COMMITTEE:    Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security 

TIME & DATE:  2:30 PM or upon adjournment
Monday, April 08, 2013 

PLACE:        E1.012 (Hearing Room) 
CHAIR:        Senator Craig Estes 



SB 772        Uresti                 
Relating to the elimination of obsolete and redundant reporting requirements for the Department of Agriculture.

SB 1011       Taylor                 
Relating to the use of human remains in the training of search and rescue animals.

SB 1095       Hinojosa               
Relating to fever tick eradication; creating a penalty.

SB 1233       Schwertner             
Relating to a state animal identification program and the identification of animals vaccinated for or infected with brucellosis.

SB 1312       Schwertner             
Relating to the regulation and practice of veterinary medicine; authorizing a fee.

SB 1400       Estes                  
Relating to the municipal and county regulation of air guns.

SB 1814       Estes                  
Relating to request, receipt, and maintenance of certain security clearance by members of the Public Safety Commission.

SB 1857       Estes                  
Relating to the training of certain qualified handgun instructors to conduct school safety training.



Bills deleted after last posting:

SB 1070


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