S.B. No. 772
  relating to the elimination of obsolete and redundant reporting
  requirements for the Department of Agriculture.
         SECTION 1.  Subsections (b), (c), and (d), Section 58.016,
  Agriculture Code, are amended to read as follows:
         (b)  On or before August 1 of each year, the administrator
  shall file with the board the proposed annual budgets for the young
  farmer loan guarantee program under Subchapter E, the farm and
  ranch finance program under Chapter 59, and the programs
  administered by the board under this chapter for the succeeding
  fiscal year. If there is no administrator, the commissioner shall
  assume the duties of the administrator in connection with
  preparation of the budget. The budget must set forth the general
  categories of expected expenditures out of revenues and income of
  the funds administered by the authority and the amount on account of
  each. On or before September 1 of each year, the board shall
  consider the proposed annual budget and may approve it or amend it.
  [Copies of the annual budget certified by the chairman of the board
  shall be promptly filed with the governor and the legislature. The
  annual budget is not effective until it is filed.] If for any
  reason the authority does not adopt an annual budget before
  September 2, no expenditures may be made from the funds until the
  board approves the annual budget. The authority may adopt an
  amended annual budget for the current fiscal year[, but the amended
  annual budget may not supersede a prior budget until it is filed
  with the governor and the legislature].
         (c)  The authority shall have an audit of its books and
  accounts for each fiscal year by a certified public accountant.  The
  cost of the audit is an expense of the authority.  [A copy of the
  audit shall be filed with the governor and the legislature on or
  before January 1 of each year.]
         (d)  On or before January 1 of each year, the authority shall
  prepare a report of its activities for the preceding fiscal year.
  The report must set forth a complete operating and financial
  statement. [The authority shall file copies of the report with the
  governor and the legislature as soon as practicable.]
         SECTION 2.  Subsection (a), Section 487.051, Government
  Code, is amended to read as follows:
         (a)  The office shall:
               (1)  assist rural communities in the key areas of
  economic development, community development, rural health, and
  rural housing;
               (2)  serve as a clearinghouse for information and
  resources on all state and federal programs affecting rural
               (3)  in consultation with rural community leaders,
  locally elected officials, state elected and appointed officials,
  academic and industry experts, and the interagency work group
  created under this chapter, identify and prioritize policy issues
  and concerns affecting rural communities in the state;
               (4)  make recommendations to the legislature to address
  the concerns affecting rural communities identified under
  Subdivision (3);
               (5)  monitor developments that have a substantial
  effect on rural Texas communities, especially actions of state
  government[, and compile an annual report describing and evaluating
  the condition of rural communities];
               (6)  administer the federal community development
  block grant nonentitlement program;
               (7)  administer programs supporting rural health care
  as provided by this chapter;
               (8)  perform research to determine the most beneficial
  and cost-effective ways to improve the welfare of rural
               (9)  ensure that the office qualifies as the state's
  office of rural health for the purpose of receiving grants from the
  Office of Rural Health Policy of the United States Department of
  Health and Human Services under 42 U.S.C. Section 254r;
               (10)  manage the state's Medicare rural hospital
  flexibility program under 42 U.S.C. Section 1395i-4;
               (11)  seek state and federal money available for
  economic development in rural areas for programs under this
               (12)  in conjunction with other offices and divisions
  of the Department of Agriculture, regularly cross-train office
  employees with other employees of the Department of Agriculture
  regarding the programs administered and services provided to rural
  communities; and
               (13)  work with interested persons to assist volunteer
  fire departments and emergency services districts in rural areas.
         SECTION 3.  Subsection (b), Section 487.804, Government
  Code, is amended to read as follows:
         (b)  Not later than January 1 of each even-numbered year, the
  commissioner shall submit to the legislature a report of the
  findings of the advisory council and the activities of the Texas
  Rural Foundation.
         SECTION 4.  The following provisions are repealed:
               (1)  Section 15.006, Agriculture Code;
               (2)  Subsections (e) and (f), Section 102.167,
  Agriculture Code;
               (3)  Section 487.056, Government Code; and
               (4)  Section 487.653, Government Code.
         SECTION 5.  This Act takes effect immediately if it receives
  a vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to each house, as
  provided by Section 39, Article III, Texas Constitution.  If this
  Act does not receive the vote necessary for immediate effect, this
  Act takes effect September 1, 2013.
  ______________________________ ______________________________
     President of the Senate Speaker of the House     
         I hereby certify that S.B. No. 772 passed the Senate on
  April 16, 2013, by the following vote:  Yeas 29, Nays 0.
  Secretary of the Senate    
         I hereby certify that S.B. No. 772 passed the House on
  May 17, 2013, by the following vote:  Yeas 139, Nays 2, two
  present not voting.
  Chief Clerk of the House