COMMITTEE:    Texas Lottery 

TIME & DATE:  11:00 AM, Wednesday, October 08, 2014 

PLACE:        E1.016 (Hearing Room) 
CHAIR:        Sen. Schwertner and Rep. Kuempel 



The committee will meet to consider the following:


(1)  charitable bingo authorized under Chapter 2001, Occupations Code, and the distribution of charitable bingo revenue, including:

     (A)  the portion of the total amount of charitable bingo revenue collected by a licensed authorized organization that the organization should be required to use for the charitable purposes of the organization;

     (B)  any detrimental impact to the organization, or other policy considerations, related to the establishment of mandatory distribution requirements for charitable bingo revenue; and

     (C)  market-based approaches to conducting and administering bingo operations and revenues that maximize the availability of funds to be used for charitable purposes; and

(2)  the elimination of the state lottery, including:

     (A)  development of a proposed schedule and process for phasing out the state lottery;

     (B)  any potential consequences detrimental to this state of phasing out the state lottery or of the proposed schedule and process;

     (C)  the potential impact of eliminating the state lottery on this state's biennial budget and on any programs funded by the state lottery; and

     (D)  any other concerns identified by the committee related to eliminating the state lottery.