Pensions Committee

            February 25, 2013 - 10:00 AM

            HB 13


                                 Canales-Zarate, Eyna (Texpers)

                                 Clark, Todd (Houston Firefighters Relief and Retirement Fund)

                                 McGookey, Doreen (Fort Worth Employees's Retirement Fund)

                                 Quintero, James (Texas Public Policy Foundation)

                                 Schott, Warren (San Antonio Fire and Police Pension Fund)

                                 Smith, Jim (San antonio police officers association)

                                 Stacy, David (Self; Midland Firemen's Relief and Retirement Fund)

                                 Wilkison, Charley (Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas)


                                 Combs, Susan (Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts)

                                 Hanson, Christopher (Pension Review Board)

                                 Hart, Dan (Self; Taxpayers. For. Equal. Appraisal)

                                 McGee, Josh (Self; Laura and John Arnold Foundation)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Burney, Frank (San antonio fire and police pension fund)

                                 Craft, Lon (TMPA)

                                 Earnest, Daniel (Self; San Antonio Police Officers Association)

                                 Galligher, Duane (Austin Firefighters Relief and Pension Fun)

                                 Hughes, Lisa (El Paso Firemen and Policemen's Pension Fund)

                                 Johnson, Keith (Self; Austin Firefighters Relief and Pension Fund)

                                 Matocha, Dustin (Texans for Fiscal Responsibility)

                                 Moscoso, Washington (San Antonio Police Officer's Association)

                                 Sterling, Ed (Texas Press Association)

                                 Trainer, Michael (Self; San Antonio Fire & Police Pensioners' Association)


                                 Venable, Peggy (Self; Americans for Prosperity)


                                 Osobase, Derrick (Texas State Employees Union)

                                 Truitt, Vicki (Texas Retired Teachers Association)

                                 Walker, Sherri (Self; Fire fighters pension comm)