83S10241 KEK-D
  By: Flynn H.R. No. 28
         WHEREAS, Illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing is a
  global problem with serious economic, environmental, and security
  implications; and
         WHEREAS, Worldwide, illegal fishing accounts for economic
  losses of up to $23 billion per year; such activity is largely
  conducted by foreign fleets at the expense of United States
  fishermen, coastal communities, and the sustainability of global
  fish stocks; and
         WHEREAS, Illegal fishing is of particular consequence in
  Texas, where the Gulf Coast waters supply seafood for the American
  public and support the hospitality industry, tourism-related
  businesses, and vibrant recreational fishing; not only does illegal
  fishing result in economic losses to the Texas fishing industry and
  other coastal businesses, but it also threatens the sustainability
  of our fisheries and the Texas Gulf Coast ecosystem; and
         WHEREAS, Vessels involved with illegal fishing are
  associated with other crimes as well, including drug trafficking,
  human trafficking, and illegal immigration, and the incursion by
  these foreign fishing vessels into U.S. waters constitutes a
  violation of our sovereignty; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 83rd Texas
  Legislature, 1st Called Session, hereby express its commitment to
  the elimination of illegal fishing, to the long-term conservation
  of Texas marine resources, and to the protection of the Texas Gulf
  Coast fishing and coastal communities.