COMMITTEE:    Jurisprudence 

TIME & DATE:  1:00 PM or upon adjournment
Wednesday, April 03, 2013 

PLACE:        Senator West's Desk 
CHAIR:        Senator Royce West 

24 hour posting rule suspended


Pending Business:


SB 768        Uresti                 
Relating to suits affecting the parent-child relationship.

SB 774        Uresti                 
Relating to requiring dental support for a child subject to a child support order.

SB 778        Carona                 
Relating to trusts.

SB 967        West                   
Relating to the authority of a municipality or county to retain certain service fees.

SB 1235       West                   
Relating to guardianships, including assessments for and provision of guardianship services by the Department of Aging and Disability Services.

SB 1236       West                   
Relating to the extension of an emergency order for protective services for certain persons who are elderly or have disabilities.

SB 1422       West                   
Relating to suits affecting the parent-child relationship.

SB 1832       Uresti                 
Relating to the operation of the juvenile board of Edwards County.

SCR 30        Uresti                 
Granting permission to the State of Texas to sue The University of Texas System.