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COMMITTEE:    State Affairs 

TIME & DATE:  9:00 AM, Monday, April 22, 2013 

PLACE:        Senate Chamber 
CHAIR:        Senator Robert Duncan 



SB 338        Rodríguez
Relating to the liability of certain social workers who provide volunteer health care services to charitable organizations.

SB 392        West
Relating to notice to the attorney general of challenges to the constitutionality of Texas statutes.

SB 554        Campbell
Relating to the penalty for theft of an official ballot or official carrier envelope for an election.

SB 853        Taylor
Relating to notice of a premium increase for certain health insurance policies.

SB 1049       Van de Putte
Relating to unfair settlement practices with respect to workers' compensation insurance claims.

SB 1133       Rodríguez
Relating to contributions to certain fire and police pension funds.

SB 1197       Taylor | et al.
Relating to requirements of exclusive provider and preferred provider benefit plans.

SB 1413       Deuell
Relating to the administration of retirement systems for paid, partly paid, or volunteer firefighters.

SB 1485       Watson
Relating to the definition of serious mental illness for purposes of certain group health benefit plans.

Persons wishing to provide written testimony must

submit 20 copies with their witness card to Committee Staff.