Human Services Committee

            March 24, 2014 - 9:00 AM

            Charge 3: Monitor the implementation of SB 7 (83R).


                                 Bauman, Ellen (Self)

                                 Berndt, Trey (AARP)

                                 Borel, Dennis (Coalition of Texans with Disabilities)

                                 Carrillo, Dolores (Adapt)

                                 Cranston, Catherine (Self; Personal Attendant Coalition of Texas)

                                 Cranston, Ron (Self; Personal attendant coalition of texas)

                                 Crowther, Nancy (ADAPT)

                                 Cundall, Mark (Self)

                                 Dickerson, Cassandra (Down Home Ranch)

                                 Dooley, Michelle (Self; Community Now!)

                                 Fredriksen, Amanda (AARP)

                                 Gay, Clifford (Self)

                                 Gonzales, David (Texas Association of Health Plans)

                                 Handal, Gilbert (Self; TMA)

                                 Handal, Gilbert (Self; TMA)

                                 Henning, Peter (Self; Special Texas Homes)

                                 Hiner, Harrison (Texas State Employees Union)

                                 Horton, Colleen (Self; Hogg Foundation for Mental Health)

                                 Jessee, Gary (HHSC)

                                 Kafka, Bob (Self; ADAPT of Texas)

                                 Linial, George (LeadingAge Texas)

                                 Litzinger, Linda (Self)

                                 Machado, Marissa (Texas association for home care and hospice)

                                 Mason, Ruth (Self; Arc of Texas)

                                 Maxwell, Carol (The Arc of Texas)

                                 McPhail, Jennifer (Self; Adapt)

                                 Metz, Albert (Self; Adapt)

                                 Milam, Susan (Self; National association of Social Workers/Texas Chapter)

                                 Miller, Jeff (The Arc of Texas)

                                 Murphree, Susan (Disability Rights Texas)

                                 Ramos, Jessica (Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities)

                                 Ramos, Jessica (Tcdd)

                                 Saenz, Danny (Self)

                                 Salovitz, Heiwaw (Adapt of texas)

                                 Smith, Carole (Private providers association of texas)

                                 Stacey, Frank (Adapt)

                                 Standifer, Cheryl (Self)

                                 Steele, Burrell (ADAPT)

                                 Telge, Judy (Self; Center for independent living)

                                 Traylor, Chris (HHSC)

                                 Warren, Kevin (Texas health care association)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Weizenbaum, Jon (Texas Dept. of Aging and Disability Services)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Goslant, Kaili (Arc of Texas Governmental Affairs Committee)

                                 Green, Benjy (Cigna-HealthSpring)

                                 Janek, Kyle (HHSC)