COMMITTEE:    Education 

TIME & DATE:  10:00 AM, Monday, November 17, 2014 

PLACE:        E1.028 (Hearing Room) 
CHAIR:        Senator Dan Patrick 



The Committee will hear invited testimony followed by public testimony on the below interim charges.


Senate Interim Charge #3:

Conduct a comprehensive review of school choice programs in other states. Examine the impact of education tax credits and taxpayer savings grants on the state budget. Review the state's parent trigger and Public Education Grant program statutes and identify any potential improvements.


Senate Interim Charge #4:

Monitor the implementation of SB 2, relating to certain charter schools.


In addition, the Senate Committee on Education will discuss the following:

Review facility demand issues on school districts across the state, examining state and local efforts to fund facilities, current regulatory/statutory guidance and best practice models for cost efficiency in school facility design/build.



Public testimony will be limited to two (2) minutes per person.