward, Charlotte (Self; Catholic Prolife Committee of North Texas)

                                 Ward, Karen (Self; Catholic pro life committee)

                                 Ward, Nancy (Self; Catholic pro-life comitee)

                                 Ward, Phillip (Self)

                                 Ward, Sheila (Self)

                                 Ward, Steve (Self; Catholic Pro-Life Committee North Texas)

                                 Warrick, Erica (Self)

                                 Washburn, Steve (Self)

                                 Waters, Crysta (Self)

                                 Waters, Joe (Self)

                                 Waters, Simon (Self)

                                 Watkins, Jacky (Self)

                                 Watson, Dava (Self)

                                 Wawrykow, George (Self; Couples for Christ Foundation for Family & Life)

                                 Waxman, Bart (Self; Jubilee Campaign's Law of Life Project)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Weaver, Jared (Self)

                                 Weesner, Ann (Self; Pro life)

                                 Weesner, Lynn (Self)

                                 Weigel, Sofia (Self)

                                 Welch, Rebecca (Self; Texas Right to Life)

                                 Welch, Ricky (Self; Texas Right to Life)

                                 Welch, Stephanie (Self; Texas Pastor Council)

                                 Welch, Valerie (Self; Texas right to life)

                                 Weldon, Yvonne (Self)

                                 Wenske, Cathy (Self)

                                 Wenske, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Wenske, James (Self)

                                 Wenske, John (Pro life group)

                                 Wenz, Caleb (Self)

                                 Wenz, Chris (Self)

                                 Wenz, Cynthia (Self; The Source for Women)

                                 Wenz, Justice (Self)

                                 Werner, Sharon j (Self)

                                 West, Sami (Self)

                                 West, Samuel (Self; Texans For Life)

                                 Weston, Laura (Self)

                                 White, Laurence (Self; Our savior lutheran)

                                 White, State Rep. (Self; Texas House District 19)

                                 Whitehead, Pamela (Self; Love Lets  Live Outreach/ Powerhouse Church)

                                 Whiteley, Mary (Self)

                                 Whitten, Kimberly (Self)

                                 Wiedenfeld, Kurtis (Self)

                                 Wield, Dana (Self)

                                 Wiese, Jo ann (Self; Prolife   Waco)

                                 Wiessing, Anna (Self)

                                 Wiessing, Susan (Self)

                                 Wiggins, Eileen (Self)

                                 Williams, Chris (Self)

                                 Williams, Justin (Self)

                                 Williams, L.ynnn (Self)

                                 Williams, Xavier (Self)

                                 Williamson, Brittany (Self)

                                 Willimg, Susan (Self)

                                 Willing, John (Self)

                                 Wills, Brian (Self)

                                 Wilson, Dawn (Self)

                                 Wilson, Gerra (Self)

                                 Wilt, Hilda (Self)

                                 Wingfield, Barbara (Self; Bannockburn baptist Church)

                                 Winston, Nuala (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Winters, Rachelle (Self)

                                 Woodall, Nancy (Self)

                                 Wright, Cordelia (Self)

                                 Wright, Dean (Self; New Revolution Now Institute Inc)

                                 Wright, Kyleen (Self; Texans for Life)

                                 Yanez Salazar, Rita (Self)

                                 Yarbough, Melissa (Self)

                                 Yelken, Katherine (Self)

                                 Young, Donna (Self; First Look Pregnancy Center)

                                 Young, Jerry (Self)

                                 Young, Tyler (Self)

                                 Yowell, Angie Pete (Self)

                                 Yowell, Angie Pete (Self)

                                 Yurcak, Jeffrey (Self)

                                 Yzaguirre, Delia (Self)

                                 Zamora, Edwin (Self)

                                 Zamora, Reina (Self)

                                 Zavala, Nancy (Self)

                                 Zea, Joaquin (Self)

                                 Zea, Pompilio (Self)


                                 Abel, Melissa (Self)

                                 Abramowitz, John (Self)

                                 Abrego-Liszewski, Valeri (Self)

                                 Adams, Abigail (Self)

                                 Adams, Emily (Self)

                                 Adams, Julie H. (Self)

                                 Adams, Kim (Planned Parenhood)

                                 Adams, Kristen (Self)

                                 Adams, Teri (Self)

                                 Adkison, Elaine (Self)

                                 Aika, Suvi (Self)

                                 Aikman, B (Self)

                                 Aikman-neumann, Rachael (Self)

                                 Albarran, Elia (Self)

                                 Albin, China (Self)

                                 Albright, Alexandra (Self)

                                 Aldridge, Deanne (Self)

                                 Aldridge, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Alexander, Stacy (Self)

                                 Ali, Kamran (Self)

                                 Allen, Aditi Raye (Self)

                                 Allen, Aida (Self)

                                 Allen, Robert Nathan (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Allison, Tanene (Self; Texas Democratic Party)

                                 Allison, Teri (Self)

                                 Alonzi, Annie (Self)

                                 Alsaffar, Jamal (Self)

                                 Alsaffar, Janine (Self)

                                 Alsaffar, Nabil (Self)

                                 Altermann, Jaime (Self)

                                 Altobelli, Joan (Self)

                                 Amparan, Norma (Self)

                                 Ancira (Self)

                                 Anderson, Eric (Self)

                                 Anderson, Jackie (Self)

                                 Anderson, JC (Self)

                                 Anderson, Lucy (Self)

                                 Anderson, Mary (Self)

                                 Anderson, Rachael (Self)

                                 Andrews, Michelle (Self)

                                 Annoni, Leslie (Self)

                                 Annoni, Nicholas (Self)

                                 Aoueille, Bernard (Self)

                                 Applewhite, Amenity (Self)

                                 Arbilla, Laura (Self)

                                 Archambeault, Marie (Self)

                                 Ardolino, Emily (Self)

                                 Arellano, Jessica (Self)

                                 Argyros, Caitlin (Self)

                                 Arjet, Catherine (Self)

                                 Arjet, Jessica (Self)

                                 Arjet, Robert (Self)

                                 Armendariz, Daniel (Self)

                                 Armendariz, Daniel (Self)

                                 Arnold, Joanna (Self)

                                 Aronin, Shannon (Self)

                                 Arrambide, Aimee (Self)

                                 Arrazolo, Selene (Self)

                                 Arrington, Will (Self)

                                 Asencio, Monica (Self)

                                 Ashbrook, Joni (Self)

                                 Atkinson, Erik (Self)

                                 Atkinson, Erin (Self)

                                 Atkinson, Nigel (Self)

                                 Atwater, Natalie (Self)

                                 Austin, Bobby (Self)

                                 Austin, Carol (Self)

                                 Austin, Georgianne (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Austin, Julia (Self)

                                 Austin-bingamon, Eryl (Self)

                                 Averett, Kathleen (Self)

                                 Averyt, Jennie (Self)

                                 Avramovitz, Rakefet (Self)

                                 Axtell, Brooke (Self)

                                 Baade, Heather (Self)

                                 Bachtel, Karen (Self)

                                 Baday, Shahnaz (Self)

                                 Bagheri, Ali (Self)

                                 Baguio, Janet (Self)

                                 Bagwell (Self)

                                 Bailey, Karen (Self)

                                 Bailey, Victoria (Self)

                                 Baird, Erin (Self)

                                 Baker, Cassie (Self)

                                 Balch, Chris (Self)

                                 Ballard, Jadyn (Self)

                                 Ballas, Nena (Self)

                                 Bamberg, Deborah (Self)

                                 Banfield, Lynda (Self)

                                 Bankston, Donald (Self)

                                 Bankston, Susan (Self)

                                 Baran, Rayma (Self)

                                 Barbera, Joanna (Self)

                                 Barbisch, Austin (Self)

                                 Barclay, Janette (Self)

                                 Bard, Lauren (Self)

                                 Bard, Roma (Self)

                                 Barker, Emily (Self)

                                 Barker, Kim (Self)

                                 Barker, Sara (Self)

                                 Barnes, Julia (Self)

                                 Barr, Michelle (Self)

                                 Barrett, Nitakuwa (Self)

                                 Barrientos, Alejandro (Self)

                                 Barrientos, Anjelica (Self)

                                 Barron, Alexandra (Self)

                                 Bartholomew, Courtney (Self)

                                 Barton, Laura (Self)

                                 Barton, Laura (Self)

                                 Basile, Amy (Self)

                                 Bauer, Jeremy (Self)

                                 Baugh, Lockie (Self)

                                 Baugh, Thomas (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Bayer, Megan (Self)

                                 Beall, Tanner (Self)

                                 Beaman, Catherine (Self)

                                 Bean, Morgan (Self)

                                 Bearce, Kerissa (Self)

                                 Beasley, Steph (Self)

                                 Beck, Walter (Self)

                                 Becker, Shiloh (Self)

                                 Beckham, Kimberly (Self)

                                 Behal, Stella (Self)

                                 Belile, Liz (Self)

                                 Belisle, Michelle (Self)

                                 Bellini, Stefania (Self)

                                 Bellows, Laura (Self)

                                 Beltz, Faith (Self)

                                 Ben-moshe, Dvorah (Self)

                                 Benavidez, Felicia (Self)

                                 Bench, Amy (Self)

                                 Bender, Alexandrea (Self)

                                 Benigno, Bellami (Self)

                                 Bennett, Lauren (Self)

                                 Bennett, Nichole (Self)

                                 Benson, Tiffaney L (Self)

                                 Benson, Tiffaney L (Self)

                                 Benton, Bryce (Self)

                                 Bereczki, Duane (Self)

                                 Bergey, Carl (Self)

                                 Berkel, Sue (Self; Pl an parenthood)

                                 Berkes, Bridgette (Self)

                                 Berkoff, Marie (Self)

                                 Berlin, Amy (Self)

                                 Berman, Justus (Self)

                                 Bernard, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Bernstein, Jessica (Self)

                                 Bertolacini, Joyce (Self)

                                 Bickley, Doris (Self)

                                 Biecker, Jessica (Self)

                                 Biedrzycki, Carol (Self)

                                 Bigner, Priscilla (Self)

                                 Bilich, Garrett (Self)

                                 Birch, Bonnie (Self)

                                 Birdwell, Nikki (Self)

                                 Birkett, Betty (Self)

                                 Birmingham (Self)

                                 Black, Amber (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Black, Jenny (Self)

                                 Blackshear, Melissa (Self)

                                 Blackwell, Lisa (Self)

                                 Blackwood, Christa (Self)

                                 Blackwood Cross, Cecil (Self)

                                 Blake, Chelsea (Self)

                                 Blancas, Kelly (Self)

                                 Bland, Kelli (Self)

                                 Blanton, Sonnet (Self)

                                 Bloomer, Kirsten (Self)

                                 Bludau, Meaghan (Self)

                                 Blue, Sally (Self)

                                 Blumberg, Ilene (Self)

                                 Blythe, Whytney (Self)

                                 Boas, Hallie (Self; Rise Up TX)

                                 Boas, Hallie (Self)

                                 Boch, Diana (Self)

                                 Boch, Myles (Self)

                                 Bodin Gorgoroso, Alicia (Self)

                                 Boehne, Caitlin (Self)

                                 Bolstorff, Kathy (Self)

                                 Bostick, Reno (Self)

                                 Boston, Priscilla (Self)

                                 Boswell, Christine (Self)

                                 Botts, Katherine (Self)

                                 Bourland, Casey (Self)

                                 Bowen, Joe (Self; Texas Democratic Party)

                                 Bowen, Joseph (Self)

                                 Braden, Kaycee (Self)

                                 Bradford, Wrae Ann (Self)

                                 Brammer, Sidney (Self)

                                 Brandenburg, Erin (Self)

                                 Brandon, Jonathan (Self)

                                 Brannan jr, Alvin (Self)

                                 Brant, Hallie (Self)

                                 Brasenell, Philip (Self)

                                 Brasenell, Phyllis (Self)

                                 Brass, Chelsea (Self)

                                 Braun, Kristin (Self)

                                 Bray, Timothy (Self)

                                 Breach, Stacey (Self)

                                 Brekke, David (Self)

                                 Brenner, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Brenner, Kevin (Self)

                                 Bretch, Anna (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Bringardner, P (Self; American Nursing association)

                                 Brinker, Amanda (Self)

                                 Briscoe, Natalie (Self)

                                 Briscoe, Sean (Self)

                                 Brochhausen, Pamela (Self)

                                 Brockmann, Damien (Self)

                                 Brook, Joan (Self)

                                 Brooks (Self)

                                 Brosnan, Marcella (Self)

                                 Brown, Andy (Self)

                                 Brown, Chad (Self)

                                 Brown, Garry (Self)

                                 Brown, Jessica (Self)

                                 Brown, Joanna (Self)

                                 Brown, Kahla (Self)

                                 Brown, Leah (Self)

                                 Brown, McKenzie (Self)

                                 Brown, Olivia (Self)

                                 Brown, Ramona (Self)

                                 Brown, Ryker (Self)

                                 Brown, Travis (Self)

                                 Browne, Eric (Self)

                                 Browne, Paul (Self)

                                 Browne, Paul K (Self)

                                 Browning, B K (Self)

                                 Browning, Celia (Self)

                                 Browning, Elyssa (Self)

                                 Browning, Gayle (Self)

                                 Browning, Michelle (Self)

                                 Brubaker, Laura (Self)

                                 Brumbelow, Sara (Self)

                                 Brunell, Colleen (Self)

                                 Brunson, Leigh ann (Self)

                                 Bryan, Melissa (Self)

                                 Bryant (Self)

                                 Bryant, Suzanne (Self)

                                 Bryson, Mikela (Self)

                                 Buchanan, Maggie (Self)

                                 Budroni, Anne (Self; Planned Parenthood)

                                 Buehler, Bob (Self)

                                 Buffum-Robbins, Sloan (Self)

                                 Buie, Jessica (Self)

                                 Bullwinkel, Amanda (Self)

                                 Bumford, Caitlin (Self)

                                 Burch, A. (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Burger, Latarsha (Self)

                                 Burke, Terri (ACLU of Texas)

                                 Burton, Courtney (Self)

                                 Burton, Daniel (Self)

                                 Burton, Grace (Self)

                                 Burton, Lauren (Self)

                                 Busby, Heather (Self; Naral Pro-Choice Texas)

                                 Busby, Tracy (Self)

                                 Buschang, Heidi (Self)

                                 Bush, Suzanne (Self)

                                 Bussey, Megan (Self)

                                 Buster, Ashley (Self)

                                 Buster, Robyn (Self)

                                 Bustos, Jose (Self)

                                 Butcher, Michelle (Self)

                                 Butler, Ann (Self)

                                 Bylenok, K athy (Self)

                                 Bylenok, Natasha (Self)

                                 Byrne, Terra (Self)

                                 Caballero, Kristian (Self)

                                 Cady, Melissa (Self)

                                 Cai, William (Self)

                                 Cain, Jacqueline (Self)

                                 Cain, Tuesday (Self)

                                 Cain clark, Lizzie (Self)

                                 Calabrese, Carolyn (Self)

                                 Calabrese, Gina (Self)

                                 Calabrese, Vincent (Self)

                                 Calaway, Katherine (Self)

                                 Callahan, Jason (Self)

                                 Callahan, Patrick (Self)

                                 Calle, Jacob (Self)

                                 Camacho, Rosie (Self)

                                 Campbell, David (Self)

                                 Campbell, Julia (Self)

                                 Cannaday, Collin (Self)

                                 Cantu, Nicole (Self)

                                 Capraro, Joe (Self)

                                 Carcano, Jose (Self)

                                 Cardenas, Laura (Self)

                                 Cardino, Sherry (Self)

                                 Carlisle, Candace (Self)

                                 Carlson, Frank (Self)

                                 Carlson, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Carlson, Jennifer (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Carlson, Michelle (Self)

                                 Carmel, Marie (Self)

                                 Carnahan, Justin (Self)

                                 Carpenter moore, Alana (Self)

                                 Carr, Kathy (Self)

                                 Carrick, Kayla (Self)

                                 Carruth, Kathryn (Self)

                                 Carte, Lindsey (Self)

                                 Carter, Anne (Self)

                                 Carter, Benjamin (Self)

                                 Carter, Travis (Self)

                                 Carvell, Helen (Self)

                                 Case, Marie (Self)

                                 Casey, Sydney (Self)

                                 Casnovsky, Joy (Self)

                                 Casnovsky, Linda (Self)

                                 Cass, Ashley (Self)

                                 Casswell, Wesley (Self)

                                 Castillo, Adam (Self)

                                 Castillo, Carla (Self)

                                 Castillo, Donna (Self)

                                 Castillo, Evan (Self)

                                 Castillo, Fernandina (Self)

                                 Castillo, Isabel (Self)

                                 Castillo, L (Self)

                                 Castledine, Dawnielle (Self)

                                 Cater, Alania (Self)

                                 Catrett, Marie (Self)

                                 Cavage, Christopher (Self)

                                 Cavanagh, Shannan (Self)

                                 Cavender, Amy (Self)

                                 Cervella, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Cevallos, Priscila (Self)

                                 Chambers, Carol (Self)

                                 Chambers, Shane (Self)

                                 Chan, Jesse (Self)

                                 Chan, Tracie (Self)

                                 Chantharayukhonthorn, Marisa (Self)

                                 Chapaty, Cathy (Self)

                                 Chaperon, Julio (Self)

                                 Chapman, Jon (Self)

                                 Charles, Mirikle (Self)

                                 Charlock, Anna (Self)

                                 Chatterton, Ellen (Self)

                                 Chausovsky, Kelly (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Chavez, Daniel (Self)

                                 Chavez, Flora (Self)

                                 Chavez, Rodrigo (Self)

                                 Cheatham, Sarah (Self)

                                 Chen, Frances (Self)

                                 Chen, Josette (Self)

                                 Cheng, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Chiarello, Katherine (Self)

                                 Child, Janine (Self)

                                 Chiles, Katie (Self)

                                 Chimene, Grace (Self; Texas League of Woman Voters)

                                 Chinn, Nicole (Self)

                                 Chladil, Marilyn (Self)

                                 Cho, Callie (Self)

                                 Cho, Laura (Self)

                                 Chow, Melinda (Self)

                                 Christian, Gerald (Self)

                                 Christopher, Helene (Self)

                                 Chun, Christine (Self)

                                 Cid, Christina (Self)

                                 Cid, Vidal (Self)

                                 Citrin gardn, Andrea (Self)

                                 Clapp, Laura (Self)

                                 Clarey, Kristi (Self)

                                 Clark, Alexander (Self; Texas Young Democrats)

                                 Clark, Edie (Self)

                                 Clark, Greg (Self)

                                 Clark, Isabel (Self)

                                 Clark, Sarah (Self)

                                 Clark, Will (Self)

                                 Clay, Tiffany (Self)

                                 Clayton, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Clegg, Maris (Self)

                                 Clemmer, Laura (Self)

                                 Clendaniel, Colette (Self)

                                 Coats, Debo (Self)

                                 Cochran, Jessica (Self)

                                 Cody, Julia (Self)

                                 Coffin, Laurie (Self)

                                 Cogan, Kevin (Self)

                                 Coghill, Tiffany (Self)

                                 Cohen, Daniel (Self)

                                 Collins, Brad (Self)

                                 Collins, Callie (Self)

                                 Collins Leon, Elizabeth (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Collins Leon, Jonathan (Self)

                                 Colonna, Joseph (Self)

                                 Concialdi (Self)

                                 Conn, Jessica (Self)

                                 Connell, Anslee (Self)

                                 Connell, Oren (Self)

                                 Conner, Irmgard (Self)

                                 Constante, Rita (Self)

                                 Contillo, Chelsey (Self)

                                 Conwell, Mike (Self)

                                 Conwell Mulkay, Dawn (Self)

                                 Cook, Dane (Self)

                                 Cook, Taylor (Self)

                                 Cool, Bailey (Self)

                                 Cooper (Self)

                                 Cooper, Charlyne (Self)

                                 Cooper, Debbie (Self)

                                 Cooper, Ronald (Self)

                                 Cooper, Stacy (Self)

                                 Cooper, Theresa (Self)

                                 Cooper-Shebesta, Maya (Self)

                                 Cordes, Garrett (Self)

                                 Cornyn, Gabriel (Self)

                                 Corral, Cynthia (Self)

                                 Corsello, Dominic (Self)

                                 Cortez (Self)

                                 Cortez, Norma (Self)

                                 Cortlund, Jason (Self)

                                 Corwin, Ben (Self)

                                 Cotham, Susan (Self)

                                 Cotter, Erin (Self)

                                 Cottrill, Leslie (Self)

                                 Covey, Julie (Self)

                                 Cowhig, Katie (Self)

                                 Cowles, James (Self)

                                 Cowles, Katelena (Self)

                                 Cowley, Chelsea (Self)

                                 Cox, Molly (Self)

                                 Coyner-such, Caroline (Self)

                                 Cozart, Lauren (Self)

                                 Cozzolino, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Craft, Chaleigh (Self)

                                 Cranor-Snider, Amber (Self)

                                 Crawford, Russell (Self;

                                 Cremona, Carolyn (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Crittenden, Scarlett (Self)

                                 Crock, Stefanie (Self)

                                 Crocker, Emily (Self)

                                 Crockett, Travis (Self)

                                 Croley, Genieva (Self)

                                 Crook, Vanessa (Self)

                                 Crooks, Courtney (Self)

                                 Crooks, Shelby (Self)

                                 Crosby, Hillary-Anne (Self; Vagina :: The Zine)

                                 Crosby, Louisa (Self)

                                 Crossley, Laura (Self)

                                 Croteau, Laura (Self; Austin Rock City Realty)

                                 Crowder, Lisa (Self)

                                 Crummer, Cayce (Self)

                                 Csillagi, Katherine (Self)

                                 Cuesta, Odaymara (Self)

                                 Cullather, Katie (Self)

                                 Cullinan, Barrie (Self)

                                 Cullinane, Mary (Self)

                                 Cunningham, Casey (Self)

                                 Cunningham, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Cunningham, Pepper (Self)

                                 Currens, Cathryn (Self)

                                 Currens, Kelsey (Self)

                                 Currens, Leslie (Self)

                                 Currens, Nicole (Self)

                                 Curry, Rosayn (Self)

                                 Curtis, Morgan (Self)

                                 Curtiss, Jennifer (Self)

                                 D., Diana (Self)

                                 Dabbs, David (Self)

                                 Dahlenburg, Michelle (Self)

                                 Dahlquist, Abby (Self)

                                 Dale, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Daly, Patrick (Self)

                                 Daniel, Judie (Self)

                                 Darby, Julie (Self)

                                 Dargenio, Cassandra (Self)

                                 Darling, Jason (Self)

                                 Darling, William (Self)

                                 Dasha, Chelsea (Self)

                                 Davies, Adam (Self)

                                 Davila, Laura (Self; Feminist Austin Networking Group)

                                 Davis, Angela (Self)

                                 Davis, Christina (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Davis, Dick (Self)

                                 Davis, Heather (Self)

                                 Davis, Jaden (Self)

                                 Davis, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Davis, Joseph (Self; Black Men with Opinion)

                                 Davis, Justin (Self)

                                 Davis, Laura (Self)

                                 Davis, Lauren (Self)

                                 Davis, Morgan (Self)

                                 Davis, Robert (Self)

                                 Davis, Saebra (Self)

                                 Davis, Samantha (Self)

                                 Dawson, Sarah (Self)

                                 De La Rosa, Erika (Self)

                                 Dean, Mary (Self)

                                 Dear, Susan (Self)

                                 Dearing, Nora (Self; Matagorda County Democratic Party)

                                 DeFrance, Mark (Self)

                                 Dekay, Keara (Self)

                                 Dela cruz, Lisa (Self)

                                 DeLeon, Paige (Self)

                                 Delk, Joanne (Self)

                                 Delloro, Carter (Self)

                                 Dempsey, Noelle (Self)

                                 Denkler, Ann (Self)

                                 Denman, Ana (Self)

                                 Denman, Glenda (Self)

                                 Denman, Lindsay (Self)

                                 Denney, Alicia (Self)

                                 Denning, Kim (Self)

                                 DePalatis, Chris (Self)

                                 Deshotel, Joe (Self)

                                 Deshotel, W. Joe (Self)

                                 Devereux, Michelle (Self)

                                 Devin, Whitney (Self)

                                 Devine, Mary (Self)

                                 Devivo, Amelia (Self)

                                 Devries, Jared (Self)

                                 Dewey, Lesley (Self)

                                 DeWitt, Kristin . (Self)

                                 Di Fede, Damien (Self)

                                 Diaz, Maria (Self)

                                 DiBona, Daniel (Self)

                                 DiDonato, Christopher (Self)

                                 Diefenderfer, Elaine (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Dietze, Amy (Self)

                                 Dillon, Kris (Self)

                                 Dimaggio, Sarah (Self)

                                 Diorio, Betta (Self)

                                 Diven, Heidi (Self)

                                 Divine, Deda (Self)

                                 Dixon, Aly (Self)

                                 Dobson, Jessica (Self)

                                 Doetsch, Angela (Self)

                                 Dominguez, Daniella (Self)

                                 Dominguez, Marco (Self)

                                 Dominguez, Missy (Self)

                                 Dominguez, Tammi (Self)

                                 Donmoyer, Adam (Self)

                                 Donmoyer, Krisdee (Self)

                                 Donnan, Rachel (Self)

                                 Donovan, Amy (Self)

                                 Donovan, Laurie (Self)

                                 Dorchak, Greg (Self)

                                 Dority, Parker (Self)

                                 Dorsey, Ellen (Self)

                                 Dorton, Angie Hoover (Self)

                                 Downey, Margaret (Self)

                                 Downey, Sandy (Self)

                                 Downs, Ann (Self)

                                 Doyel, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Drake, Brittany (Self)

                                 Driver, Vickie (Self)

                                 Droll, Eleanor (Self)

                                 Drummond, Marie (Self)

                                 Dudley, Toni (Self)

                                 Duening, Tiffany (Self)

                                 Dunaway, Katherine (Self)

                                 Dunkum, Robert (Self)

                                 Dunn, Carey (Self)

                                 Dunnavant, Amanda (Self)

                                 Duran, Leah (Self)

                                 Durbin, David (Self)

                                 Duro, Lainie (Self)

                                 Dutcher, Katie (Self)

                                 Duzinski, Sarah (Self)

                                 Dwyer, Meghan (Self)

                                 Dzuik, Ann (Self; Stand with texas women)

                                 Earle, Charles (Self)

                                 Eccles, Bethann (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Edwards, Colin (Self)

                                 Edwards, Lynnea (Self)

                                 Egner, Sara (Self)

                                 Ehrlich, Laura (Self)

                                 Eisenberg, Josie (Self)

                                 Elbaor, Jay (Self)

                                 Elder, Roxanne (Self)

                                 Elizalde, Marisela (Self)

                                 Ellerd, Ryan (Self)

                                 Elliott, Erika (Self)

                                 Ellis, Charles (Self)

                                 Ellis, Gwendolyn (Self)

                                 Ellis, Jason (Self)

                                 Ellis, Randall (Self)

                                 Ellis, Sarah (Self)

                                 Elsey, Allison (Self)

                                 Emeneger, Joshua (Self)

                                 Emswiler, Annie (Self)

                                 Enciso Litschi, Alicia (Self)

                                 Enderle, Cassandra (Self)

                                 Endreola, Ronald (Self)

                                 Engberg, Christopher (Self)

                                 Engelman, Lindsey (Self)

                                 Engle, Isabel (Self)

                                 English, Barksdale (Self)

                                 Enright, Ellen (Self)

                                 Erdener, Ayla (Self)

                                 Erler, John (Self)

                                 Escobedo, John (Self)

                                 Espinoza, Adriana (Self)

                                 Espinoza, Victoria (Self)

                                 Essa, Fiona (Self)

                                 Estes, Caroline (Self)

                                 Estrada, Geoff (Self)

                                 Etchen, Russell (Self)

                                 Evans, Amy (Self)

                                 Exah, Amy (Self)

                                 Exe, Raena (Self)

                                 Eyth, Lindsay (Self)

                                 Fabis, Andreas (Self)

                                 Faehl, Kathryn (Self)

                                 Fagan, Dennis (Self)

                                 Fagin, Ellen (Self)

                                 Fajardo, Christina (Self)

                                 Falgoust, Neal (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Fallara, Christina (Self)

                                 Fanarof, Justine (Anti Defamation League)

                                 Farabee, Alison (Self)

                                 Farabee, Mathew (Self)

                                 Farina-Henry, Sam (Self)

                                 Farre, Alicia (Self)

                                 Farrell, Susan (Self)

                                 Farris, Judd (Self)

                                 Fay, Amanda (Self)

                                 Feather, Mark (Self)

                                 Fedyszyn, Martine (Self)

                                 Feigen, David (Self)

                                 Feinberg, Shira (Self)

                                 Feng, Judy (Self)

                                 Fenwick, Laura (Self)

                                 Fernandez, Christina (Self)

                                 Ferrell, Emerald (Self)

                                 Ferrell, Shawn (Self)

                                 Feyh, Kathleen (Self)

                                 Fields, Dara (Self)

                                 Fierro, Patrick (Self)

                                 Fife, Kathryn (Self)

                                 Fifles, Corey (Self)

                                 Finkel, Jaclyn (Self)

                                 Finneran, Molly (Self)

                                 Fisher, Ashley (Self)

                                 Fleming, Mary (Self)

                                 Fleming, Samantha (Self)

                                 Flesher, Trey (Self)

                                 Fletcher, Flynn (Self)

                                 Flores, Nancy (Self)

                                 Flores, Nicole (Self)

                                 Flores, Xelina (Self)

                                 Flynn, Erin (Self)

                                 Foley, Marjorie (Self)

                                 Fones, Alexander (Self)

                                 Foote, Carolyn (Self)

                                 Forbes, Alexander (Self)

                                 Forbes, Sarah (Self)

                                 Ford, Hannah (Self)

                                 Ford, Leanna (Self)

                                 Ford, Monica (Self)

                                 Foreman, Sherry (Self)

                                 Formichelli, Barbara (Self)

                                 Forsander, Lane (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Foster, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Foster, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Fowler, Tammy (Self)

                                 Francis, Charity (Self)

                                 Frandsen, Chris (Self)

                                 Franks, Barbara (Self)

                                 Franks, Larry (Self)

                                 Franks, Melanie (Self)

                                 Frederick, Heather (Self)

                                 Freeman, Andrea (Self)

                                 Freiband, Mindy (Self)

                                 Freilich, Ira (Self)

                                 French, Beau (Self)

                                 Friedenthal, Andrew (Self)

                                 Fryman, Kelsey (Self)

                                 Fuentes, G. (Self)

                                 Fuentes, Vanessa (Self)

                                 Fugate, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Fuller, Diana (Self)

                                 Fullwood, Leila (Self)

                                 G, B (Self)

                                 Galindo, Rita (Self)

                                 Gallardo, Laurie (Self)

                                 Gallogly, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Gandin Le, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Garaffa, Travis (Self)

                                 Garate, Claudia (Self)

                                 Garay, Ricardo (Self)

                                 Garcia, Elma (Self)

                                 Garcia, Feliks (Self)

                                 Garcia, Jessica (Self)

                                 Garcia, Mary helen (Self)

                                 Garcia, Monica (Self; Anti-Defamation League)

                                 Garcia, Steven (Self)

                                 Garcia, Theresa (Self)

                                 Garcia-Mapes, Berta Maritza (Self; Texas Democratic Party)

                                 Gardner, Jessica (Self)

                                 Gardner, Tracie (Self)

                                 Garlington, Kristen (Self)

                                 Garner, Courtney (Self)

                                 Garner, Joel (Self)

                                 Garner, Sharon (Self)

                                 Gary, Jenn (Self)

                                 Gary, Leisa (Self)

                                 Garza, Elsa (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Gassiot, Emily B (Self)

                                 Gaunt, Sarah (Self)

                                 Gehman, Lauren (Self)

                                 Geiger, Carol (Self)

                                 Genet, David (Self)

                                 Genet, Emma (Self)

                                 Genet, Kathryn (Self)

                                 Gengenback, Jacob (Self)

                                 Gengo, Anthony (Self)

                                 Gentile, Andi (Self)

                                 Gerard, Jay (Self)

                                 Gerbracht, Heidi (Self)

                                 Getzoff, Adrian (Self)

                                 Ghoreyshi, Azin (Self)

                                 Giang, Tu (Self)

                                 Gibbs, Ellen (Self)

                                 Gibbs, Timothy (Self)

                                 Gibson, Laura (Self)

                                 Gibson, Marjory (Self)

                                 Gidseg, Susie (Self)

                                 Gilbert, Amelia (Self)

                                 Gilbert, Brian (Self)

                                 Gilbert, Rachel (Self)

                                 Gilbert, Soren (Self)

                                 Gill, Allan (Self)

                                 Gill, Kelli (Self)

                                 Gill, Mindi (Self)

                                 Giller, Megan (Self)

                                 Gillis, Julie (Self)

                                 Gilmore, Sarah (Self)

                                 Gist, Abra (Self)

                                 Gitman, Ryan (Self)

                                 Givens, Samantha (Self)

                                 Gladish, Evangeline (Self)

                                 Gladish, Mikah (Self)

                                 Glasgow, Nina (Self)

                                 Glass, Brittany (Self)

                                 Glasscock, Jennie (Self)

                                 Goff, Adrienne (Self)

                                 Goldsmith, Adam (Self)

                                 Goldstein, Sara (Self)

                                 Gomez, Claudia (Self)

                                 Gomez, Isaac (Self)

                                 Gomez, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Gonzales, Manuel (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Gonzales, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Gonzales, Sharon (Self)

                                 Gonzalez, Erik (Self)

                                 Gonzalez, Kelly (Self)

                                 Gonzalez, Suzy (Self; San Antonio International Women's Day Committee)

                                 Gooch, Brad (Self)

                                 Goodfriend, Sarah (Self)

                                 Goodfriend, Ting (Self)

                                 Goodwin, Dorothy (Self)

                                 Goss, Angela (Self)

                                 Grace, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Grace, Jessica (Self)

                                 Grady, Brent (Self)

                                 Graham, Jack (Self)

                                 Graham, Mary (Self)

                                 Graham, Susan (Self)

                                 Granados, Genesis (Self)

                                 Graves, Olga (Self)

                                 Graves, Roslynn (Self)

                                 Gray, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Gray, Jefferson (Self)

                                 Gray, Thora (Self)

                                 Graybill, Susan (Self)

                                 Greason, Jane (Self)

                                 Greene, Christina (Self)

                                 Greenstein, Drew (Self)

                                 Greenwalt, Dena (Self)

                                 Greer, Andrea (Self)

                                 Gregory, Terri (Self)

                                 Gretschel, Kellie (Self)

                                 Griffin, Nicole (Self)

                                 Griffith, Justine (Self)

                                 Griffith, Sarah (Self)

                                 Griffiths, Rodger (Self)

                                 Grimes, Andrew (Self)

                                 Groen, Lura (Self)

                                 Gross, Allyson (Self)

                                 Gross, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Grossman, Cynthia (Self)

                                 Grzinich, Steven (Self)

                                 Guerrero, Joseph (Self)

                                 Guillen, Melinda (Self)

                                 Guillory, Chia (Self)

                                 Gunn, Christiana (Self)

                                 Gupta-brietzke, Shailey (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Gutierrez, Hilda (Self)

                                 Gutierrez, Jene (Self)

                                 Gutierrez, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Haas, Allison (Self)

                                 Haas, Merrill (Self)

                                 Hadden, Karen (Self)

                                 Hadley, Ashley (Self)

                                 Haenschen, Katherine (Self)

                                 Haertner, Matthew (Self)

                                 Hagstrom miller, Amy (Self; Whole womans health)

                                 Hale (Self)

                                 Hall, Ash (Self)

                                 Hall, Erin (Self)

                                 Hall, Gina (Self)

                                 Halperin, Julia (Self)

                                 Haltom, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Hammitt, Laura (Self)

                                 Hammond, Jacqueline (Self)

                                 Hammons, Laura (Self; Daughters of Vietnam Veterans)

                                 Hampton, Heather (Self)

                                 Hamre, Darcy (Self)

                                 Hand, Keira (Self)

                                 Hankamer, Kelly (Self)

                                 Hanlon, Amy (Self)

                                 Hanlon, Ellie (Self)

                                 Hannan, Erin (Self)

                                 Hanson, Alison (Self)

                                 Hanvey, Phyllis (Self)

                                 Haradon, Arianna (Self)

                                 Harder, Katherine (Self)

                                 Harding (Self)

                                 Hardy (Self)

                                 Harelik, Debb (Self)

                                 Harelik, Leibel B (Self)

                                 Hargis, Carol (Self)

                                 Hargis, Glen (Self)

                                 Hargis, Margaret (Self)

                                 Harif, Tali (Self)

                                 Harkey, Cambria (Self)

                                 Harms, Joyce (Self)

                                 Harper, Phaidra (Self)

                                 Harriman, Randy (Self)

                                 Harriman, Suzie (Self)

                                 Harris, June (Self)

                                 Harrison, Taylor (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Harry, Alice (Self)

                                 Harry, Mo (Self)

                                 Hart, Curtis (Self)

                                 Hart, Cynthia (Self)

                                 Hartline, Lisa (Self)

                                 Hartman, Amy (Self)

                                 Hartman, London (Self)

                                 Hartwell, Thomas (Self)

                                 Harvey, Janet (Self)

                                 Haschke, Adrienne (Self)

                                 Hatoum, Daniel (Self)

                                 Haug, Erin (Self)

                                 Hautala, Tyler (Self)

                                 Havey, Keturah (Self)

                                 Hawkins, John (Self)

                                 Hawkins, Tekla (Self)

                                 Hawley, Joanne (Secular texas)

                                 Hay, Donna (Self)

                                 Hayes, Amy (Self)

                                 Hayes, Tracey (Self)

                                 Hays, Amanda (Self)

                                 Hays, Susan (Self)

                                 Hearn, Clay (Self)

                                 Heck, Leah (Self)

                                 Heffner, Katharine (Self)

                                 Heinen, Anne (Self)

                                 Heinzelman, Sarah (Self)

                                 Hembree, Donna robyn (Self)

                                 Hemphill, Suzanne (Self; Lilith fund)

                                 Henderson, Lee (Self; Aclu of texas)

                                 Henderson, Lee (Self; ACLU of Texas)

                                 Henderson, Zac (Self)

                                 Hendricks, Kimberly (Self)

                                 Hennelly, Helene (Self)

                                 Henry, Chaprece (Self)

                                 Herbly, Hala (Self)

                                 Hernandez, Bethany (Self)

                                 Hernandez, Hector (Self)

                                 Hernandez, Mary jo (Self)

                                 Hernandez, Sadie (Self)

                                 Herndon, Sarah (Self)

                                 Heroy, David (Self)

                                 Herrera, Sandy (Self)

                                 Hesselbrock, Robert David (Self)

                                 Hester, Tina (Self; Jane's Due Process)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Hiam, Shelley (Self)

                                 Higginbotham, Laurie (Self)

                                 Hikida, Michiko (Self)

                                 Hiland, Tonya (Self)

                                 Hill, David (Self)

                                 Hill, Tessa (Self)

                                 Hillin, Misty (Self)

                                 Hinds, Kari (Self)

                                 Hines, Barbara (Self)

                                 Hinman, Brendan (Self)

                                 Hinojosa, Rebekah (Self)

                                 Hinojoss, Abby (Self)

                                 Hiran, Anna (Self)

                                 Hisaw, Eric (Self)

                                 Hitchingham, Kelsey (Self)

                                 Hobbs, Colleen (Self)

                                 Hodge, Alexia (Self)

                                 Hoffman, Donna (Self)

                                 Hogan, Autumn (Self)

                                 Hogue, Ilyse (Self; NARAL Pro-Choice America)

                                 Holaday, Roseanne (Self)

                                 Hollier, Lisa (Texas District of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists)

                                 Hollyman, Anna Margaret (Self)

                                 Hollyman, Mary (Self)

                                 Hollyman, Mignette (Self)

                                 Holt, Rachael (Self)

                                 Holzband, Jodi (Self)

                                 Hom-nici (Self)

                                 Homer, Caroline (Self)

                                 Horan, Melinda (Self; Planned parenthood)

                                 Horstmann, Jonathan (Self)

                                 Hostetter, Chelsea (Self)

                                 Houchins, Natalie (Self)

                                 Houston, Sol (Self)

                                 Howard, Amy (Self)

                                 Howard, Blake (Self)

                                 Howard, Claire (Self)

                                 Howard, Devon (Self)

                                 Howard, Morgan (Self)

                                 Hozhabri, Elnaz (Self)

                                 Hubbard, Alexandra (Self)

                                 Hudgens, Sarah (Self)

                                 Hudson, Rachel (Self)

                                 Huff, Harold (Self; Austin County Democratic Party)

                                 Huff, Michelle (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Hughes, Andrea (Self)

                                 Hughes, Jacqueline (Self)

                                 Huizar, Mary (Self)

                                 Hummel, Kristen (Self)

                                 Humphrey, Chris (Self)

                                 Humphrey, Christy (Self)

                                 Humphrey, Kellen (Self)

                                 Hungerford, Julia (Self)

                                 Hunt, Lynell (Self)

                                 Hunt, Tessa (Self)

                                 Hurlbut, Samantha (Self)

                                 Hurst, Ashley (Self)

                                 Hurst, Norma (Self)

                                 Hurt, Christina (Self)

                                 Hutchinson, Jessica (Self)

                                 Hutchinson, Malkia (Self)

                                 Hutchison, Brigette (Self)

                                 Hutton, Erica (Self)

                                 Hyman, Aaron (Self)

                                 Ingram, Megan (Self)

                                 Inman, James (Self)

                                 Irizarry, Ana (Self)

                                 Israel, Celia (Self)

                                 Iverson, John (Self)

                                 Jabri, Barbie (Self)

                                 Jabri, Kathy (Self)

                                 Jabri, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Jackson, Bob (Self)

                                 Jackson, Brian (Self)

                                 Jackson, Lauren Camille (Self)

                                 Jackson, Rachel (Self)

                                 Jacobson, Sarah (Self)

                                 Jacobus, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Jambon, Karen (Self)

                                 Jameson, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Jarl McCombs, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Jarvis, Mary (Self)

                                 Jasnowski, Lucas (Self)

                                 Jennings, Katlyn (Self)

                                 Jerdan, Andrew (Self)

                                 Jewett, Robbie (Self)

                                 Jimenez, Jessica (Self)

                                 Jimenez, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Jinx, Rally (Self)

                                 Johns, Pamela (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Johnson, Amber (Self)

                                 Johnson, Amy (Self)

                                 Johnson, Beth (Self)

                                 Johnson, Cassandra (Self)

                                 Johnson, Emily (Self)

                                 Johnson, Hilah (Self)

                                 Johnson, Julie (Self)

                                 Johnson, Julie (Self)

                                 Johnson, Ken (Self)

                                 Johnson, Kristi (Self)

                                 Johnson, Linda (Self)

                                 Johnson, Natalie (Self)

                                 Johnson, Tina (Self)

                                 Johnson-pounds, Emily (Self)

                                 Johnston, Lia (Self)

                                 Jones, Alissa (Self)

                                 Jones, Bobby (Self)

                                 Jones, Carol (Self)

                                 Jones, Christina (Self)

                                 Jones, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Jones, Greg (Self)

                                 Jones, Janet (Self)

                                 Jones, Megan (Self)

                                 Jones, Patrick (Self)

                                 Jones, Sarah (Self)

                                 Jones, Warren (Self)

                                 Joos, Patricia (Self)

                                 Justus, Jamie (Self)

                                 Kaemmerer, Matthew (Self)

                                 Kagan, Abigail (Self)

                                 Kalai, Deena (Self)

                                 Kalloor, Dave (Self)

                                 Kalthoff, Wendy (Self)

                                 Kamp, Amy (Self)

                                 Kane, Ami (Self)

                                 Kane, Amy (Self)

                                 Kapadia, Anu (Self)

                                 Kaplan, Austin (Self; Liberal austin democrats)

                                 Kara, Rachael (Self)

                                 Kashyap, Neha (Self)

                                 Kassem, Kirsten (Self)

                                 Kasturi, Janani (Self)

                                 Kaye, Emily (Self)

                                 Kaylor, Angela (Self)

                                 Keeler, Louisa (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Keenan, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Keil-gray, Lynelle (Self)

                                 Keith, Alan (Self)

                                 Keith, Megan (Self)

                                 Kelly, Erin (Self)

                                 Kendall, Linda (Self)

                                 Kendrick, Margaret (Self)

                                 Kendrick, Sara (Self)

                                 Kennedy, Angela (Self)

                                 Kennedy-Yoon, Michael (Self)

                                 Kent, Genevieve (Self)

                                 Kerlee, Johnfar (Self)

                                 Kerr-Fitzgerald, Kyra (Self)

                                 Kersch, Maryellen (Self)

                                 Kettyle, Lisa (Self)

                                 Keyes, Scott (Self)

                                 Khalili, Laila (Self)

                                 Khalsa, Amrit (Self)

                                 Khorasani, Ali (Self)

                                 Kidman, Negar (Self)

                                 Kiel, Brian (Self)

                                 Kiel, Christopher (Self)

                                 Kieschnick, Jill (Self)

                                 Kilgore, Deanna (Self; Feminist Austin Networking Group)

                                 Kilts, Alison (Self)

                                 Kimmelman, Tammy (Self)

                                 King, Celeste (Self)

                                 King, Lauren (Self)

                                 King, Ryan (Self)

                                 Kini, Margaret (Self)

                                 Kinsey, John (Self)

                                 Kinsolving, Lindsay (Self)

                                 Kirk, Kasey (Self)

                                 Kirschman, Jane (Self)

                                 Kitchen, Ann (Self)

                                 Kitchen, Ann (Self)

                                 Klier, Jessica (Self)

                                 Klinger, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Kloh, Rosemary (Self)

                                 Klopp, Tonya (Self)

                                 Klose, Joanna (Self)

                                 Knapton, Lindsey (Self)

                                 Knipp, Erin (Self)

                                 Knipp, Vicki (Self)

                                 Ko, Ramey (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Kocher, Karen (Self)

                                 Kohutek, Sandy (Self)

                                 Konig, Irene (Self)

                                 Koonce, Katy (Self)

                                 Koppelman, Margaret (Self)

                                 Koronkevich, Polina (Self)

                                 Kovach, Kristine (Self)

                                 Koym, Ken (Self)

                                 Kraemer, John (Self)

                                 Kramer, Diane (Self)

                                 Kraus, Alexis (Self)

                                 Kraus-darden, Johanna (Self; Austin young democrats)

                                 Krenzelok, Daniel (Self)

                                 Kretschmar, Marianna (Self)

                                 Krocker, Michael (Self)

                                 Krueger, Kate (Self)

                                 Kryska, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Kubala, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Kujawski, Adam (Self)

                                 Kurtz, Dona (Self)

                                 La Montagne, Gregg (Self)

                                 Lacagnina, Anthony (Self)

                                 Lacey, Robyn (Self)

                                 Lahey (Self)

                                 Lake, Natalie (Self)

                                 Lally, Jill (Self)

                                 Lamb, Peggy (Self)

                                 LaMont, Debbie (Self)

                                 LaMont, Elle (Self)

                                 Lamoreaux, Mary (Self)

                                 Lamphere, Mary (Self)

                                 Land, Melinda (Self)

                                 Landry, Lisa (Self)

                                 Lane, Allie (Self)

                                 Lane, Robin (Self)

                                 Langroodi, Elhaum (Self)

                                 Lara, Eric (Self; COLLABnART)

                                 Larsen, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Larson, Morgan (Self)

                                 Larson, Sheri (Self)

                                 Lassiter, Glenda (Self)

                                 Lavelle, Tanya (Self)

                                 Lavine, Abby (Self)

                                 Lawson, Leslie (Self)

                                 Leal, Leticia (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Leavitt, Catherine (Self)

                                 LeBlanc, Lisa (Self)

                                 Ledesma, Christopher (Self)

                                 Ledezma, Braettie (Self)

                                 Lee, Barb (Self)

                                 Lee, Katibeth (Self)

                                 Lee, Kristen (Self)

                                 Lee, Satiko (Self)

                                 Lee, Sue (Self)

                                 Lee, Vanessa (Self)

                                 Legarda, Nubia (Self)

                                 Leicht, Stina (Self)

                                 Lemoins, Katrina (Self)

                                 Leo, Januari (Self; Legacy Community Health Services)

                                 Lerner, Ilyse (Self)

                                 Lerner, Mason (Self)

                                 Leshikar, Jamie (Self)

                                 Lever, Ezel (Self)

                                 Levy, Leslie (Self)

                                 Levy, Mark (Self)

                                 Levy, Tara (Self)

                                 Lewin, Kathryn (Self)

                                 Lewis, Amy (Self)

                                 Lewis, Anne (Self)

                                 Lewis, Courtney (Self)

                                 Lewis, Jamie (Self)

                                 Lewis, Jeremiah (Self)

                                 Lewis, John (Self)

                                 Lewis, Keith (Self)

                                 Lewis, Kevin (Self)

                                 Lewis, Mark (Self)

                                 Lewis, Mary (Self)

                                 Lewis, Sarah (Self)

                                 Lewis-Zavala, Arielle (Self)

                                 Liao, Ken (Self)

                                 Libal, Bob (Self)

                                 Librik, Mike (Self)

                                 Lichtenheld, Zoey (Self)

                                 Lien, Dan (Self)

                                 Lies, Erica (Self)

                                 Limon-Mercado, Dyana (Self)

                                 Linders, Anne (Self)

                                 Lindsley, Lana (Self)

                                 Lingren, Allison (Self)

                                 Link, Julia (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Lipari, Danielle (Self)

                                 Lipkin, Allyson (Self)

                                 Lippe, Susan (Self)

                                 Lippincott, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Lipscomb, Melissa (Self)

                                 Little, Karen (Self)

                                 Litton, Andra (Self)

                                 Livingstone, Jennie (Self)

                                 Livingstone, William (Self)

                                 Llamas, Giovannia (Self)

                                 Llanes Pulido, Carmen (Self)

                                 Locey, Casey (Self)

                                 Lodoza, Amanda (Self)

                                 Loewenberg, David (Self)

                                 Lofton, Dean (Self)

                                 Logan, Michael (Self)

                                 Loggins, Ellie (Self)

                                 Lombardi, Michelle (Self)

                                 London, C. (Self)

                                 Long, Amelia (Self; Lilith Fund)

                                 Longo, Beata (Self)

                                 Lopez, Amelia (Self)

                                 Lopez, Patrick (Self)

                                 Lord, Patrick (Self)

                                 Lorenz, Sheridan (Self)

                                 Loria, Taylor (Self)

                                 Love, Adrienne (Self)

                                 Love, Julie (Self)

                                 Lowe, Joyce (Self)

                                 Lowery, Christina (Self)

                                 Loya, Alyssa (Self)

                                 Luciani, Curtis (Self)

                                 Lulic, Nada (Self)

                                 Luna, Erika (Self)

                                 Lundquist, Barbara (Self)

                                 Luthy, Laura (Self)

                                 Lydon, Cassandra (Self)

                                 Lynch, Nancy Andrea (Self)

                                 Lynch, Trisha mychoice (Self)

                                 Lyon, Andrew (Self)

                                 Lyons, Kanya (Self)

                                 Lyve, A'Ja (Self; Pro-Choice Houston)

                                 M, Erin (Self)

                                 Maas, Terrence (Self)

                                 Mabus, Jesse (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Mace, Jim (Self)

                                 Macias, Amber (Self)

                                 Mackay, Ashley (Self)

                                 Maclay, Helen (Self)

                                 Madden, Jaime (Self)

                                 Madden, Rick (Self)

                                 Madha, Schandra (Self)

                                 Madha, Schandra (Self)

                                 Maglieri, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Magnotto, Melanie (Self)

                                 Mahendra, Niti (Self)

                                 Mahler, Thomas (Self)

                                 Mahoney, Elle (Self)

                                 Mahool, Samantha (Self)

                                 Malin, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Malone, Bridget (Self)

                                 Malone, Laura (Self)

                                 Manewal, Molly (Self)

                                 Mann, Sandi (Self)

                                 Manry, Jared (Self)

                                 Mantzel, Amanda N (Self)

                                 Mapes, Steve (Self; National Democratic Party)

                                 Marcum, Travis (Self)

                                 Marecek, Jordan (Self)

                                 Mares, Jesus (Self)

                                 Margolis, Jake (Self)

                                 Margolis, Shannon (Self)

                                 Markman, Betsy (Self)

                                 Markman, Lucas (Self)

                                 Marquez, Erin (Self)

                                 Marr, Caitlin (Self)

                                 Marshall, Cari (Self)

                                 Martin, Dhawn (Self)

                                 Martin, Edward Phillip (Self)

                                 Martin, Emily (Self)

                                 Martin, Mary Kathryn (Self)

                                 Martindale, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Martinez, Eric (Self)

                                 Martinez, GusTavo (Self)

                                 Martinez, Melanie (Self)

                                 Mashberg, Amy (Self)

                                 Masino, A (Self)

                                 Mason, Athena (Self; Pro-choice aggies)

                                 Mason, Bianca (Self)

                                 Massie, Courtney (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Masters, Luca (Self)

                                 Masterson, Christopher (Self)

                                 Mata, Angela (Self)

                                 Matherly, Carrie (Self)

                                 Mathieson, Jessie (Self)

                                 Mathis, Cory (Self)

                                 Matous, Janelle (Self)

                                 Maverick, John (Self)

                                 Maxberry-carrara, Annette (Self)

                                 Mayeux, Jennifer (Self; Registered nurse)

                                 Mayfield, Tamara (Self)

                                 Mcadams, Ian (Self)

                                 McBride (Self)

                                 McBryde, Christopher (Self)

                                 McCafferty, Jill (Self)

                                 Mccann, Charlotte (Self)

                                 McCann, Emily (Self)

                                 McCann, Leigh (Self)

                                 McCann, Meghan (Self)

                                 McCartney, Diane (Self)

                                 McCartney, Maggie (Self)

                                 McCulloch, Mark (Self)

                                 Mccuskey, Clover (Self)

                                 Mcdaniel, Marc (Self)

                                 McDonald, Bailey (Self)

                                 McDonald, Erin (Self)

                                 Mcduffie, Kristin (Self)

                                 McEathron, Andrew (Self)

                                 McElyea, Heather (Self)

                                 Mcelyea, Wallace (Self)

                                 McEnerney, Aimee (Self)

                                 Mcfarlane, Jenny (Self)

                                 Mcfarlin, Carmen (Self)

                                 McGhee, Brittany (Self)

                                 McGregor, Jaci (Self)

                                 Mcintosh, Joanne (Self)

                                 McIntosh, Kim (Self)

                                 McIntosh, Mary Carole (Self)

                                 MCINTYRE, D P (Self)

                                 Mckerlie, Katelyn (Self)

                                 Mckiernan gonzalez, John (Self)

                                 McKinney, Dena (Self)

                                 Mckinney, Jeffrey (Self)

                                 McLeland, Susan (Self)

                                 McLeod, Heather (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 McLeroy, Leah (Self)

                                 McMillan, Shannon (Self)

                                 McQueen, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Meacham, Margaret (Self)

                                 Medley, Blake (Self; University Democrats)

                                 Mees, Matthew (Self)

                                 Mehdy, Mona (Self)

                                 Meischen, Emily (Self)

                                 Meissner, Sofia (Self)

                                 Melancon (Self)

                                 Melecki, Sarah (Self)

                                 Melendez, Christina (Self)

                                 Melnick, Lainey (Self)

                                 Melvin, Annie (Self)

                                 Mendiola, Katrina (Self)

                                 Mendoza, Alaina (Self)

                                 Mendoza, Elida (Self)

                                 Mendoza, Erica (Self)

                                 Mendoza, Liana (Self)

                                 Mendoza, Paula (Self)

                                 Merfish, Brett (Self)

                                 Merrell, Patrick (Self)

                                 Merrell, Sara (Self)

                                 Merritt, Lacey (Self)

                                 Merritt, Laura (Self)

                                 Messer, Katherine (Self)

                                 Mevs-korff, Natasha (Self)

                                 Meyer, Erin (Self)

                                 Meyer, Ryan (Self)

                                 Michael, David (Self)

                                 Michael, Robin (Self)

                                 Michalski, Amanda (Self)

                                 Michon, Nancy (Self)

                                 Micklethwait, Christopher (Self)

                                 Midboe, Carol (Self)

                                 Midha, Kristen (Self)

                                 Miles, Virginia (Self)

                                 Miller, Cyral (Self)

                                 Miller, Donna (Self)

                                 Miller, John (Self)

                                 Miller, Katarina (Self)

                                 Miller, Katherine (Self)

                                 Miller, Robert (Self)

                                 Miller, Rosalie (Self)

                                 Millette, Michelle (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Millette, Michelle (Self)

                                 Millward (Self)

                                 Minter, Lauren (Self)

                                 Mirasol, Anisty (Self)

                                 Mireles, Leticia (Self)

                                 Mirzatuny, Marita (Self)

                                 Mishler, Adriene (Self)

                                 Mitchell, Kaye (Self)

                                 Mitchell, Shelley (Self)

                                 Mitchell, Teri (Self)

                                 Mitchussom, Shelby (Self)

                                 Mobley, Zeki (Self)

                                 Mokashi, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Molina, Marcos (Self)

                                 Montellano, Linda (Self)

                                 Montero, Luis (Self)

                                 Moore (Self)

                                 Moore, Antoinette (Self)

                                 Moore, Ashley (Self)

                                 Moore, Carolee (Self)

                                 Moore, Christian (Self)

                                 Moore, Megan (Self)

                                 Moore, Shenay (Self)

                                 Moore, Whitney (Self)

                                 Moores, Melissa (Self)

                                 Moorhead, Oona (Self)

                                 Moorhead, Owen (Self)

                                 Morales, Jessica (Self)

                                 Morales-Johnson (Self)

                                 Morgan, Lauren (Self)

                                 Morgan, Marisol (Self)

                                 Morgan-Cole, Sherrie (Self)

                                 Moriarty, Kirsten (Self)

                                 Morin, Zach (Self)

                                 Morris, Michele (Self)

                                 Morton, Peggy (Self; First Unitarian Universalist of Austin Social Action Committee)

                                 Mott, Michelle (Self)

                                 Mott, Michelle (Self)

                                 Mouser, Shannon (Self)

                                 Mowery, Dan (Self)

                                 Moyer, Annaliese (Self)

                                 Mt.Joy, Kristen (Self)

                                 Muller, Sandra (Self)

                                 Mullis (Self)

                                 Munoz, Alyssia (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Murchison, Estelle (Self)

                                 Murphy, Sarah (Self)

                                 Murray, Katherine (Self)

                                 Murray, Lesley (Self)

                                 Muturi, Desty (Self)

                                 Myer, Melissa (Self)

                                 Myers, Joy beth (Self)

                                 Myhre, Celeste (Self)

                                 Myhre, Inger (Self)

                                 Nabbe, Robert (Self)

                                 Nall, Christine (Self)

                                 Nance (Self)

                                 Naranjo, Lisa (Self)

                                 Naranjo, Mary (Self)

                                 Nation, Beverly (Self)

                                 Naul, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Naul, Tammy (Self)

                                 Neal, John (Self)

                                 Nelson, Andrea (Self)

                                 Nelson, Helen (Self)

                                 Nelson, James (Self)

                                 Nelson, Louise (Self)

                                 Nelson, Lydia (Self)

                                 Nelson, Matthew (Self)

                                 Nelson, Mollie (Self)

                                 Netherton, Lucy (Self)

                                 Neubauer, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Neuberger, Joan (Self)

                                 Nevala, David (Self)

                                 Newhouse, Jack (Self)

                                 Newhouse, Jody (Self)

                                 Newhouse, Morgan (Self)

                                 Newman, Jason (Self)

                                 Newman, Karen (Self)

                                 Newton, Jeremiah (Self)

                                 Nguyen, David (Self)

                                 Nguyen, Tu-uyen (Self)

                                 Nichols, Kate (Self)

                                 Nichols, Sharon (Self)

                                 Nicholson, Melissa (Self; Naral pro-choice texas)

                                 Nierman, Melissa (Self)

                                 Nies, Valerie (Self)

                                 Nieto, Donald (Self)

                                 Niland, Thomas (Self)

                                 Nirenberg, Heather (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Niswander, Patricia (Self)

                                 Niswander, Trish (Self)

                                 Nitsch, Julie (Self)

                                 Noblin, Barbara (Self; CapitAl area democratic women)

                                 Noguez- Escobedo, Laura (Self)

                                 Nolan, Michelle (Self)

                                 Norton, Weston (Self)

                                 Nyman, Tyler (Self)

                                 O'Barr, Bill (Self)

                                 O'Barr, Gwen (Self)

                                 O'Neal, Shauna (Self)

                                 Ocampo, Maria (Self)

                                 Ochoa, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Odom, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Ogando, Rene (Self)

                                 Ogilvie, Bill (Self)

                                 OHalloran, Margaret (Self)

                                 Ohlemacher, Danielle (Self)

                                 Olasky, Daniel (Self)

                                 Oldham, Gary (Self)

                                 Oldham, Pamela (Self)

                                 Olds, Lisa (Self)

                                 Olger, Mischon (Self)

                                 Oliva, Corinda (Self)

                                 Oliva, Francisco (Self)

                                 Omahoney, Rachel (Self)

                                 Only, Shawn (Self)

                                 Orem, Sarah (Self)

                                 Orosco, David (Self)

                                 Orr, Amber (Self)

                                 Orr, Chris (Self)

                                 Orr, Elizabeth jain (Self)

                                 Orr, Katie (Self)

                                 Orr, Pamela (Self)

                                 Ortuno, Carlos (Self)

                                 Osborn, Donna (Self)

                                 Osmer, Sarah (Self)

                                 Ossar, Angela (Self)

                                 Ossorio, Aidenn (Self)

                                 Osterwisch, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Overington, Chandra (Self)

                                 Ovitt, Jenee (Self)

                                 Owen, Wendy (Self)

                                 Pace, Katie (Self)

                                 Padron, Bobby (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Paffe, Heather (Self)

                                 Palacios, Virginia (Self)

                                 Pandya, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Pantell, Susan (Self)

                                 Papanikolaou, Nick (Self)

                                 Pappas, Teresa (Self)

                                 Paradis, Stacy (Self)

                                 Park, Jonathan (Self)

                                 Parker, Catherine (Self)

                                 Parker, Claudia (Self)

                                 Parks, Allyson (Self; Battleground Texas)

                                 Parks, Ellen (Self)

                                 Parks, Virginia (Self)

                                 Parsley, Preston (Self)

                                 Paskin, Seth (Self)

                                 Patel, Bijal (Self; Lilith Fund)

                                 Patel, Taral (Self)

                                 Patel, Vi (Self; Houston Indy Media)

                                 Patlan, John (Self)

                                 Patrick, Mary (Self)

                                 Patterson, Lanette (Self)

                                 Patton, Katherine (Self)

                                 Peal, Zachary (Self)

                                 Pelayo, Yvonne (Self; Planned parenthood south texas, naral pro-choice texas)

                                 Penn, Beverly (Self)

                                 Pennington, Erin (Self)

                                 Perdue, David (Self)

                                 Perdue, Pamela (Self)

                                 Perez, Alberto (Self)

                                 Perez, Justin (Self)

                                 Perkins, Deena (Self)

                                 Perkins, Justin (Self)

                                 Perks, Casandra (Self)

                                 Perks, Sonja (Self)

                                 Peterson, Andy (Self; Humans)

                                 Peterson, Samantha (Self)

                                 Petri, Aliya (Self)

                                 Petri, Sophie (Self)

                                 Petrie, Sean (Self)

                                 Phillips, Hope (Self)

                                 Pickens, Walker (Self)

                                 Pickover, Kimberly (Self)

                                 Pierce, Anna (Self)

                                 Pierce, Genevieve (Self)

                                 Pierce, Hillary (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Pierce, Paula (Self)

                                 Pierce, Shay (Self)

                                 Pieringer, Robert (Self)

                                 Pinkley, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Pintchovski, Susan (Self; National Council of Jewish Women)

                                 Pipkin, Cindy (Self)

                                 Pippen, Laura (Self)

                                 Pirtle, Jeni (Self)

                                 Pitluk, Ellen (Self)

                                 Plentl, Wanda (Self)

                                 Pletcher, John (Self)

                                 Plylar, David (Self)

                                 Poe, Kerri (Self)

                                 Politte, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Pollard, Gina (Self)

                                 Pollock, Betsy (Self)

                                 Pollock, Thersa (Self)

                                 Pollock-Bernard, Samuel (Self)

                                 Polman, Maria (Self)

                                 Ponce, Omnee (Self)

                                 Pool, Leslie (Self)

                                 Poole, Cheyenne (Self)

                                 Popa Wood, Shea (Self)

                                 Pope, Sarah (Self)

                                 Porter, Melissa (Self)

                                 Poschman, Karalee (Self)

                                 Post, Alicia (Self)

                                 Post, Susan (Self)

                                 Potts, Kendra (Self)

                                 Powell, Emily (Self)

                                 Powell, Ingrid (Self)

                                 Powell, Robyn (Self)

                                 Prendes, Olivia (Self)

                                 Prentice, Stacy (Self)

                                 Price, Amy (Self)

                                 Price, Austin (Self)

                                 Pridgen, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Priest, Annette (Self)

                                 Priest, Sherry (Self)

                                 Prikryl-martin, Devin (Self)

                                 Primeaux, Lily (Self)

                                 Prince, Allyson (Self)

                                 Prior, Veronica (Self)

                                 Pritchard, Jeanette (Self)

                                 Pulte, Amanda (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Pulte, Amanda (Self)

                                 Puryear, Mariel (Self)

                                 Putalavage-ross, Jeni (Self)

                                 Putsche, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Pye, Sally (Self)

                                 Pyke, Cynthia (Self)

                                 Quinn, Ian (Self)

                                 Quinn, Patton (Self)

                                 Quintanilla, Ernesto (Self)

                                 Quintanilla, Justin (Self)

                                 Raab, Kris (Self)

                                 Rabago, Alfonso (Self)

                                 Rabb, Courtney (Self)

                                 Rackley, Kadie (Self)

                                 Ramirez, Diana (Self)

                                 Ramirez, Jorge (Self)

                                 Ramirez, Ronald (Self)

                                 Ramirez, Rosalia (Self)

                                 Ramirez, Rudy (Self)

                                 Ramos, Nina linda (Self)

                                 Ramos, Sergio (Self)

                                 Ramsdell, William (Self)

                                 Rand, Charles (Self)

                                 Randal, Brook (Self)

                                 Randal, Brook (Self)

                                 Rankin, Karen (Self)

                                 Ransom, Ashley (Self)

                                 Ransom, Cathy (Self)

                                 Rao, Sridevi (Self)

                                 Rapport, Kate (Self)

                                 Rathi, Mukund (Self)

                                 Ray, Cam (Self)

                                 Ray, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Rayes, Jamie (Self)

                                 Rayne, Karen (Self)

                                 Reavis, Jessica (Self)

                                 Reddell, Kendal (Self)

                                 Redden, Leslie (Self)

                                 Redfearn, Gillian (Self)

                                 Reed, Shoaron (Self)

                                 Reed-Miller, Sharon (Self)

                                 Reese, Joel (Self)

                                 Reeser, Rose Ann (Self)

                                 Reeves, Maya (Self)

                                 Reimer, Erin (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Revord, Janelle (Self)

                                 Revuelta, Felipe (Self)

                                 Rexrode, Becky (Self)

                                 Reyes, Edward (Self)

                                 Reyes, Natalie (Self)

                                 Reynolds, Chris (Self)

                                 Reynolds, Mark (Self)

                                 Reynolds, Nance (Self)

                                 Rice, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Rich, Donna (Self)

                                 Richard, Teresa (Self)

                                 Richards, Ellen (Self)

                                 Richards, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Richards, Joanne (Self)

                                 Richardson, Tawnia Nikki (Self)

                                 Richey, Adrienne (Self)

                                 Riddle, Heather (Self)

                                 Rieley, Margaret (Self)

                                 Riemer, Samantha (Self; Whole Woman's Health)

                                 Rigby, Naiman (Self)

                                 Riley, Jessie (Self)

                                 Rios, Candice (Self)

                                 Rios, Desiree (Self)

                                 Rivera, Joel (Self)

                                 Rivera, Ricardo (Self)

                                 Roark, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Robberson, Kate (Self)

                                 Robbins, Faith (Self)

                                 Robertson, Makeda (Self)

                                 Robertson, Trina (Self)

                                 Robin, David (Self)

                                 Robinson, Anna (Self)

                                 Robinson, Mary Kathryn (Self)

                                 Robinson, Rose (Self)

                                 Robles, Nicholas (Self)

                                 Robles, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Robson, Kimberly (Self)

                                 Rocap, Blake (NARAL Pro-Choice Texas)

                                 Roche, Taylor (Self)

                                 Rodgers, Charles (Self)

                                 Rodgers, Ron (Self)

                                 Rodriguez, Jose (Self)

                                 Rodriguez, Laura (Self)

                                 Rodriguez, Laura Alejandra (Self)

                                 Rodriguez, Lois m. (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Rodriguez, Savannah (Self)

                                 Roebuck, Lisa (Self)

                                 Rogoff, Regina (Self)

                                 Rogozinski, Jessica (Self)

                                 Rojana, Amanda (Self)

                                 Rokovich, Karissa (Self)

                                 Romine, Donna (Self)

                                 Rondeau (Self)

                                 Ronen, Asaf (Self)

                                 Roop, Lacey (Self)

                                 Rosholt, Mark (Self)

                                 Ross, Luc (Self)

                                 Ross, Natalie (Self)

                                 Roush, Curtis (Self)

                                 Rowe, Anna (Self)

                                 Royal, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Royal, Steve (Self)

                                 Rozmaryn, Faye (Self)

                                 Rubin, Anna (Self)

                                 Ruiz, Rafael (Self)

                                 Ruiz, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Ruloph, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Runnels, Jeff (Self)

                                 Rupe, Beverly (Self)

                                 Rush, Sharron (Self)

                                 Rush Rivera, Jacqueline (Self)

                                 Russell, Debbie (Self; ACLU-TX)

                                 Ruth, Anna (Self)

                                 Ruyle, Chase (Self)

                                 Ryan, Janice (Self)

                                 Ryan, Patricia (Self)

                                 Ryland, Patti Lou (Self)

                                 Ryland, Robert (Self)

                                 Ryza, Sara (Self)

                                 Saarikoski, Annette (Self)

                                 Saati, Sumaya (Self)

                                 Sabat, Yatzel (Self)

                                 Sabo, Amanda (Self)

                                 Sadowski, Kelley (Self)

                                 Sadowski, Tierney (Self)

                                 Saft, Allison (Self)

                                 Sakulenzki, Christopher (Self)

                                 Saladino, Kyjah (Self)

                                 Saladino, Samantha (Self)

                                 Salcedo, Alma (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Salerno, Jenny (Self)

                                 Salgado, Cesar (Self)

                                 Salinas, Courtney (Self)

                                 Salinas, Maria (Self)

                                 Salinas, Richard (Self)

                                 Salinas, Veronica (Self)

                                 Salling, Stacey (Self)

                                 Saltsman, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Salustri, Shauna (Self)

                                 San Luis, Natalie (Self)

                                 Sanchez, Denise (Self)

                                 Sandel, Kody (Self)

                                 Sanders, Danielle (Self)

                                 Sandham, Charlene (Self)

                                 Santaguida, Cassidy (Self)

                                 Santellana, Elisabeth (Self)

                                 Santellana, Thomas (Self)

                                 Saslavsky, Elisa (Self)

                                 Sauer, Jess (Self)

                                 Saunders, Lisa (Self)

                                 Savedra, Kelly (Self)

                                 Savoie, Seneca (Self)

                                 Sawyer, Bobbie (Self)

                                 Scarbrough, Tara (Self)

                                 Schaefer, Ariel (Self)

                                 Schatz, Jo Ann (Self)

                                 Schaumburg, Justin (Self)

                                 Schemanske, Lisa (Self)

                                 Schepp, Brooke (Self)

                                 Schimberg, Joshua (Self)

                                 Schimberg, Leah (Self)

                                 Schmidt, Donna (Self)

                                 Schmidt, Graham (Self)

                                 Schmidt, Joshua (Self)

                                 Schmiedeke, Shannon (Self)

                                 Schoninger, Evan (Self)

                                 Schorn, Susan (Self)

                                 Schott, Pamela (Self)

                                 Schriner, Ferrin (Self)

                                 Schueller, Raimund (Self)

                                 Schwartz, Robin (Self)

                                 Schweiss, Amy (Self)

                                 Schwemmer, Hank (Self)

                                 Scott, Milissa (Self)

                                 Scott, Sara (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Sdelriom, Alicia (Self)

                                 Searcy, Katherine (Self)

                                 Seay, Michelle (Self)

                                 Sebesta, Charles (Self)

                                 Segovia, Robert (Self)

                                 Segura, Dawn (Self)

                                 Seipp, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Sela, Stav (Self)

                                 Seligman, Nicole (Self)

                                 Sellars, Laurie (Self)

                                 Sells, Greg (Self)

                                 Seppi, James (Self)

                                 Serr, Michelle (Self)

                                 Serrano, Ana (Self)

                                 Sexton, Cedar (Self)

                                 Shadwick, Brooke (Self)

                                 Shadwick, Erin (Self)

                                 Shaffer, Cassidy (Self)

                                 Shamaly, Erica (Self)

                                 Shannon, Denise (Catholics for Choice)

                                 Shapland, Jennifer (Self)

                                 Sharp, Susan (Self)

                                 Shaw, Mark (Self)

                                 Shaw, Shannon (Self)

                                 Shea, Brigid (Self)

                                 Shebowich, Caryn (Self)

                                 Sheets, Kristen (Self)

                                 Shelton, Charlie (Self)

                                 Shelton, Denbigh (Self)

                                 Shelton, Joanne (Self)

                                 Shelton, Susan (Self)

                                 Shepherd, Julia (Self)

                                 Sheppard, Celeste (Self; American congress of obgyn)

                                 Sherman, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Sherry, Susan (Self)

                                 Sherwood, Ashley (Self)

                                 Shoup, Thomas (Self)

                                 Siegel, Daniel (Self)

                                 Siegel, Jill (Self)

                                 Siegler, Dylan (Self)

                                 Siegmund, Stacey (Self)

                                 Sigillito, Gina (Self)

                                 Sigler, Anita (Self)

                                 Sikes, Jill (Self)

                                 Silva, Casandra (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Silva, Jose (Self)

                                 Silverman, Dara (Self)

                                 Simmons, Clairissa (Self)

                                 Simms, Lesli (Self)

                                 Simonds, Tessa (Self)

                                 Simons, Rachel (Self)

                                 Simpson, Katrina (Self)

                                 Singer, Sarah (Self)

                                 Sipple, Erica (Self)

                                 Skelton, Rebekah (Self)

                                 Skerpan-Wheeler, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Skidmore, Ray Fidel (Self)

                                 Slamen, Sarah (Self; Houston NOW)

                                 Slaughter (Self)

                                 Sledge, Edward (Self)

                                 Sledge, Louann (Self)

                                 Slegeir, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Slegeir, Mike (Self)

                                 Sliva, Allison (Self)

                                 Sloan, Casey (Self)

                                 Sloan, Melissa Madison (Self)

                                 Smaby, Kendall (Self)

                                 Smallwood, Emily (Self)

                                 Smallwood, Kate (Self)

                                 Smith, Adrian (Self)

                                 Smith, Austin (Self; Earth)

                                 Smith, Cheryl (Self)

                                 Smith, Diane (Self)

                                 Smith, Jamie (Self)

                                 Smith, Julie (Self)

                                 Smith, Kelly (Self)

                                 Smith, Lindsey (Self)

                                 Smith, Lynne (Self)

                                 Smith, Oliver (Self)

                                 Smith, Robyn (Self)

                                 Smith, Sonya (Self)

                                 Smith, Trevor (Self)

                                 Smith, Vivian (Self)

                                 Smithtownsend, Barbara (Self)

                                 Snearly, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Snow, Amy (Self)

                                 Snow, Dawn (Self)

                                 Snow, Lauren (Self)

                                 Soifer, Jan (Self; Travis County Democratic Party)

                                 Soliz, Marisa (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Solomon, Dan (Self)

                                 Somerville, Travis (Self)

                                 Soriano, Allen (Self)

                                 Sparkles, Tina (Self)

                                 Sparkman, Lesli (Self)

                                 Sparks, John (Self)

                                 Spellman, Becka (Self)

                                 Sprague, Shannon (Self; TCDP)

                                 Springer, Victoria (Self)

                                 Sprott, Jarod (Self)

                                 Spurgeon, Victoria (Self)

                                 Staab, Julie (Self)

                                 Stafford, Christine (Self)

                                 Stafford, Mary (Self)

                                 Stairs, Renée (Self)

                                 Standish, Jill (Self)

                                 Standish, Linda (Self)

                                 Standish, Lisa (Self)

                                 Standish, Ron (Self)

                                 Stanley, Drew (Self)

                                 Stanton, Chad (Self)

                                 Steger, Allison (Self)

                                 Stein, Cynthia (Self)

                                 Stephens, Amanda (Self)

                                 Stephens, Brian (Self)

                                 Stephens, Jessica (Self)

                                 Stephens, Margaret (Self)

                                 Stern, Jeanne (Self)

                                 Stevens, Greg (Self)

                                 Stevens, Jaclyn (Self)

                                 Stevens, Shanta (Self)

                                 Stevens, Ty (Self)

                                 Stevenson, Sara (Self)

                                 Stewart, Anne (Self)

                                 Stewart, Jordan (Self)

                                 Stewart, Lynn (Self)

                                 Stillman, Diana (Self)

                                 Stites, Charles (Self)

                                 Stoller, Katie (Self)

                                 Stone, Brenda (Self)

                                 Stone, Briana (Self)

                                 Stonebraker (Self)

                                 Stonebraker, Ann (Self)

                                 Stonebraker, Kathryn (Self)

                                 Stout (Self; Travis county green party)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Stratford, Madison (Self)

                                 Strong, Patricia (Self)

                                 Stuart, Jamie (Self)

                                 Stuke, Meaghan (Self)

                                 Sturtz (Self)

                                 Sturtz, Ellen (Self; GetEQUAL Texas)

                                 Suarez-Wallace, Luz Maria (Self)

                                 Sullivan, Jessie (Self)

                                 Sumrall, Jeana (Self)

                                 Susman, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Suter, Eva (Self)

                                 Swanson, Jeffrey (Self)

                                 Sylla, Sarah (Self)

                                 SYLVANA, PATRICIA (Self)

                                 Symeonides, Marianna (Self)

                                 Synnestvedt, Cedric (Self)

                                 Syptak, Jeff (Harris County Democrats)

                                 Szymczak, Denise (Self)

                                 Szymkowski (Self)

                                 Tally, Mary (Self)

                                 Tally, Rusty (Self)

                                 Tamer, Rachel (Self)

                                 Tanguma, Nicole (Self)

                                 Tapia, Christina (Self)

                                 Tarasoff, Sally (Self)

                                 Taylor, Gary (Self)

                                 Taylor, Kathleen (Self)

                                 Taylor, Lindsey (Self)

                                 Taylor, Mackenzie (Self)

                                 Taylor, Zach (Self)

                                 Taylor kolmar, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Teigen, Tamara (Self)

                                 Temple, Mary (Self)

                                 Temple, Owen (Self)

                                 Terrasi, Sydney (Self)

                                 Terrell, Jo (Self)

                                 Terry, Molly (Self)

                                 Terry-Torgerson, Juliana (Self)

                                 Tharp (Self)

                                 Thatcher, Valerie (Self)

                                 Thomas, David (Self)

                                 Thome, Danaan (Self)

                                 Thompson, Harold (Self)

                                 Thompson, Katherine (Self)

                                 Thompson, Virginia (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Thompson-Frenk, Mary Ann (Self)

                                 Thoms, Laura (Self)

                                 Thornhill, Roseanne (Self)

                                 Thurmond, Neathery (Self)

                                 Tice, Kelly (Self)

                                 Tice, Tracy (Self)

                                 Tijerina, Juanita (Self)

                                 Tilley, Jamie (Self)

                                 Tillman, Lisa (Self)

                                 Tilton, James (Self)

                                 Tilton-Jones, Carrie (Self)

                                 Timmons, Denise (Self)

                                 Tipton, Chad (Self)

                                 Tock, Eris (Self)

                                 Todd, Susan (Self)

                                 Tolany, Ari (Self)

                                 Tolle wilhite, Marni (Self)

                                 Tomasello, Anthony (Self)

                                 Toney, Melanie (Self)

                                 Tothero, Melissa (Self)

                                 Touey, Paul (Self)

                                 Tougas, J (Self)

                                 Tovar, Vincent (Self)

                                 Tran, Jennie (Self)

                                 Trejo, Naomi (Self)

                                 Trevino, Clarissa (Self; Women for Women International)

                                 Trietsch Chaney, Paula (Self)

                                 Trochio, Aimee (Self)

                                 Tschirhart, Beau (Self)

                                 Turc, Eugenia (Self)

                                 Turmel, Shannon (Self)

                                 Turnbow, Rebecca (Self)

                                 Turner, Annalisa (Self)

                                 Turner, Annalisa (Self)

                                 Turner, Jacqueline (Self)

                                 Tuttle, Sarah (Self)

                                 Twitty, Susanna (Self)

                                 Tyrpak, Desiree (Self)

                                 Umstead, Diane (Self)

                                 Usher, Henry (Self)

                                 Usher, Ryan (Self)

                                 Vaello, Bettina (Self)

                                 Vale, Valentina (Self)

                                 Valencia, Blanca (Self)

                                 Van cleve, Genevieve (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Van Epps, Amanda (Self)

                                 Van Winkle, Kathryn (Self)

                                 Van Wormer, Eric (Self)

                                 Van zant, Alice (Self)

                                 Vanmiddlesworth (Self)

                                 Vargas, Denay (Self)

                                 Vasquez, Nico (Self)

                                 Vaughan, Danielle (Self)

                                 Vazquez, Mark (Self)

                                 Vercruysse (Self)

                                 Vernon, Frances (Self)

                                 Vestal, Caitlin (Self)

                                 Vetter, Pamela (Self)

                                 Vidor, Erik (Self)

                                 Villanueva, Chandra (Self)

                                 Villanueva, Chandra (Self)

                                 Vincent, Danielle (Self)

                                 Vogas, Joseph (Self)

                                 Volpe, Susannah (Self)

                                 Von Pasecky, Dan (Self)

                                 Vunderink, Julia (Self)

                                 Vyborny, Dominique (Self)

                                 Vyborny, Stephanie (Self)

                                 Wade, Patrick (Self)

                                 Wahlgren, Cheryl (Self)

                                 Waldorf, Philip (Self)

                                 Walk, Brenda (Self)

                                 Walker, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Walker, Mollie (Self)

                                 Walsh, Margaret R (Self)

                                 Walter, Erin (Self)

                                 Wamhoff, Kelly (Self)

                                 Wampler, Karisha (Self)

                                 Wampler, Loretta (Self)

                                 Wansart, Jessica (Self)

                                 Wantuck, Kyle (Self)

                                 Ward, Tracy (Self)

                                 Wardell, Emily (Self)

                                 Wardlaw, Anneke (Self)

                                 Warner, Carey (Self)

                                 Warren, Kristen (Self)

                                 Warton, Tamara (Self)

                                 Warwick, Jacy (Self)

                                 Waters, Lauren (Self)

                                 Watkins, Allison (Self)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Watson, Deborah (Self)

                                 Watson, Pansy (Self)