COMMITTEE:    Jurisprudence 

TIME & DATE:  1:30 PM or upon adjournment
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 

PLACE:        2E.20 (Betty King Cmte. Rm.) 
CHAIR:        Senator Royce West 



SB 899        Van de Putte           
Relating to determination of the amount of certain child support obligations.

SB 977        West
Relating to the procedure used to petition for an order of nondisclosure of criminal history record information.

SB 1148       West
Relating to possession of or access to a child by a grandparent or certain other persons.

SB 1172       West
Relating to the eligibility of certain criminal defendants for an order of nondisclosure; authorizing a fee.

SB 1194       Campbell               
Relating to a suit for possession of or access to a child by a grandparent.

SB 1218       Campbell               
Relating to the proof of an applicant's identity and age required for the issuance of a marriage license.

SB 1600       Zaffirini              
Relating to authorizing the county clerk in certain counties to conduct a marriage ceremony and collect a related fee.



Bills added after last posting:

SB 977

SB 1172


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